Piper: Apple has 'little room for surprise' at WWDC 2010



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    tubbyteetubbytee Posts: 68member
    If a new ATV is introduced. It will be running on iPhone OS 4.

    Originally Posted by bigmc6000 View Post

    I'm going to throw out random claims of impending awesomeness. The new AppleTV comes with an iPod touch like remote that allows you to play all your stuff from the App Store including everything for the iPad (why hello ABC, nice to meet you). Standard HD capacity to go to 250GB and 320GB and, umm, I'll refrain from saying it'll have a coax input because I'm not *THAT* crazy

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    charlitunacharlituna Posts: 7,215member
    Originally Posted by gigi View Post

    YESSSS it's own search engine, I think this is the thing Apple have no choice to go in.

    Apple totally has the choice to not. Just like they didn't create their own ISP for MobileMe etc, they didn't create their own cellphone company for the iphone.

    Truth is, Apple would be better off not getting into the search engine business. It would be following not leading and it could put them into more DoJ danger because it would only make sense to make it the default on Safari etc and that could be seen, particularly with the phone os, as anti trust

    There are many things Apple can do at WWDC that aren't big brand new things but improving on what they have been doing.

    some features of MobileMe going free while others stay paid, or even the price just coming down.

    updates to ilife/iwork

    updates to the pro App suites

    updates to the Mac Pro

    updates to the Apple TV

    an update to itunes to use the tech gained by buying lala.com

    new free apps for the iphone os done indie style like ibooks so you can use or not as you like (and they can improve without needing a total OS update)

    and so on.

    all of these are useful, come be pretty darn amazing etc even though they are just 'taking a breath' moments. but what is the harm in that. They have released some killer stuff with the ipad and this new phone does appear to be rather amazing. So now would be the perfect time to circle the wagons and clean up some stuff. Improve what is already on the table rather than clutter it up with more new stuff.

    And who doesn't like to see their existing stuff get better. Don't we often see gripes about Apple launching and forgetting stuff. Like the Mac Pro, like the Apple TV.

    Originally Posted by DJinTX View Post

    I get the feeling that we won't hear a peep from Apple about the ATV at WWDC. At this point, Apple either has to kill off the ATV, or go for complete reconstructive surgery. I think they will opt to make it really great to compete with the GoogleTV, but something liek this surely will get it's own press event, say in September/October?

    I tend to suspect that they have already been doing this reconstructive surgery but no one was paying attention cause it's just Job's "hobby" and not something "important" like a laptop or the iphone.

    I also suspect that Mr Eric knew that something was up for this summer before he left and announced his TV when he did in an attempt to beat Apple to the punch. Trouble is that like the ipad v courier et al, Apple will announce with release (perhaps even immediate) while the GoogleTV gave us a demo of something for 'later'

    Originally Posted by DJinTX View Post

    So, with that said, I don't think they will ever dive into delivering a DVR. I think they will focus on streaming.

    Agree. Sort of. I don't know that it would be streaming or timed downloads. But I do think they will do something. However I disagree that it will be via Hulu etc. Going that route is as big a bag of hurt as Blu-ray. You are dependent on someone else's contracts for content and the terms. If they change something, you lose.

    I think that Apple will continue to focus on itunes and having their own contracts for content. Get more shows up, old and new, get more movies. More stuff in HD, even work on a 1080p file that isn't outlandishly huge. More rental options, lower prices, hopefully convince the studios/networks to allow a subscription service even if just the SD files for now. Something that is one fee for the whole buffet. One version that was going around was a 24 hour timed download (a kin to the rentals) but you could have as many as you want and repeat as often as you want. From the whole library. Say $30 a month.

    Originally Posted by AsianBob View Post

    Only problem I see with this line of thought is that Hulu doesn't post the episodes right away.

    No one does. Google won't likely either.

    The issue is the studios and networks. See their income is 100% tied to the very outdated Nielsen system. That means on the air broadcasts. So they will not allow anything that could possibly cut into that. they have not yet embraced the idea or found a system to incorporate things like itunes and amazon into the show funding equations. So they stick with the old. And will probably until someone takes a stand and sues them over it. Something crazy like declaring the whole system censorship. The lawsuit would likely fail but the blogs etc would be on fire over the issue. So it might still shake things up
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    awmawmawmawm Posts: 67member
    Originally Posted by DJinTX View Post

    While MobileMe isn't a high priority for me (I don't wan to pay to use it), I certainly would welcome with open arms free mobile me. I don't see it happening, but it would be great. I think at the very least all iPhone users should get this for free, if only for the free "find my phone feature".

