Apple to release Safari browser for Windows

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I rebooted, ran Apple Software Update. There was the iTunes security update. I installed that and my problems went away. Interesting.....

Nevermind. After relaunching, everything is broken again.

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Holy crap (excuse me).....WHAT is going on here?

My thoughts exactly!


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    mbaynhammbaynham Posts: 534member
    Originally Posted by petermac View Post

    Remount the Safari3Beta.dmg that you would have downloaded and run the uninstall.pkg. I've done it, & it works fine. My earlier posts today were done with Safari 3 beta, this is being done on safari 2


    nope, nothing. might try and find an unofficial copy if you know what i mean. i dont think there is anything else for it. i havnt got an external HDD, havnt got an external dvd driver, ipod is basically full. i think im buggered me old son...
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    aaarrrggghaaarrrgggh Posts: 1,583member
    Excuse me for being slow here-- I understand Safari as iPhone SDK model, but I am still missing why anybody would use Safari over Firefox for browsing the web.

    The extensions are what make browsing practical today. I might only have a handful of them for my own use, but it makes a huge difference in the browsing environment. Life without adblock, flashblock, and noscript just isn't the same.

    The beta is faster than the old Safari for sure, but I have already given up on it after a few minutes...
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member still crashes with Safari
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    trevctrevc Posts: 77member
    Well, I guess the most 'secret' things are the 2 new features desktop/finder which I include Quicklook as part of the finder.

    These features took that long to come out? Nice, but not really WOW. I mean, who cares that my window reflects off the dock if I drag it close enough? Something not make the cut?

    Safari on Windows, not bad, but really designed to support iPhone Developers more than anything, as I still prefer the plugins/themes, etc., etc. of Firefox.

    What I hate is that Apple will probably update Safari for Windows XP longer than it updates it for Panther, etc.
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    maffrewmaffrew Posts: 166member
    I've installed the beta on my iMac G5, and it's snappy as hell, but I have one question: Why is it still brushed metal, when all the screenshots everywhere are in the iTunes stylee?

    Am I missing an option somewhere to change it?
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 31,982member
    Originally Posted by mbaynham View Post

    nope. totally gone. the uninstaller doesnt even launch, and theres no sign of safari in the finder. i spotlighted it, nothing

    After thinking that 3 was working properly, I went back to 2.0.4, because it wasn't working properly.

    I used the uninstaller, and everything is fine.

    You did let it Restart, right?
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    miquetmiquet Posts: 16member
    safari cannot display any video content as they use Windows media Player and safari doesn't support the plug in without me purchasing Flip for Mac.

    Is this still true, if so what is the point in offering it to windows users?

    Many websites are non safari compatible which pi---es me off too.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 31,982member

    I'm disappointed about the whole thing.

    And as far as Safari goes, I hope they fixed all of the annoying problems of the current version. I'll try out the new one later, but what bothers me is:

    Having to click on a bookmark folder to get it to open, and it having to take time to do so the first time.

    Having to click on it again to get it to close when moving the pointer to another folder on the bar, and then having to click on the new one, and so on.

    Firefox doesn't require this. It's very annoying.

    Having the Bookmarks menu take time to open the first time, sometimes the beachball even comes on!

    Having pages render improperly, esp. when using increased type sizes, but even when not doing that.

    Having columns on some sites open improperly, that is, not having the proper width, so that horiz scrolling is required. Again, Firefox doesn't have this problem.

    Having sites that start with irc, for example refuse to open, because Safari doesn't recognize sites that start with that, and other, initials.

    Not being able to customize the pop-up blocker (and it wish it would stop the new pop-ups!!!)

    There are other problems as well, but those bother me the most.

    When I have some time later, I'll see if any have been fixed in 3.0. If not, it won't be good for Apple on Windows.
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    AppleInsiderAppleInsider Posts: 43,457administrator
    Apple Inc. at its developer conference on Monday announced a plan to release a version of its Safari Web browser for rival Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems.

    Referencing industry standard iBench tests that show the Apple browser rendering web pages up to twice as fast as Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs billed Safari 3.0 as the "fastest browser running on Windows."

    Safari 3 features easy-to-manage bookmarks, effortless browsing with easy-to-organize tabs and a built-in RSS reader to quickly scan the latest news and information.

    Beginning today, Apple is making a Safari 3 public beta is available as a free download for Macs and PCs over at its Safari website.

    "We think Windows users are going to be really impressed when they see how fast and intuitive web browsing can be with Safari," said Jobs. "Hundreds of millions of Windows users already use iTunes, and we look forward to turning them on to Safari's superior browsing experience too."

    The speed of Safari combined with its intuitive user interface lets users spend more time surfing the web and less time waiting for pages to load, Apple said. Other Safari features now available to Windows users include SnapBack, one-click access to an initial search query; resizable text fields; and private browsing to ensure that information about an individual's browsing history isn't stored.

    Safari 3 supports all modern Internet standards so users can view websites as they were meant to be seen, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG and Java. Safari software updates are delivered seamlessly through Apple's Software Update application, which automatically checks for updates.

    Pricing & Availability

    The free public beta of Safari 3 is available immediately as a download at Apple's Safari website, and is preview software licensed for use on a trial basis for a limited time. The final version of Safari 3 will be available as a feature in the upcoming Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard, and will be available as a free download to Mac OS X Tiger and Windows users in October.

    System Requirements

    Safari 3 for Mac OS X requires Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9 or later, a minimum of 256MB of memory and is designed to run on any Intel-based Mac or a Mac with a PowerPC G5, G4 or G3 processor and built-in FireWire. Safari 3 for Windows requires Windows XP or Windows Vista, a minimum of 256 MB of memory and a system with at least a 500 MHz Intel Pentium processor.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,941member
    I don't really understand the point of this.
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    aaarrrggghaaarrrgggh Posts: 1,583member
    I can't imagine the driver for this. If someone is going to go to the trouble of installing a browser, it has to be for something significant in their browsing experience... like adblock. This will be an interesting one...
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Yep. I'm lost on this as well. Someone please explain the significance.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,299member
    iPhone people.

    Delivering iPhone apps means you have to be able to test in a suitable browser. That browser is Safari.
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    dave k.dave k. Posts: 1,306member
    Where's the public beta for the Mac version?

    It makes sense for porting Safari to Windows. Too many websites are still incompatible (along with corporate intranets) with Safari.
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    atariatari Posts: 22member
    Originally Posted by backtomac View Post

    Yep. I'm lost on this as well. Someone please explain the significance.

    With pleasure

    -) Web Apps; the larger Safari´s market share the less likely it gets Safari will be excluded.

    -) Possibly (future) tie ins with ITunes and Quicktime

    -) It sure can´t hurt Apple
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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member
    Im happy.
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    They ported iTunes to Windows ti support iPod. Ditto Safari for iPhone. I think that rocks. Now I can use Safari at work on my PC.
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    fraklincfraklinc Posts: 244member
    what the heck happen there? they said the same thing as last year, what a waste of time feel sorry for everyone that whent there though, lol
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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 1,579member is redesigned. Wow.
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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member
    Originally Posted by Shintocam View Post

    That's nice and all, but I don't even use Safari on my Mac....

    That being said, Safari will likely be better than IE - although I still have to use IE for a lot of things that use ActiveX (like some of our client server software).

    Can't believe this was the "one more thing"......

    The one more thing in my mind was the iPhone web 2.0 tools.
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