MacBook Air - CUBE / or not CUBE?



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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    That is the dumbest design decision of all.

    it literally takes 3 minutes to change out that battery.
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    Originally Posted by Riot Nrrrd? View Post

    I've seen some posts here where people have said the Seal-A-Meal® battery is a non-issue.

    Last I checked, any plane trip that isn't cross-country (in the States, I mean) - i.e. trans-Pacific or trans-Atlantic - automatically exceeds the battery limit of the MacBook Air. What if you are a businessman on a trip from LA to Sydney and feel like using your computer for more than 1/3rd of the flight?

    I can see these possible responses:

    "If you want to use a computer for that long while in-flight, there must be something wrong with you. Read a book or watch a movie instead."

    Who are we to judge how long someone should want to use their computer for in-flight?

    "Well, use the in-seat power adapter, duh "

    I have a plane power adapter for my MacBook Pro and it's hit-or-miss whether the plane will have one - much less the right one. It's much easier to swap in a 2nd battery and never have to worry about the issue.

    Never had an issue with power in first class or business class. Now the FAA/airlines don't want to allow extra batteries, which sucks (but understandable).
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    Extra battery=terrorist.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,668moderator
    Originally Posted by physguy View Post

    Actually when I see that side by side to me the TZ looks silly.

    That's what I was saying it seems silly to go for the TZ as the MBA looks better on paper but in real life, if I was after a super portable laptop, I like the size of the TZ better.

    Originally Posted by physguy View Post

    So underpowered processor and FSB that I would never want to do video editing.

    Included is only 1GB, which is too little for video editing

    Video editing isn't hugely intensive and the processors are still Core 2 Duo. People have done editing for years on less. It won't replace a desktop system for editing but you can still edit on location. It's not about how well it does it just that it can do it and the MBA cannot.

    Doing something badly is still better than not being able to do it at all.

    Originally Posted by penchanted

    Why is it that people cannot accept that the "rest of us" also includes these very people who would previously not even have considered Apple's other offerings?

    That's great if they do consider it but I think the MBA hype will be short-lived:

    Ok it's 1.2GHz, which is slower but it's also smaller, lighter, has more connectivity and is cheaper. Look at the price with SSD. That makes the SSD MBA look terrible.
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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,757member
    Would be interesting to see.

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