    Seriously, how does the purchase price of an iPhone not get you either free or greatly reduced rate for Mobile Me?

    We all want free lunches, don't we?
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    swingeswinge Posts: 108member
    If someone found a bricked version of the 3GS, they would have missed all the new OS features of the phone:
    1. Video

    2. Speech recognition

    3. Compass

    I'm sure there will still be suprises.
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    bushman4bushman4 Posts: 803member
    Steve Jobs is one of the GREATEST marketers of our time as well as being among the ranks of brilliancy. To even think that he would not take advantage of an opportunity like this is ridiculous. Being that everyone is thinking that the cats out of the bag and the element of surprise has vanished is all the more reason to expect a surprise.
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    djintxdjintx Posts: 454member
    Originally Posted by awmawm View Post

    We all want free lunches, don't we?

    Yes we do, thanks for asking. Although I don't see this as a free lunch, after buying an iPhone, and signing a 2 year contract. If they cannot give it away for free to those users, at least discount it heavily. It should be factored into the service. Again, at least give everyone the find my phone feature. It is a security measure that we all need. It's not like I am asking for free music downloads.
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    djintxdjintx Posts: 454member
    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    Agree. Sort of. I don't know that it would be streaming or timed downloads. But I do think they will do something. However I disagree that it will be via Hulu etc. Going that route is as big a bag of hurt as Blu-ray. You are dependent on someone else's contracts for content and the terms. If they change something, you lose.

    This is a very good point. Apple certainly will not be at another company's mercy.
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Move along, move along.

    Gene Munster and Piper Jaffray are not the droids you are looking for....
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    shobizshobiz Posts: 207member
    Originally Posted by hattig View Post

    well, there's new features in iphone os 4 that haven't been talked about yet.

    There's new developer features in the next xcode, hey, it is wwdc after all.

    there are things besides iphones in apple's product line-up.

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    carmissimocarmissimo Posts: 837member
    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    The Touch is close to optimal in size, in fact a slightly smaller version might be even better. You see it fills the niche of a Touch OS device that is pocketable and NOT a cell phone. There are a wide range of customers that can't have or don't want the extra features in an iPhone.

    On the other hand I do believe Apple needs a device in the 5-7" range. This however would be a new device and not a Touch replacement.

    Nope it is ideal for a device that you want to put in your pocket. That is the niche Touch tries to fill, that is a pocketable IPhone OS device that is cell phone free.

    It isn't that I'm disagreeing with the idea that a larger device is needed just that that needs to be an additional device. Besides Touch still sells well and with a few mods will continue to do so.

    A big fail on your part if you think these devices have enough memory be that RAM of secondary storage.

    Touch is fine right where it is at. Apple does need to round out the iPhone OS devices line up but that doesn't mean deleteing the position the current Touch holds.


    The simple solution, and one similar to an approach that Apple has employed numerous times, is to offer a 16GB version of the current Touch for the price of the current 8GB version. Then use the Touch name for a range of products sporting a larger screen with capacities of 16GB and 32GB for the price of the current 16GB and 32GB versions.

    I find that even the 8GB on my current Touch gets the job done. We're not talking a laptop that holds all of one's digital data, or a device loaded down with numerous apps taking up huge amounts of memory. 32GB is inadequate for a laptop but for a unit like this one that works in tandem with a proper laptop or desktop, that's a lot of capacity. If you're finding it's not enough that probably means you're being very sloppy in the way you're using it. I certainly think that if the capacity of these devices was so horribly inadequate, they wouldn't be nearly as popular as they have been.

    Really the problem with the current Touch, as handy a device as it is, is that while being able to slip it into your pocket is handy, the compromises that causes are crippling for the uses this device is designed for, including e-reading, surfing, watching video, playing games, etc. Every one of those activities would be enhanced by going up to a screen in the 5-inch to 7-inch range. And the hit to portability would not be all that great. You'd still be able to slip such a device into purse, etc. which you can't really do with an iPad.

    By keeping a Touch using the current form factor but reducing it down to a single model, Apple would have more bases covered by adding the larger Touch models to compliment the iPad. Also, Apple could also increase a little the size of the Nano which would also help fill the void left by not offering a full range of Touch models based on the current size.
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    Originally Posted by Jetz View Post

    Apple announces that it's making MobileMe free and launching its own internet search engine.

