Growing attention on iPhone 4 signal issues presents risk for Apple



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    Originally Posted by Sacto Joe View Post

    I doubt it. First, the "fix" hasn't been released yet. Second, a truly objective test of the pro's and con's of the antenna has yet to be done. CR's test didn't say word one about the improved reception when the phone is held properly. And the bit where they make fun of Apple with the duct-tape fix? Real professional, that.

    It doesn't matter. The fact is that the media have run with this story, it's the sort of thing they love, and Apple hasn't done anything to take control of it. In fact, what they have done so far has just fueled the story. Apple really needs to realize that a bunker mentality is not going to work in this instance.
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    Oh stop it already. Is it really that difficult for people to not cover the 1 mm band on the lower left? Really?!? If you don't do that, it has the best reception of ANY phone. Even if you do, it won't drop or slow your reception unless you're in a low reception area to begin with.

    So once again, what exactly is the problem? Are you so damn anal that you can see the forest for the trees?
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    Originally Posted by Sacto Joe View Post

    And do what? Completely redesign the phone so the antenna is inside? Look, the antenna has BENEFITS as designed. That little factoid was never mentioned by Consumer Reports. It apparantly also has DRAWBACKS. That means some people will like it just like it is and other people won't. The solution: don't buy it if you don't like it, or take it back for a full refund if you bought it and found out you don't like it.

    Otherwise STFU!

    I agree with you. But don't you think Apple should have been more proactive in addressing the "problem"? I'll bet Apple is kicking themselves for not offering free bumpers right after the complaints started. Now they are perceived as ignoring there is a reception issue. Whatever Apple does now won't be enough. Their silence is viewed at worst as an admission of wrongdoing or at best indifference to customer satisfaction.

    It's both disappointing and frustrating that such a minor design flaw has caused such mass hysteria when the solution is so simple....either use a bumper or move your finger a mm or two.
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    Originally Posted by Plagen View Post

    Mass hysteria over a non-issue.

    It is now an issue that Apple must address.

    As a publicly traded corporation, Apple's number one responsibility is to increase shareholder value. Apple's senior management team must find a way to make that happen.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    A continued focus on antenna issues associated with the iPhone 4, following this week's update from Consumer Reports, could create a risk for Apple, one prominent Wall Street analyst believes. ...

    Wow. These analysts just don't get paid enough. Brilliant analysis!

    If the problems with the antenna persist, this could be perceived as a ... problem, which will make people think that Apple has ... problems. Hmmm....

    Thanks Mr. Analyst! It might have taken me weeks to realise that without you.
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    ... and in associated news: Deliberately Deceiving Your Customers Is Bad For Business
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    Originally Posted by macdanboy View Post

    I don't know of anyone who so far has been complaining about loss of signal because they don't clutch the phone with their entire hand. However, you have to wonder why Apple would create the "BUMPER" for the phone. As far as I can remember this is the first time they have created a case or semi-case for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It sorta looks like they thought it could be an issue and this was the quick fix.

    At home where I normally have 2-3 bar signal my iPhone 4 drops calls 100% of the time when I hold it in what I consider to be a normal fashion in my left hand with the left lower corner pressed against my palm and my thumb on the volume buttons.

    How do you hold it so that you can adjust the volume and type on the keypad without touching the left corner?

    Prior to getting the iPhone 4 I had a 3G for a year followed by a 3GS for another year. So I have two years experience using iPhones at home. The 3G and 3GS never dropped a call at home.

    On a different topic, my wife has so many problems with dropped calls because of the face touching problem that she is coping by using the phone in speaker (conference) mode. She had iPhones for two years before the iPhone 4 and didn't have this problem.

    Apple's handling of this issue makes BP look like a responsible citizen. This is not a "non-issue", and it is ridiculous to tell cell phone customers that they can't hold the phone in their left hands or that they have to use speaker/conference mode to avoid touching their face. If any other cell phone that this problem the company would be forced to have a recall.

    If Steve Jobs were running BP he would issue a press statement saying "The spill is a non-issue. All activity in the Gulf causes some shore disturbance. You just need to learn how to walk on the beach to avoid the oil. We have determined that less than 1% of the world's shorelines are affected by the spill, if you don't like the Gulf then vacation elsewhere."
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    devindevin Posts: 8member
    MEGA FAIL on Apple's part, but really.. it's not that big of a deal...
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    Originally Posted by Wonder View Post

    So why don't you all just return the phones and shut up moaning?

    Problem solved!

    Ummm...because I'm a fan of Apple products, having owned a 3G, 3GS and now an Iphone4, I don't want to return it. But on the other hand, I've dropped more calls with my I4 in the last three weeks than I did with my 3GS in the last year. Again, this is my situation, not yours and as can be seen, everyone's experience will be different. Yes, I can simply return it which is about my only option I guess...Having used the I4 now for three weeks, going back to my 3GS will be a let down but at least I can count on it to make calls. I'll line up again for I4 v2 and even the I5 when it ships...Why? Like I said, I'm a fan of Apple products and's just this time around, for me, the I4 isn't working out so well...
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    Originally Posted by EWTHeckman View Post

    iPhone, iPad, iPhone, iOS, iPhone…

    That's about all I've been seeing for the past several months.

