Apple hoists "There's something in the air" Macworld banners

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It's that time again -- the first round of non-descript Apple teaser banners have begun cropping up around San Francisco's Moscone Center, the site of next week's highly-anticipated Macworld Expo.

Sure to fuel rampant and widespread speculation for the next four days is a sprawling matte black banner hanging above the entrance to the south hall that reads simply:

"2008. There's something in the air."

Several other banners bearing the same phase are also visible through the windows of the south hall entrance.



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    Wifi huh?
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    oh god, let's pray Steve doesn't do a Microsoft on us and start relentlessly propagating 'the cloud...'

    interestingly, the font on those banners doesn't look like Myriad Set.....
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    Yep Itunes movie rentals and AppleTV update here we come...
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    Originally Posted by MacWhore View Post

    Wifi huh?

    Well, if it's not wired then it's in the air. Although what is revolutionary or keynote worthy about wifi? Unless the iTV is going to get some serious upgrades as a media hub and home networking center?

    iPhone redux announced in January and arriving in June is my bet....
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    A radio controlled Apple helicopter! Just what I've always wanted! Yay!
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    dreyfus2dreyfus2 Posts: 1,072member
    All wrong. Avon perfumes available from Apple Store. iStink shipping Immediately.
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    lorrelorre Posts: 396member
    Apple buying that spectrum that was up for auction?

    More company's supporting the Wifi-store like Starbucks does?

    Airport express update?

    Macbook nano has NO ports and does everything via wifi, bluetooth and wireless USB?
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    more likely something about 3G/EDGE/new AirPort/WiMax/Apple buying that auctioned spectrum and doing something iPhon-y/.Mac-y like maybe 'connecting' Mac users anywhere.....sharing Wi-Fi?
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member
    I would love to see AppleTV + Airport Base Station combo.
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    It obviously sounds like wireless something. The tablet/iMac idea would be pretty cool.

    I don't know about everybody else, but that new typeface looks awesome.
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    Originally Posted by FreeState View Post

    Yep Itunes movie rentals and AppleTV update here we come...

    In the Air? Maybe it's a monthly fee for (almost) instant access to any participating studio's library via streaming. HD videos to come "soon."
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    Thats my point. It has to mean Apple Tv but I don't think movie rentals is that big. Serious upgrades to Apple Tv might actually make me buy one, but I mean it has to be complete overhaul. So saying "There's something in the air" just doesn't do it for me. Like ok you can now rent movies through wifi. It's in the air!! Yay! (sarcasm) Just doesn't appeal to me. I hope Steve has something better to introduce ie uber-portable.
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    That iphone looks different, the AT&T logo is 1/3 down the screen
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    but damn it would be amazing if they allow the iPhone to make calls over WiFi... that would save my chicken big time.
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    Originally Posted by ciscored View Post

    That iphone looks different, the AT&T logo is 1/3 down the screen

    If you look closely, its just a quicktime demo running on a large screen for the display. The window is pulled partway down the screen and you can see the OS window in the background.
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    rolandgrolandg Posts: 632member
    Originally Posted by iPhelim View Post

    Mac-y like maybe 'connecting' Mac users anywhere.....sharing Wi-Fi?

    You might be onto something... there were supposed to be talks between Steve Jobs and the president of FON, a large WiFi-sharing community. I had to search a little but here is the link:
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    Definitely sounds like iTunes/Apple TV 2 to me.

    Anybody else have a bad feeling that this Macworld is going to shortchange the mac, just like last year? They should start calling it Appleworld.
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    hmmm. if it was about that auctioned spectrum wouldn't they have already have to have secured it publicly to announce doing something with it?
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    wingswings Posts: 261member
    iPhelim nailed it. It's shared wi-fi. You sign up your wireless router into the club, and presto, you get free access to everyone else's wi-fi who are also members. Of course, you have to be running the proper Apple software.
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    Time Machine over wi-fi? I know the technical drawbacks, but maybe they now have error correcting routers.
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