    Originally Posted by gigi View Post

    YESSSS it's own search engine, I think this is the thing Apple have no choice to go in. Google choose to attack Apple, so Apple will attack Google in it's core business, I'm sure Steve Jobs dream to have that for Apple

    I would love that..

    I would like to see Apple attacks Google's core business..

    I would prefer to use whatever Apple's than other's..

    I would like to hear Steve Jobs ditches Google, and vice versa..

    I would love to see this Apple vs. Google thing steps-up to a greater level..

    Bottom line is, competition is good for us..
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    dr millmossdr millmoss Posts: 5,403member
    All the hopes/wishes/dreams that proceed these events should tell us that Munster is certainly right about one thing: Apple has an awful lot on their plate now. Used to be, events like WWDC could cover most of whatever product Apple was moving forward in any given year. Not anymore.
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    nceencee Posts: 836member
    Ok, so Steve set out to come up with surprises.

    - Will announce the phone will come in several colors (and black and white are available today)

    - Will announce a price drop

    - Will have a surprise - hell he might as well be the one to start the rumor mills flying

    - Will announce some interesting information on the iPad i.e., sales, where it heading, who's using it, blah, blah, blah

    SURPRISE everyone, talk about

    - New desktop units!

    - New monitors!

    - New Touch Screen iMac

    I think he'll do something, because he doesn't appear to like being up-staged!

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    freddychfreddych Posts: 266member
    Surprise!!! Flash for iPhone!
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    brainlessbrainless Posts: 272member
    Originally Posted by columbus View Post

    ...we've yet to see how the OS and apps will look on that high dpi (possibly IPS) screen....

    To paraphrase the popular motto of someone here on the board : "and the great iPhone OS fragmentation continues"

    Originally Posted by columbus View Post

    There are always surprises.

    Yeah, that's right.

    Flash ?

    Other distribution channels except of AppStore, including those that don't censor the content ?
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,525member
    The most important prerequisite for being surprised is not expecting to be surprised.
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,788member
    Originally Posted by maccherry View Post

    Is it me or does everyone else know that these analysis are trying to effect the stock of these companies with their lip service?

    The new iphone will blow the socks off the competition.

    Analysts all try to spin the news to manipulate stock value in their favor. For WWDC (and also formerly for Macworld), analysts who hold long positions on AAPL, and thus want the stock to keep going up, will downplay the rumors and make it sound like nothing will happen. So when Steve does announce something that will add to Apple's long-term profitability, the stock jumps a little on the surprise good news.

    Analysts who are shorting AAPL, and thus hoping the stock will drop below a certain value before a certain time (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_(finance) ), all try to do two things, it seems. First, they'll spread false rumors like "Steve is dead" to trigger panic selling just before their due date. Second, they'll make wild claims that Apple could never fulfill, hoping that the stock will drop after Steve fails to announce miracles.

    Steve must hate stock analysts. They weasel their way into corporate secrets, then leak rumors to their benefit. It's like "insider trading," which is illegal for a company's employees, except that they're outside the company. They have access to information about product roadmaps that average investors don't have, and they use it to their advantage.
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,788member
    Originally Posted by quinney View Post

    The most important prerequisite for being surprised is not expecting to be surprised.

    I would be expect to be surprised if Steve didn't have more to say than just "Look! Here's the new iPhone. Thanks and have a great conference."

    He could have plenty to talk about: iAds demo, iPhone OS 4.0 on iPad plus iPhone, iTunes Live (if the rumors are true), the $1 billion data center in North Carolina, free iTunes in the "cloud", iPhone OS 4.0 with App Store for Apple TV, lower pricing for iPhone, Sprint and/or Verizon CDMA iPhone, NFC iPhone-based eWallet technology (for retail purchases, airplane ticketing / boarding, and concert ticketing / admission), and who knows what else.
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    boogabooga Posts: 1,077member
    I know this may come as a huge surprise, but there are actually a lot of people out there who don't read AppleInsider every day, and may find the WWDC announcements pretty darn cool.
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,788member
    Originally Posted by DJinTX View Post

    This is a very good point. Apple certainly will not be at another company's mercy.

    Good excuse for Apple to buy a major movie studio, no?
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