    Isn't an update to the Mac Pro due soon?

    Who Knows...
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Then buy. Otherwise shut up. (Feel free to vent in the many threads below that amply address the iPhone, not Apple's stock price).

    So true. The bottom line is the investors ,you (I assume) and me, are not happy with the way this issue is going stock wise or for the image towards Apple. Granted it's a good time to buy but don't like taking a hit on my future. Not all eggs in this basket, but still eggs and they're fragile. Make like a Champ Apple and get this under control.
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    Originally Posted by devin View Post

    MEGA FAIL on Apple's part, but really.. it's not that big of a deal...


    Groan. Someone self-promoting his blog in the middle of a serious discussion to drive up his hits......

    Hey, devin, if you have something to contribute to AI's boards, please make the effort to provide a cogent summary here.
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    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    On a short-term (or even medium-term) basis, I agree. I pay very little attention to stock movements on a daily, weekly or even monthly term. On a longer-term basis, I think Apple's fumbling of this issue, if only as a matter of public relations, could hurt their reputation with consumers. Confidence, once lost, is very difficult to get back.

    Exactly!. Drop in the bucket. Look at Apple stock fluctuations over the last 3 month. Today's glitch doesn't even show up
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    Originally Posted by Sacto Joe View Post

    First of all, we don't know what CR tested because they published squat in the way of test results.

    Second of all, ANY cell phone will drop a call if it's in a weak signal area. Period. Does this phone drop more calls? There's absolutely no proof of that. Does it hold a call better if you hold it a certain way? There's no proof of that either.

    So what are the facts? Can't SOMEONE do a decent, objective job of testing and tell us what the facts are? Because CR sure as hell didn't!

    My god.

    1) CR did publish their data on their web site for subscribers, as they do with all their reports. Subscibe or buy the mag when it comes out, better still, visit the library.

    2) Multiple parties (including CR, duh) have tested the iPhone 4 against other phones and experienced dropped calls where under the same conditions other phones did not. Not just signal bar drop, dropped calls. And standing in the same spot other phones did not.

    3) Did you even look at how CR tested? No, right? You admitted that earlier when claiming the didn't publish the reults. Why are these results bogus (aside from the fact that don't like them becasue your devoted to Apple?) What should have been differently in a lab? I'm betting you loved CR and their earlier recommendation to buy. Unfortunate for you, huh, that CR decided to to more extensive tests when the reports of reception problems continued. Of course it wasn't objective testing, BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE RESULTS.
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    Originally Posted by desarc View Post

    funny how the 40 or so people i know ALL have reception issues. We can ALL replicate the death grip - i can do it standing four feet in front of my microcell and drop to no signal in about two minutes.

    Then sir, you have a problem completely different from the antenna issue been talked about. From all the testing conducted, touching the antenna causes between 25-20dbm of signal loss, hardly enough to drop the signal from full strength (-51dbm) to no signal (somewhere around -110).

    There's only three explaination to your statement:

    1. your microcell is not providing you with full strength signal at 4 feet distance

    2. your phone has another issue that's causing it to lose another 50 or so db of signal

    3. you aren't telling the whole truth.
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    Originally Posted by Plagen View Post

    What's there to prove besides that my phone works everywhere I take it with me and makes calls from places that my 3Gs would start to stutter? People who complain are either dorks trapped in their parents basements or don't have an iphone at all.

    It's amazing to me how you're insulting people who are claiming to have problems with the phone. I find it a little immature myself... Like something a "dork in their parent's basement" would do.

    As far as the signal issue, I can occasionally recreate the problem, but it hasn't been a real issue though.
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    Today's share price drop is a sad commentary on the strength of Apple. The media can so easily start a panic in share selling even though the bottom line of Apple hasn't changed one bit. The iPhone is still in tremendous demand, as is the iPad. There are a lot of factions out there trying to bring down Apple. Apparently, they don't even have to try that hard to send the company reeling. I'm expecting analysts to start downgrading Apple, any day now.
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    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post

    It doesn't matter. The fact is that the media have run with this story, it's the sort of thing they love, and Apple hasn't done anything to take control of it. In fact, what they have done so far has just fueled the story. Apple really needs to realize that a bunker mentality is not going to work in this instance.

    WHAT 'bunker mentality"? They've acknowledged a problem, and they've said that a fix is on the way.

    The "bunker mentality" is hype being created by those trying to build a mountain out of a mole-hill.

    And in the long run, when Apple comes out with a fix, they'll have a TON of free publicity. They'll be back-ordered from now to Xmas!
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    winstwinst Posts: 26member
    I still think there is a chance for a software fix: For example, if the software can detect a signal drop due to the "death grip", then disable the WiFi antenna and re-process the 3G signal.
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