First Look: Apple's new MacBook Air (with photos and video)



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    Originally Posted by -LD View Post

    Your company will buy you the Air as well?

    Sounds like a hell of a company. They hiring?

    Actually, yours sounds more like the "hell of a company."

    And, sure, when the time for the next update is up, they would consider it very favorably if I asked (considering my current one is a much more expensive 17" MBP).
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    Originally Posted by Superbass View Post

    I spend about half the year in hotels, most of them good, and while almost all have wireless, their service, 90% of the time, does not encompass the entire hotel. Usually the lobby, plus maybe the first 3 floors, and if I'm lucky maybe one of the conference rooms. In fact, I'm at the Radisson in Chennai right now, using Ethernet from the 6th floor because I don't want to sit in the lobby to use WiFi. I think it was after the 5th ethernet cable I bought so i could be online from a hotel room that realized that I could take hotels' Wifi claims with a grain of salt.

    If I got the MBA, I would travel with an Airport Express.
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Originally Posted by Bergermeister View Post

    Lots of negative posts! If this computer is not for you, get over it. It is for some people and they will enjoy it immensely.

    As for those who say it has no ethernet, it does with an adapter that those who can already afford the machine won't consider outlandish.

    No Optical Drive? Good riddance, as it goes unused 99% of the time and is not essential then. Anybody who buys the Air will have at least one other computer; many will have several. With Remote Disc, people will be more than happy to part with the dead weight and bulk.

    For those who complain about the battery size, having used PBs and MBs and MBPs for many years, I think a 5 hour life is perfect. A swappable battery might have been a better implementation, but they will hopefully provide a rapid turn-around if the batt ever does need swapping. You can plan a two-day down period, especially if you have several other machines to work with.

    For those who think it cannot handle video, think again. The latest HD cameras in Japan do not have FireWire: it is becoming a USB world. Though I wouldn't want to edit a 3-hour epic on the Air, it should more than handle light video.

    For those who think 80GB isn't enough, I am a professional writer/materials developer and work with audio and video all the time. My old PB had an 80GB drive that never once ran out of space. My current MBP has a 120 HD, but only 50 GB are currently used and that is with an entire video project before editing. I simply do not keep frivolous stuff on it. If I want music or entertainment, I have an iPod Touch.

    The skimming of features has led to a nicely lowered front end of the computer which I think will make typing on it easier (ergonomically) than with a MBP where the user has to elevate his hands.

    While I believe it will be popular with a variety of groups, with the Air, Apple is playing on the success of the iPhone amongst executives. These are people who won't blink at the slightly high cost of the Air but will quickly appreciate that it doesn't have anything they don't want or need. If they need a more powerful computer, they can grab a MBP.

    That Apple also released the TimeCapsule makes for the perfect set that has the user in mind, a very Apple way of doing things. Time capsule, Air and a printer and you have an amazing system that will be the envy of many.

    As one who hoped Apple would come out with something the size of a DVD case, I will admit that they changed my thinking. This is light enough and thin enough to slip in a briefcase with other things without taking special consideration for the computer; I'm sure that a 3rd party will create a padded case in the form of an envelope, so you can even use that soon.

    Again, if the computer is not for you, it doesn't make it a bad machine. As Spam and Xian said above, this computer is a perfect item for those Apple hopes will buy it.

    How do you think the MBA will do in Japan? Is it small enough to be appealing in that market?
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    Originally Posted by spatial View Post

    I've been surprised by all the negativity, since the final product was pretty much what I was hoping for, but then it's a lesson to me that not everyone (indeed, seemingly very few) shares my opinion on what makes a good ultra-portable. Among the common complaints are the battery: I never carry a spare and am rarely more than five hours from a power source, so no problem for me; and the lack of an optical drive, which I am actually very happy about. I use the optical drive very, very rarely and it's always struck me as unnecessary on a laptop unless you're installing software. I download my movies and tv shows, transfer files on a flash drive - my optical drive largely sit there gathering dust 99 days out of a hundred. I even like the lack of access - gives me a sense of solidity (though I might reconsider the first time something breaks). In fact I have only two complaints: the price and the lack of an ethernet socket. Despite that, I'll get one to replace my MacBook, which has all the features I need but is a bit too heavy, and wastes space with that unnecessary optical drive and removable battery.

    Ditto, my feelings exactly. It is not for everyone. I'll be planning to get one in a few months, after they've worked out the (inevitable) initial build-quality control issues. Add me to the list of 'very likely buyer.'
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    Originally Posted by NYCMacFan View Post

    Okay a macbook is 13.3 with the same footprint but thicker. It's 5lbs.

    Let's say I wait a year for the LED screens to be there too. I then open it up. I throw out the innards of the superdrive. I yank the HDD and put in a 1.8inch one and have a teck guy duct tape it in.

    Aren't I now at 4lbs just from those steps and that is with a heavy plastic case?

