Sony in Blu-ray talks with Apple, Microsoft



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    sorry for the heinous sin of cross posting, as i was unsure if this was worth a new thread or not. herefollows a post i just made in -that- thread, the B-R/HD thread, within which it will undoubtedly be lost amongst the endless to-ing and fro-ings...


    at present i don't see why both downloads and physical media (DVD and B-R) can't co-exist and for the next several years at that.

    funnily enough, this petition was brought to my attention today:

    no surprise that reference to it was deleted of the discussions.

    i understand it is a difficult process to incorporate B-R into DVDSP, however apple's silence on the issue doesn't help smaller production companies, authorin houses and independents in making decisions about purchasing (especially conidering the cost of professional B-R authoring tools). especially when they have already invested alot of money into the apple pro-app platform.

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