Apple reveals long-awaited multi-touch 'iPad'



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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    That's all it appears to be good for. Super casual computing. The iWork stuff looks like it would be really frustrating as does the paint app. Phil - "the best word processor ever"??? Anything that requires a lot of precision is going to be a pain in the ass trying to accomplish on that device. Just like the iPhone is frustrating for composing long emails, cut and paste or getting the cursor where you want it. And if you are going to leave it attached to the keyboard, you might as well have a MacBook. Of course it is a bit less expensive but so is a crappy Windows PC. You get what you pay for I guess.

    Composing long emails, cutting and pasting - use the optional keyboard... duh!
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    I wonder how long it will take after the release for it to be jailbroken.

    Um .... they come "jailbroken".
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    Originally Posted by rhowarth View Post

    This looks like it could be a VERY interesting consumer device.

    Sure, tablets in one form or another have been around for ages, but they were the kind of thing spotty faced geeks might play with for a bit and soon get bored with because they couldn't do anything useful with them, not the sort of thing your wife or g/f or kids or mom will be lusting after and putting top of their Christmas lists for the next few years, and trust me, they WILL lust after the iPad. Big time. Minimalist styling and a silky smooth design that fits smoothly in the hand is EXACTLY what they want. Better start saving now...

    "Only a big iPod Touch"... right. So what from a marketing perspective is wrong with that? Any idea exactly how many iPods are out there, and how many millions and millions of people are already familiar with the interface? Not to mention 100,000 apps available for it from day one.

    No camera and video iChat? This is the 1st gen device, they're here for the long haul. And that's before you factor in things like eBooks and micropayments for magazine subscriptions.

    I too was a bit underwhelmed when I first saw the specs, but the more I think about it the more convinced I am this will be HUGE and that in 3 or 4 years the iPad will be as ubiquitous as iPods are today.

    Totally agree with ya. All the tech-geeks here were just wanting something for themselves, which when pooling their wildest wet dreams, couldn't come up with a feature set that would please them all.

    I'll be buying both my parents and my in-laws one... absolutely perfect for them.

    As for me... maybe... but I'm a tech geek with a MBP and a MacPro monster. IF I have to do more presentations, or showing of concepts, that I decide not to print out before hand, this would do the trick nicely... and actually better than lugging the MBP (17").
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    Originally Posted by BenRoethig View Post

    Jobs said it was the most important thing he had done.

    As a non-brain dead CEO of a major company introducing a major new product, that is exactly what you'd expect him to say. If you're taken in by that sort of thing, I feel badly for you - you must get disappointed a lot in life.
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    Originally Posted by rollerborges View Post

    Um .... they come "jailbroken".

    No, they come unlocked - jailbroken refers to breaking the Apple App store monopoly - which is still firmly in place.
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    Originally Posted by BenRoethig View Post

    Jobs said it was the most important thing he had done.

    It might still be. It might redefine the way people interact with their electronics in the home. As it is now, so many people have desktop computers capable of doing so much more than what they actually use it for & whenever they do, the form factor automatically puts them into an "office/work" mode - sitting at a desk/table staring at an immobile screen. And try curling up on the couch with a laptop - not comfy or intimate at all.

    As I was saying to someone earlier - the revolution here is not in what this thing does, but how it does it. The iPhone was ground-breaking for the same reason: people love their iPhones because of the way in which they interact with them and what that means to their end-user experience. This is something that the Apple folks have always grasped much better than anyone else.

    Oh yeah - the Jobs quote was second/third hand at best, so take that for what it's worth.
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    Originally Posted by rollerborges View Post

    Um .... they come "jailbroken".

    Ummm...NO they don't. Steve said they were unlocked. Unlocking is not jailbreaking. You must jailbreak to unlock, but you don't have to unlock if you jailbreak.

    Unlocking is removing the requirement to use the device on a specific carrier.

    Jailbreaking is removing the artificial lockdown of features and ability to use non-Apple approved AppStore applications on your device.

    Two different beasts altogether.

    It appears this device, with its requirement to sync with iTunes, and the fact that it uses iTunes AppStore apps, is clearly NOT jailbroken out of the box.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    As a non-brain dead CEO of a major company introducing a major new product, that is exactly what you'd expect him to say. If you're taken in by that sort of thing, I feel badly for you - you must get disappointed a lot in life.

    Ben said that in reply to the statement that Apple created none of the hype so your comment is not on point there (and way too pissy.)

    He may have reasonably said it (I think he might be right) but even so, he did not say it publicly, others quoted him and then published so Ben is not right either...
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    Originally Posted by iGenius View Post

    Just take the SIM from your iPhone and plug it into the 'Pad. No? Not compatible? Thanks Steve!

