Photo of next-gen Apple Mac mini in the wild?



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    I'll re-iterate with blu-ray, Apple isn't going to take a small computer they KNOW is used on big screen TVs and put a blu-ray drive in it so people can buy blu-ray movies instead of getting movies off the iTunes Movie Store.

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    Blu-ray? Not for a while fo rthe reasons you listed (licensing, cost of a slim BR drive)

    HDMI port will not come to the mini with the Apple TV still around. Unless they discontinue the Apple TV and roll those features into the mini platform. I don't see that happening but know knows for certain? Not me.

    I don’t disagree with most of your writings guys but as for the issue Blue-Ray Vs itunes Movie Store, I don’t think that those two are competitors. People have both computers & DVD/Blu-Ray independent players and use both services to watch movies. If an Apple computer does not have Blu-Ray drive, this does not mean that the one who owns it, is not going to watch Blue-Ray movies. If he/she feels that Blue-Ray is more convenient for renting/buying HD movies than iTunes store, he/she will buy a BR player anyway. But having both services in one device, this makes the product more attractive and guarantees better sales. Furthermore, itunes Movie Store is not available for all countries around the globe.

    As for the issue Mac mini Vs Apple TV again those two products are different devices. Apple TV is a cheap media center device while Mac mini is much more. It is an HTPC which means a media center + personal computer. People who just need a device in their living room to watch movies and listen to music, will chose the cheap solution of Apple TV. People, who need additional features like internet navigation, video gaming, word processing etc. in their living room, will go for the Mini or any other small PC. Of course If Apple updates only the Mini giving strong features like HDMI, HD capability etc, this might steal some potential Apple TV byers, but I think those will be potential media center byers in general. So the benefit for Apple comes anyway. In any case I think that both products Apple TV and Mac mini need an updated version very soon.
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