is it illegal to send human shit thru the mail?



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    When someone in our postal service started helping themselves to my mail-order DVD/CD's (five out of six ordered in one month), I utilized the DVD cases which the AOL ( ) installers come through your door in, along with some of my cats biological waste and posted it to myself. I was rather pleased that 3 of the 5 I sent were apparently 'lost', but only one parcel went missing in the following month
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    Originally Posted by Splinemodel View Post

    (to "seal in the goodness")

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    Originally Posted by Ptrash View Post

    I syre hope there are no USPS workers on this forum. The Apple demographics amke it unlikely, but if there are any pray they're not hackers. Otherside you may be seeing some shit in your mailbox...

    A new ad for UPS: "Do you want your semen delivered by She-men, or the he-men in brown?."

    Re the story on the left margin of the above website (on the Nathans hotdog eating contest at Coney Islan) Did ESPN edit out the "reversal"?

    I work at UPS D: The canadian one though D:
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