Samsung design chief talks plastic and software, says future is in devices with 'souls'



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    stelligent wrote: »
    There is such a possibility of not visiting a site you don't like, rather than demanding a change.

    Or not reading, much less commenting, on an article that starts off with Samsung in the title.
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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post

    Wow. Sony phone taking a picture of a Microsoft product, displayed on a Samsung screen. Quality post ¡


    Taken with an iPhone 5 and edited slightly (rotated and cropped) on a MacBook.

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    Can someone explain to me how an inanimate object can have a soul?

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    It's hard to design devices with souls when no one at Samsung has one. Maybe they can find a way to copy souls as well.
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    Devices with a soul... that talk to you... and understand you... they get better than you... and they conquer the woooooorld!

    I'm sorry, Dave. I cannot let you do that, Dave.
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    When I read stuff like, "We decided to focus on X more then Y (physical design)", I think, "So you prompted a world-class designer to do less than his/her greatest work, hired an 'ok' designer, or frustrated the crap out of someone that was trying to give you some soul/class by not listening."

    Let's see how Sir Ives responds.
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    Originally Posted by hfts View Post

    No that question can only be asked to Apple. The trolls infesting this site constantly tout this as an inherent flaw with Apple, and something done on purpose, without understanding shit about technology.

    Sometime I think these trolls are people like hair dressers, accountants and hole diggers, minimal at best knowledge of technology, engineering, design and programming and UI design to name just some.

    I mean no disrespect to them but they are simply overreaching and most times just spew what the idiotic pun dents spew out each and every day. The next person that has no background in the disciplines required to make such a device like an iPad and says its a toy will be kicked out of my house.

    Same question: "Why can't the iPhone 4 get Siri"? Or that nifty panorama feature?

    Apple's no better than Samsung when it comes to artificially restricting hardware from running software features, because it would reduce their sales. You can't blame Apple, or Samsung. They're companies, not non-profits.

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    Originally Posted by NotScott View Post

    Let's see how Sir Ives responds.


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    Maybe they need to google "soul" and see if that's consistent with their corporate strategy.
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    Samsung talking about soul - er next there be changing there name from samsung to iclone.

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    Samsung is nothing more than a thieving, Flawgic, Dilger "Flexible Adaptive Logic" inspired joke. They were exposed for their lack of any real insight with the unveiling of the S4. The S4 is an Ugly, software gimmicky piece of crap. No price reveal, no battery life reveal and no processor reveal. Samsung proved with the S4 reveal that without Apple to copy they have nothing inspiring. The IPhone 5 is the most Beautifully Designed device ever made. Apple's IOS software and eco-system is years ahead of the competition. The S4 will be thrown in the trash after 3 months when Apple comes out with the latest greatest and Samsung falls all over themselves to copy it introducing the Galaxy S5.
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    "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer". Thus, AppleInsider needs to cover Samsung. I'm sure Apple is.

    The converse is Apple's problem. With failure in many ways to keep Apple's designs and other features hidden, Apple is unable to keep their enemies at a distance, allowing them time to counter Apple offensives.

    Thus, for Apple, a solid and reliable Samsung Insider would be valuable.
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    When you're weak at design, downplay the importance of design.
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    Originally Posted by philgar View Post

    Am i the first one to state the obvious: who cares what the device is made of!!! The vast majority of samsung and iphone users have cases on there phones, and done rally notice the material its made of. Were talking about de oces that cost over half a grand without rebates (well over that in the case of the iphone 5). Youd be stupid not to put a case on it. It doesnt matter how resilient the device is, they break. I was horrified to watch my new iphone 4 fall from my gym locker just weeks after it was released (thankfully apple replaced the screen for $100). After that ill never keep a phone without a case. In general i never see people with bare iphone of s3s. So why does anyo e really care what there phone is made of. Unless you really want to admit your phone isnt about functionality, but i jst a status symbol.


    I don't use a case for my iPhone 5.  There are several reasons.  iPhone 5 is light, elegant with the metal back. And I save money without the cases.

    For some people like you that can not fully take care of the phone, a case then is necessary.  But I see many people using Galaxy S3 with cases.  It looks really bulky.  

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    You know Samsung just doesn't get it, they just don't get it. One of these days they will wake up and understand that design plays a key role in the overall function of a phone. I can understand the reasoning behind using cheap plastic such as being able to swap batteries and add a micro sd card but Samsung has no soul and they clearly don't get it which is really sad if you think about it.
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    In other words the design chief has no real reason for the decision to make all of their phones out of cheap fischer price plastic. Don't give me this "durable" nonsense. Look at any drop test, Samsung phones are not nearly as durable as they claim. That plastic breaks much too easily.
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    Originally Posted by DaHarder View Post

    Function should always dictate form ...


    Only the first five words, of your first post in a long time and you are wrong.  image


    Function and form go together, one does not "dictate" the other.  

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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post


    You think it's bad here and you want a new MacRumors type site? Have you been to MacRumors lately? 


    I believe that's why he said a NEW site. Not just that he was going to jump ship to macrumors.



    as for what the 'management' will do. How about nothing, as long as they get page hits to earn them ad money do you really think they care. Nope. Not really. 

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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post


    Only the first five words, of your first post in a long time and you are wrong.  image


    Function and form go together, one does not "dictate" the other.  


    In an ideal world yes the two should be considered together but this is not an ideal world and one side always seem to hold more weight than the other and I agree with DaHarder that that side should be function, not form. 

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    Originally Posted by NotScott View Post

    Talk about a bullshit response. "It is known that design will improve over time."


    Just ugh. With a side order of ugh.


    I agree, but it has to be said that this is the general asian view of design.  It wasn't an evasion, just a different point of view.  


    They don't see it as "individuals designing things" or "individuals or teams coming up with ideas" as the westerners do, but as "design" itself improving steadily over time through the work of millions of anonymous people working together (basically copying from what they see and know).  It's more of different point of view on the same phenomena than a lie or a misrepresentation.  

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