Apple delays Leopard release until October



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    Originally Posted by Thataboy View Post

    I am sick to death of the iPhone, and it's not even out yet. We can blame it now for the delay of Leopard and resulting hardware sales declines, not to mention the artificial withholding of a widescreen iPod. All for something that customers of only ONE cell phone company in ONE country can take advantage of.

    Didn't I JUST read that Mac sales were slowed this quarter because everyone is waiting for Leopard?

    Save face, Apple... provide a free upgrade to Leopard for anyone who buys a new Mac after WWDC. Otherwise, you deserve major ridicule and scorn from Bill Gates and every Windows fanboy for all the Vista delay jabs.

    Not really. Apple is using the phone as an excuse to make it look better.

    A certain percentage of people are waiting for Leopard. But, I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that most of them will now go out and buy a machine rather than wait.

    The waiting will start again in August.
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    steinarsteinar Posts: 16member
    Originally Posted by desarc View Post

    i hope these "top secret" features are worth the wait,

    You can count on the "secret features" being OS X on the iPhone.
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    This is a big ouch...

    Let's start hoping that Apple's rumored new hardware isn't Leopard-dependent. Otherwise we'll get iPhone and new iTunes in June and sit on our wallets until October.

    Damn. Ouch.
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    mr omr o Posts: 1,046member
    Well, it's gonna be a long long spring in Appleland! But hey, this is 2007, Al Gore did warn us!

    I'm pleased to witness Apple's concern in delivering a smooth state of the art user experience It is actually good news, they could've taken the rush & cash route!

    One question however: does the delay also apply to iLife & iWork? Or is iWork gonna be included with Leopard? This would make sense though as many PCs come with Office included.
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    Two words are all you need to describe this delay.... "BIG MISTAKE".

    Tiger has negligable advantages over Vista, and now with Leopard's delay that's not changing any time soon. They'll lose market share as a result now and frankly they deserve it. Delaying an OS release for some phone is the worst thing they could do. iPhone will do ok in the marketplace, but not as well as they're hoping and banking. It has no features that smartphones out there already don't have.
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    wow. a lot of overreacting going on here. while this does indeed suck, tiger is not going to magically stop working between wwdc and oct. i was going to buy a boxed version of leopard either way but now with cs3 shipping, i guess i have no reason to delay my mbp purchase any longer.

    i just hope that in october it's as killer as it can be.
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    vinney57vinney57 Posts: 1,162member
    Originally Posted by MacSuperiority View Post

    See the problem isn't that Leopard is delayed. The probelm is that people wait for Leopard before they buy their new hardware, which slows sales of said hardware and potentially these people might just go with Vista instead of waiting.

    This is an absolute disaster for Apple.

    I'm just laughing at Jobs for how many shots Apple has taken at M$ for delaying Vista, and now they are eating their words. Real cool Apple, real cool.

    Don't be silly. It's three months not three years. Good grief, talk about a juvenile overreaction on these boards... oh wait, its AppleInsider!
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    amac4meamac4me Posts: 282member
    Very disappointing. AAPL shares will get hit tomorrow.
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    gargar Posts: 1,201member
    Never wait...

    Buy if you need it.

    And I need Adobe CS3 harder than Leopard so I'll order my stuff over the weekend or so.
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    aisiaisi Posts: 134member
    Originally Posted by 128pluspb100siduo230 View Post

    The Apple that is talking to us, Atv, iPhone and yes a Leopard delay is a communicating Apple. Get the bad news out as fast as you can is a very good play.

    Well, it depends what you mean by 'communicating.' Last month Apple basically lied to us: Apple says Leopard won't be delayed. \
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    cougarcougar Posts: 55member
    Talk about a bad year for Macs. 2007 has Mac Pros, and not even an upgrade to the Mac Pro lineup, just one new model with the same old graphics cards. Still no iLife. Still no Core2Duo Mac Mini.

    A fitting year for Apple to drop "Computer" from their name. The secret features better be amazing, or steve is going to have a riot on his hands come WWDC.
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    I am truly disappointed. Apple is right at the cusp of being able to make real inroads in the corporate community. I have been able to get my firm to consider macs for the first time. This is a bush league error that signals a tipping point that Apple is not ready for prime time.

    To blame the IPhone is beyond the pale. It does not make good business sense or good corporate PR logic. Really unbelievable.

    And for IT managers everywhere, it makes it near impossible to argue to your corporate officers that Apple is a viable competitor to the business PC when they appear to be just another electronic toy company. And their own statements support that sentiment.

    Mark this day, Apple will not live it down for a while.
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    henriokhenriok Posts: 537member
    This is a good time as any to make the radical decision to make Mac OS X free for all Mac users and that this will include current as all future versions. Apple can't make much money on OSX and it would probably be weighed up by increased hardware sales There must be much more money in such a promise, good will and the fact that almost the entire user base will be up to date at any given time. The costs for developers (and Apple) would decrease as they won't have to support as many platforms. And the contrast to how expensive Windows is would be amazing
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    webmailwebmail Posts: 639member
    I'd like to point out that I was very clear on this point, for the last three months, given WWDC timing, and the fact that the builds were behind. It' didn't make any sense for Apple to spring a half-baked OS on developers. I knew this was going to happen. Very glad to hear it. Trust me Apple wouldn't delay making money unless they felt it absolutely was important.
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    filburtfilburt Posts: 398member
    I hate to suggest following Microsoft's example, but given the delay, perhaps Apple should do "Vista Express Upgrade"-style offer (free Vista for qualified PCs purchased 3 months earlier). That is, all Macs purchased from June are eligible for free Leopard (10.5) when it ships in October.
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    g_warreng_warren Posts: 713member
    Tis a bit annoying when so many people, like me, have planned their hardware purchases around 10.5. I was looking forward to getting a new mac and buying aperture so I could shoot RAW all summer.
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    webmailwebmail Posts: 639member
    Actually if you were smart, in a few days Apple shares might drop, giving those who didn't buy in a second chance to 'buy lower & sell higher'.
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    elbayelbay Posts: 12member
    Just shows where Apple's priorities lie. Instead of having an updated OS I can make mobile calls instead. I'm also currently using a browser that is starting to feel quite sluggish and unreliable in loading websites properly when compared to newer browsers (Safari). I won't be seeing a better one for another 6 months it seems. Glad I didn't buy shares either. Hate to think how many people will now be buying Vista instead.
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    19841984 Posts: 955member
    I miss the days of Apple Computer don't you?

    This really shows just how much they have been neglecting their computer division. If they want to set things right they should offer a Public Beta of 10.5 at the WWDC just as they did when OS X was first introduced. Oh, and update the MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, etc. by then as well.
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    yebotyebot Posts: 10member
    Its hard to continue being one of those people that has faith that Apple won't allow its computer business to suffer in favor of its consumer-electronics business.

    Is Apple really robbing in-house OSX developers to work on iPhone?

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