    I mean look at the weight of a 14INCH Panasonic with an optical drive. I don't want an optical drive, but why the hell can Panasonic or Toshiba deliver stuff closer to 2lbs with optical drives (again with a 12inch screen to help, but they also have removable batteries, optical drives, lots of ports and probably stereo speakers). Toshiba has a 12incher with the same sized keyboard and an SSD at 1.75 lbs. Okay, slightly smaller screen, but 40% lighter! Okay, those laptops as not quite as thin, but narrower and shorter. Toshiba R500 is like 0.8 thick. Gee, Apple gives me .74 thick that tapers a big at the cost of greater width, depth and weight. Thanks, Apple! This is not A work, more like a solid B.

    Maybe Apple should have used carbon fiber to save on the case's weight...

    For cripes sake, will you get it through your thick skull that the weight they list does not include the 6 cell battery yet it comes with a 6-cell. As they state in the small print, (follow the *'s), the (gross) weight will vary depending on the final configuration (whatever that may mean).

    If you are going to reference anything, get your facts straight. (no they do not include stereo speakers) Note the Toshiba's listed weight does not include the optical drive! And it is 0.77" at the front to 1.0" at the rear, but not including the feet!

    Do yourself a favor. Watch the Keynote and CNBC interview. Perhaps then you will understand better.
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    oh man this thing is just getting torn apart.

    not a single good comment yet.

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    You might try re-reading all of the messages.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    These also don't have ful size keyboards, displays or low-voltage CPUs. They are slow and uncomfortable to use for long durations.



    Actually, they do have full sized keyboards. Once you went to 12inch widescreen you have a full sized keyboard. I prefer the Apple as I think the 12inch widescreen lacks the vertical space you need for everyday use and that 13.3 is much better. Either gives you a full keyboard though.

    My quibble is that Apple could have shaved another 1/2lb off this. Look at the wasted space to the left/right of MBA the keyboard. Look at the footprint of the old 12inch PBs. Apple could have done better.
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    malaxmalax Posts: 1,598member
    Originally Posted by NYCMacFan View Post

    My quibble is that Apple could have shaved another 1/2lb off this. Look at the wasted space to the left/right of MBA the keyboard. Look at the footprint of the old 12inch PBs. Apple could have done better.

    We should all let Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ives come to out places of work (or school) and snipe at everything we do. "Are you kidding me, you only took 47 orders this hour? And move more fries! You could have done better."
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    I have a son who is anti Apple. He just bought, from Dell, a $ 180 PC with 2 Gigs RAM and a DVD burner. He got at Target a $ 49 MP3 player. I also have 6 Macs in the house. I personally have an iPhone, 2 iPod Classics, 1 Nano, 1 Shuffle, a 24" iMac and I was looking for a laptop. My son got a $ 399 laptop from Dell. You know, it does it all. Naturally I was gonna get a MacBook.

    Then I got the MBA just cause Steve said so. I know that when I give business presentations people will woo and wahh like they do when I pull out the iPhone and brag. I never felt, not even once, that the iPhone was overpriced or too much. I got my wife a free AT&T phone after she said she did not care what phone she got. I got myself an iPhone cause I love everything about Apple.

    Yes Apple is more money. But put it in perspective. Mortage, cars, insurance, insurance, insurance...I see the Apple gear as the pleasure in life.

    Now carting around a 3 pounder vs. a larger 5 pounder does make a difference.

    Those that cry Apple products are too high in price are correct. Are we all driving in Toyota Tercels? Some of us are in BMWs. Not that we are necessarily rich...its just that putting that money in Merrill Lynch for 40 years and smile that Alzheimer's smile with a fully retired and funded twilight years scenario with our diapers well damn those Alzheimer years. I wanna live now.

    Here is the point. Many were happy with the PowerBook 12". It was expensive. I never used its DVD drive.

    Also, the panache, the adulation, the class to sit in a group with Airs vs. a greasemonkey meeting of techie guys with their MBPs. The MBA is for executives. The MBP is for techs. Do you know how you look when you walk into a meeting of 10 executives all with their MBAs and you birth an MBP? You look like you are gonna power the whole building with that thing. Like you are gonna sit and bake an omelet when it starts. Like it can spit out dark matter and anti matter.

    Or like Flintstone. Why do we laugh at the Zune? The more it is discounted the more is does not sell. It works.

    Why do women bother to be size 2, 4 and the bulging obese size 6? Do you know even 1 lady that will buy a MBP over a MBA? Not a single woman will. A woman with an MBP is now like a woman with a large suitcase without wheels.

    Fashion. Portability. Panache. Looks. Convenience. Class. Executive. BMW. Mercedes. Lexus.

    And, if you are in this forum, guess what.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    I have stayed in everything from 5-star hotels to roadside motels in the US and in a number of countries around the world. In the past couple of years, there is not one that I have stayed in anywhere in the world has not had wi-fi. Indeed, the cheaper the hotel, the cheaper (or essentially free) the wi-fi.

    Yikes, what hotels are these that you stay in, in NJ?

