3G settings discovered in latest beta of iPhone firmware



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    Originally Posted by sapporobaby View Post

    This provides the perfect escape route and is the very reason why I said you constantly move the goal posts.

    As far as I can tell, I've been pretty consistent in what I feel.


    You nor I can say what is and what is not important to someone. As I have said repeatedly, and you still continue to not get it, is that the "TELEPHONY" functions of the iPhone are lackluster. For the most part all other apps, functions, etc... are very well implemented.

    You first say we cannot say what is or is not important to someone. Then go on to say the telephone function is lackluster. Which implies the telephone is lackluster for everyone.


    Another goal post statement. I never mentioned this. Typical.

    Its just an example.


    My vision of a smartphone is one that can do the absolute basics of what a smartphone SHOULD be able to do. The iPhone falls short in the most basic of smartphone functionality. This has nothing to do with SE, Nokia, Samsung, etc... It is what biz people want in regards to smartphones. If you want an idea of what people want in features, go look at a Blackberry.

    There is no hard definition of what a smartphone SHOULD do. The best that can be said are surveys of what most people use smartphones for.

    The current implementation of the iPhone is a consumer phone not a business phone. The current iPhone does not compete directly with the BB for business.


    Wrong. I noted the functionality and usefullness of web apps, however not everyone is connected at all times. While this is a great idea there are times when a connection is not always possible.

    The whole purpose of a mobile phone for the most part is to always be connected to a signal. The phone is connected 90% of the time, if it weren't would defeat the whole point of a mobile phone.


    Not the issue dude. Why are you obfuscating?

    You said once native apps are available webapps would go away. I don't understand how my response is unclear. Some services are best as native apps, some are best as websites.


    In conclusion, it is quite clear that we have different ideas about smartphones, and smartphone usages. My experience is based on multiple years of smartphone uses, various smartphone OS's and designs. Your experience seems to be based on the iPhone as your first real entry into the market which in itself is not bad but it does not have a broad depth of experience behind it. For you, the iPhone is revolutionary while for me, it is more evolutionary. In the end it does not really matter does it?

    I've never given an opinion as to what a smartphone should do. No one phone does everything and is the reason why most all handset manufacturers make so many different options.

    As far as I can tell your wealth of knowledge on smartphones consists of ticking off a long feature list. You rate each phone by how long the list is. This doesn't give much consideration for the software design or ease of use.

    As I've been trying to explain Apple has been busy with the work of building the underpinnings of the iPhone platform. This is much more difficult than adding a long feature list.

    Because of Apple's efforts in its development architecture, software developers will be able to create scores of apps that will be both beautiful, easy to use, and highly functional.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member

    Is this a contest to see who can repeat the same off-topic statements the most times?
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    Originally Posted by lundy View Post


    Is this a contest to see who can repeat the same off-topic statements the most times?

    Naaaaa. It is just good fun with Tenobell. As I said, it really does not matter as most our points should be put to bed with the 2.0 software when it comes out. Then we may have something to debate.
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    Originally Posted by TenoBell View Post

    We're still pretty light on details to know the full story at this point.

    Nobody knows anything about the next iPhone release. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that there MIGHT be an iPhone release in june that MIGHT include 3G and GPS.

    This page is no more than a gossip page for haters and lovers of Apple.

    People can come here and argue about the 'tech details' that are supposedly going to be included in the next generation of iPhone but its completely childish to presume that any one person knows more than another.

    I'm sure we will find out in soon enough! Until then, lets chill a bit and stop bitching about things we don't have a clue about, yah?
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    Originally Posted by macfan2008 View Post

    Nobody knows anything about the next iPhone release. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that there MIGHT be an iPhone release in june that MIGHT include 3G and GPS.

    I would use 'most likely' or 'probably' in favour of 'might' as we have historical data on Apple releases, the more recent facts about the SDK code 3G code for a certain radio and menu items, as well as knowledge of so many telcos across the world that claim to be getting a 3G iPhone come June. We also have an unprecedented lapse in the supply chain that isn't appearing to be rectified with an influx of 1st generation iPhones. That coupled with the EU telcos price reduction, the upcoming WWDC, and the AT&T statement about vacation time usage that parallels last year's iPhone release the probability is quite high.
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