Apple says Steve Jobs feeling a little under the weather recently



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    Originally Posted by grebo View Post

    ...this photo has been around since 2008...

    Be... cause the thread's from aught eight.
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    Originally Posted by grebo View Post

    The article says this photo was taken Monday. But this photo has been around since 2008 (although in fairness it may have been taken ON a Monday!)

    You sure do make the most of your 2 posts a year!
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    ONE of the MANY "Doctors" (aka oncologists but as i've said why most of you are all too stupid to posses such knowledge to understand what one of those is) that have come to the same conclusion on Jobs imminent TERMINAL DEMISE 'prognosis' ; (yes you'll have to be getting out the dictionary AGAIN for the (majority) of embarrassing ignoramuses here)

    Originally Posted by addabox(AKA crApple FUD Central) View Post

    For people getting all shocked by Steve's condition:

    Watch the whole thing. He seems a bit off for the first, short bit, but pretty much his usual self for the longer iCloud intro at the end. He doesn't look any thinner than he has for the last few public appearances.

    Clearly, he's been battling health issues and is not as robust as he used to be. But it seems like every time he does something in public there's the exact same chorus of "OMG, he's at deaths door!" posts. It looks to me like he's holding his own. If he couldn't do a reasonable job he wouldn't be up there on the stage.

    Why thankyou crApple for your usual integrity free greed (AKA positively $H!TING selves at obliteration of crApple share price and even worse potential devastation for crApple itself at the slightest chance of investors becoming aware to how TERMINALLY near death's door Jobsy Wobsy really is) inspired deception,manipulation + propaganda ( YOU KNOW like with the iFailure 3G, the stolen/botched/broken chip you used that gave a signal so poor, two paper cups tied together with string made an infinitely more superior, convenient + practical communications device) fagbios "NO it was EVERY SINGLE Network provider around the ENTIRE WORLD faults + their broken technology" despite every other modern + otherwise mobile never having such DIRE single problems as the 3G iDisaster, fagbois "just an insignificant expectable amount of broken tech anyway - TOUGH TITTY!" etc). Typical crApple solution when EVERY single other company with the slightest shred of integrity or humanity would organise an immediate recall of bastardised beta testing equivalent product worthless to cost customer paid, is to remain COMPLETELY silent, play dead + dumb + wait for fire to burn itself out, in addition to DEVIOUSLY tricking their dumb customer base by releasing an update that "improves signal quality" - yet the signal remains as $hite before because of course crApple without one shred of decency/humanity had actually just changed the sensitivity/response/SCALE of the signal meter ie the same weak crap signal would now show up as FULL STRENGTH on the meter. Stupid gullible CrApple customer based, shafted/conned (fanbois of course reporting amazing increase in efficiency of signal + BULLY anyone who doesn't agree into safe belief) Problem SOLVED - NO money wasted on worthless customers on recall,NO investigation by nosey busybody morally/"fairness" based commissions + NO serious threat from courts case on the million piece of tech we've stolen, slapped onto our sloppy half baked tech (as we are to FAR TO greed obsessed/HEARTLESS SH!TS to waste money on pointless technology experts - we just pass it directly to the customers for a ridiculous price + they can be our guinea pig testers saving even MORE $$$ + creating EVEN more HUMAN SUFFERING that as a bunch of narcissists/sociopaths (to an even MORE concentrated degree than you find among successful businessmen on average - clearly a reason for crApple ruthless success above all other competition in their field) is meaningless

    Take away the $HITTING themselves D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E as hell crApple deceit + cover up + you get REAL opinions of Jobs AT DEATHS DOOR condition (crApple so NEFARIOUS + EVIL they won't even CARE about minimizing the final stage cancer TORTURE their creator is beginning to experience by DRAGGING HIM from his DEATH BED) ;


    Steve Jobs just kicked off WWDC to a loud applause from the developers on hand.

    Investors at home seem to be feeling differently. Since he took the stage Apple's stock is down slightly.

    You can see below that Apple's stock was trending up before he appeared, then it dropped.

    Looks like investors don't care about software upgrades.


    Investors typically don't know shit but in this case they may smell bullshit!!!


    Just give me a double top on weak volume and I am going to short the s**t of this stock. The chart is starting to look mighty juicy on the short side.


    poor steve looks emaciated in that picture..he needs to step down!/jbryantmanning...85969343991808


    Everyone is saying that Jobs looks bad and sounds bad. Sad day!/marcoarment/st...85388009271296


    Sad - Jobs looked and sounded awful. This might be his last keynote.!/bmoreno/status/77782945225641984


    I'm very sad to see Steve Jobs so skinny...

    + "ONE MORE THING" EVEN the media knows HEs a GONNA; 6/6/11

    "Apple Is Insulted You Think Steve Jobs Could Ever Die "


    Apple has turned a routine refresh of Steve Jobs' obituary into an occasion for a full blown media war, asking Jobs' associates to stonewall the Associated Press and allowing it to be known that they are "furious" about commonplace journalism.

    Some poor AP reporter has been calling around to collect quotes from business associates for Jobs' pre-written obituary, according to the New York Post's Page Six. The reporting effort is said to include outreach to record label executives, with whom Jobs negotiated rights to open the iTunes Music Store. "Apple found out about it and asked everyone involved not to give any quotes, although most of those called had already refused," a source told the gossip page, "although most of those called had already refused." Top Apple executives are "furious," the Post added.

    Of course, now that Apple's suppression of newsgathering has itself become news, everyone is just reminded all over again of the fragile condition of Jobs' health and the fact that he's on indefinite medical leave, defeating the whole purpose of the PR counteroffensive. Apple should have just thanked the heavens that AP didn't actually release Jobs' obituary, like Bloomberg did in 2008, and called it a day.

    Even if these original sources are "accidentally" deleted there's always Google' library cache
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    Originally Posted by jowie74 View Post

    Erm, it's hardly surprising if the photo's old, you've dug this thread up from 2008!

    Interestingly, it's June 2011, and Steve at WWDC looks almost as thin as at his very thinnest point in his life, his voice was weak and he was walking a bit funny.

    Seriously, I remain quite concerned about his health, and wish him the best.
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