    Then you'd have no phone. Smart move iGenius.
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    Originally Posted by pixelcruncher View Post

    Capitalize on what? There's no market for professional level image editing, vector based illustration, or page layout on the i-devices. I've never understood why people think that people who use design software want to use it on a tiny screen by poking at it with our fingers. Keyboard shortcuts (or functions mapped to Wacom buttons), dozens of palettes and layers, and image sizes and rendering that make a 8-core Mac Pro churn aren't very practical on an i-device.

    Good one. Did ya catch the "pro designer" that posted, and wanted a "a device with 2000+ levels of pressure sensitivity so he could draw, design and do photo-retouching on the tablet". He's very disappointed and will not buy this piece of crap they call the iPad.

    It's a connected entertainment and consumption device, just as I said it would be. The iWork apps are a definite bonus... but most people won't need/buy them... maybe Keynote.
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    Didn't Sculley have the same sentiments about the Newton?
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    Originally Posted by zindako View Post

    The numbers will work themselves out, all the other products on the market, your Archos, Joojoo's, we'll see which product takes off and moves the market, will it be the iPad? only time will tell. If there is any multimedia device I purchase, it will be the iPad. Nothing else compares.

    The iPad is definitely comparable with Archos 9
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    Crap or not, there are a zillion sites using the plugin, and it's the best option available for 2d based webgames or interactive presentations. The only reason uncle Steve doesn't want Flash, is that he knows that a lot of videos and games will be available, bypassing his AppStore.

    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    I watch a video in Flash and it uses 80% cpu and same video in Quicktime uses 30%. If you support Flash, you associate yourself with crap.

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    Originally Posted by Scaramanga89 View Post

    I spend quite a while typing while I surf, for example, what are you doing now?

    I don't consider frequent participation in forums to be "surfing". I guess it is, technically, but I think of "surfing" as more of reading-ony of sites. I'm sure those who have better things to do with their time than we geeks who populate these forums will think that the iPad surfs just fine.

    Originally Posted by BenRoethig View Post

    Jobs said it was the most important thing he had done.

    Did Jobs actually say that? You heard him say that? Or was it just one of the rumors floating around the last week or two? I honestly don't know, do you?
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    iPad? Who were the geniuses that came up with that name? Did they not know that millions of women refer to their tampons as pads? Does the iPad have wings? Can you swim in it? WTF!?
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    Haven't used an Apple product since Apple ][e. I don't like proprietary and Apple has a hard time letting you use anything without their name on it, so I never bought any.

    I was hoping this would be an overgrown iPod Touch and NOT a shrunk notebook. It is!!!

    An open ebook format? very unApple, I like it. Unlocked 3G? very unApple, awesome.

    This finally gives me the form factor I need for crusing the house reading email and trolling forums without all the other crap. If I want to do computer stuff I'll use my computer. This is not intended to be a sole computing device, it's a niche device.

    Apple is getting my money again for the first time since 1983. :-)
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    Originally Posted by perrin21 View Post

    Have your say and share your thoughts. Would you buy and Ipad. Let us know here

    Nice try junior... go get your cookies and milk.
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    Originally Posted by Katonah View Post

    Elegance is unimportant

    Quality is irrelevant

    Design is meaningless

    Value is only definable in dollars

    Simplicity equals mediocrity.

    Yes, THANK GOD for the geniuses that have been so kind to inform me today of how stupid and wasteful this and all Apple products are!!!

    I agree, excellent post.

    My first reaction was 'ZOMG look at the bezel'... but only took 1 second to realize the importance of it.

    Won't buy rev 1. Never buy rev 1 anything is my motto.

    Missing a few things - most important being a usb port. I'd like to be able to connect my digital camera to it.

    Was also hoping for iChat features.

    By the time Rev 2 comes out... I'm sure there will be a growing ecosystem around it with apps and 3rd party items (oh someone please design a hand strap so you don't have to hold it).
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    Originally Posted by DaHarder View Post

    [CENTER]Like I said, I'll be buying one ASAP, but...

    I really do wish that the iPad at least had:

    1. a modern display aspect ratio (16x9 or16x10)

    2. at least a front facing camera for video conferencing.

    3. a media card reader of some sort

    It's not like even the lowliest of (US 250.00) netbooks is lacking these modern computing device essentials.

    Oh Well... That's Apple For Ya'


    Please stop that idiotic posting with center-aligned text.
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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post


    And so the tablet revolution begins . . .


    i was busy all day

    and just peeked in here


    another grand slam by apple

    the desk top line dies and the ipad takes over

    ipad ?? weird name ??? i wonder what we will really call it ??


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