Apple's iPhone 3G guided tour reveals extra details



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    Originally Posted by merdhead View Post

    Thank you for your pandering support of AI. Now do you have anything that supports the notion that they really don't like screws? I've already said that they aim for good design, which is my point. Movie references are not very convincing arguments since they are based on a work of fiction and fantasy. The only fact you assert in your post is incorrect. Pixar is a division of Disney and has no CEO. Jobs has no executive position in Disney or Pixar but has a seat on the Disney board (he is the largest individual shareholder).

    You're right on the CEO/Disney part. Although Steve Jobs is no longer the "CEO," he does still have tons of influence in Pixar and is a stakeholder (and stockholder) in Pixar (and Disney).

    But regardless, let me bring you back to the original point:

    Fact: none of Apple's other iPods or the original iPhone (collectivly "handheld devices") have visible screws.

    Conclusion: Apple tries to keep screws hidden.

    Is that really too daring of a conclusion?
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    Having finally tried to watch the source video for this article, I think it's quite annoying. There were eight mentions of the product name in the first minute, once in title and seven times verbally. That seems a little condescending, as if the audience doesn't the product's name. I've also found the man's near constant hand motions to be pretty distracting as well.
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