So Whos holding out for NEW hardware?



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    I agree fully! I waited for the MacBook Pro C2D because it was second generation and works perfectly. I once bought the G3 B/W 350 only to have a G4 come out 6 months later with altivec and AGP! That taught me a lesson ~ don't buy the first off the line!

    Similar story here. I bought a G3 Blue and White 350 June of 1999. September of 1999, G4 is introduced. G3 ceases production. My G3 was stolen in Nov. 2000, so I waited until Jan. 2001 and new models of G4's came out. I got a G4 466 Digital Audio. The G4 was a much superior machine to the G3's and cost me less money. I'm still using the G4 and it still runs great on 10.4.9.
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