    How about this one in Florida? Strictly Ethernet.

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    Btw, I'd be interested to know how quickly this thing boots on an SSD drive. I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,953member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    If I got the MBA, I would travel with an Airport Express.

    I think that would partly defeat the point of the MBAir. They do offer that USB Ethernet adapter.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,953member
    Originally Posted by daniel84 View Post

    Btw, I'd be interested to know how quickly this thing boots on an SSD drive. I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

    MacWorld will probably test that when they get the machines.
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    mr omr o Posts: 1,046member
    ? welcome to 2008 gentlemen! And fasten your seat belts as Steve & Ive are getting ready for the next wave of daring product releases. We are talking innovation, right?
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    Originally Posted by dontlookleft View Post

    Very nice machine if I were a rich businessman.

    This just isn't a practical machine for most people on tight budgets.

    Enjoy to those that can waste away the money!


    Man you guys are nuts- I have been waiting a long time for a laptop with way less performance/features than the macbook for almost double the price. This is exactly what I was hoping for- a very thin macbook I could fit into an envelope, because I like to carry mine in an envelope- this is definitely worth almost double the price. Thanks Apple!


    What a fiasco! All Apple needed to do was revamp the Macbook Pro line with blu-ray drives and hi def screens, add a 13" version and they would have sold like hot cakes. This has a very limited audience at this price- it should be sub $1,000 or not at all.

    I guess most people in the US dont get the ultra-compact market. Its hasnt caught on here, may be there is no demand for it. The market is very different in the far east.

    This is a niche market and thats what Apple is trying to serve. Try to understand that Air is not meant to replace your existing machine. You simply cannot compare the Air to Macbook/Pro. Its a "ultra-compact", not your desktop replacement machine, and with that in mind i think Apple has done an excellent job.

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    Originally Posted by success View Post


    I guess if you want to pay $2,000 USD (including tax) for the reduction of 2lbs then all the power to ya...

    That's exactly why people want a unit like this. Is that really so hard to understand?

    Some people do a ton of traveling - for them, smaller and lighter is worth paying more for.

    Originally Posted by Superbass View Post

    To get basic functionality, one must spend a bunch of extra money on external drives, hubs, ethernet adapters, etc. etc., which results in the same sized package as a MacBook (still with less power and battery issues).

    Anything that requires extra stuff isn't basic functionality.

    This box can connect to networks wirelessly, and run apps. That's basic functionality. On the laptop I have at home, I have no need for any of the things you listed.

    There are tons of business people who do nothing more with their laptops than read and write email and documents. This is the perfect laptop for them.

    Originally Posted by tuneman07 View Post

    And as far as people who can afford it not caring how much all the peripherals cost that is not a good way to do business- "Oh hey this thing will be so expensive we can nickel and dime everyone and since they can afford such an expensive computer they can afford anything else we throw at them for 100 bucks". Come on. No one is going to "appreciate" getting less and paying more.

    You just don't get the point of the machine. People aren't going to buy the machine and lug it around with a bunch of hubs and peripherals. There are people out there who don't NEED any of those extras, and they are the market for this box. They will just get the unit, and get data to it wirelessly.

    Originally Posted by daniel84 View Post

    Btw, I'd be interested to know how quickly this thing boots on an SSD drive. I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

    Probably because none of the units shown at macworld have the SSD drive. I don't know if anyone has had hands on experience with one yet.
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    Originally Posted by xtrmtrk View Post

    My 12" PowerBook G4 is probably the best piece of technology I've ever purchased; I travel extensively with it, and it's just perfect. I can watch DVDs in the middle of the Australian outback, I have 3 spare batteries for long flights (not originating in the US), and I've got a huge hard disk in it for all my photos and movies. All I want is the same form factor, same ports and options, but with a modern Intel processor. I had high hopes for the next generation Apple notebook, but the Air isn't quite right for my needs. Am I that unusual?

    Ditto for the high hopes, but I didn't watch DVDs in the middle of the outback (I found other things to watch when I was there), and I don't travel with 3 spare batteries (my long flights are US trans-continentinal these days), so yes, you are that unusual. Looks like our only option is going to be the 15" Pro (alas), as I expect the next gen aluminum/Penryn MacBook will drop the superdrive.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    If I got the MBA, I would travel with an Airport Express.

    No, time capsule. If you're going to run around with an express (and I sometimes did carry a 802.11g bridge) you might as well have the drive too...
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    Originally Posted by PB View Post

    These are the magic words. The MBA is for them and no one else. Well, probably a few more, but that's all.

    This notebook has its uses and Apple certainly conducted the necessary market research before even starting the project. Time will tell how well it will do. Until then it is to anyone's speculation to tell. Personally I have zero interest in the MBA, but this does not prevents me to see that some professionals may do.

    I think I can guess the origins of this computer. Steve does nothing but go to meetings all day. He probably got ticked off at all the big laptops covering the desks during meetings and set this in motion.
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