The WSJ calling the iPhone XR a failure that 'can't sell' is ludicrously mistaken



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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    sacto joe said:

    Actually, although the writer clearly doesn't understand her subject matter, I'm glad to see these stories:
    They help take Apple down off its pedestal so that they get back to focusing on creating great products that make people's lives better -- instead of always striving for a mark to be always growing, always climbing and always better than any competitor -- regardless of who the competitor is or what they do.

    That's a mountain built on pride that is a lot easier to climb than to stand on top of.
    Now they can get back to just making great products and services.
    Oh, please, George. Apple has ALWAYS focused "on creating great products that make people's lives better". If you don't know that, you don't know Apple.
    You need to reread my post.   What I said -- and what you said I said are quite different.

    The truth is:  they got trapped trying to meet expectations.  I neither said nor implied that they didn't make great products.   Just that the expectations created a distraction -- everything they did had to be bigger and better or it was a failure.   The expectations that were placed on them left them with no middle ground to work from.  Now that we know they're human, they can get back to the basics that they do so well.

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    dayedaye Posts: 18member
    plantdude said:
    Why would anyone pay $749 or more for a phone? That is a ridiculous amount of money.
    Someone in Seattle asked this same question 12 years ago when iPhone just came out.

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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,351member
    jdgaz said:
    Just wish there were an XR mini. Size of XS or smaller.
    I doubt you're alone in that wish. Guy at Apple store did admit he did a lot of people look closely at the Xr then pull out there old iPhone and compare the size then walk away.
    I mean the colours are so well done and compared to the Xs if they could get the size smaller than the Xs they would have a winner.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    sacto joe said:
    The bottom line here is that analysts have to blame the restatement of earnings on something, so the false meme is that it's the lack of demand for the XR.
    Yeh, that's pretty common...
    Any time a stock or an index drops, the analysts look around to find something that happened right around the same and blame it on that.

    The medical profession has (one) wise saying:   "Correlation is not proof of causation".  But, that never stopped market analysts...
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    DAalseth said:
    You sure could tell when Rupert Murdoch bought the Journal. It has gone downhill ever since.
    At least they got rid of Mossburg...

    But actually, Murdoch promised the ____ (I forget their names) when he bought it to stay away from content.  And, he has, I believe, kept his word on that.   "The Journal" is known as a conservative rag -- but that remains mostly just its opinion sections.  Their news always has always been impartial and, I believe, remains so.

    (But that doesn't mean that they're always right either!)
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    jdgaz said:
    Just wish there were an XR mini. Size of XS or smaller.
    Yeh, that was one of two things that stopped me from getting one for my grandson this past fall.   The Xr is bigger than his pockets.
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    I’m not sure who’s more defensive about Apple these days: Tim Cook or DED.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    I'm so happy that I woke up to how garbage western media is. For me, it was joining Twitter and seeing that all these writers, producers, editors, etc. all lived in a bubble: they talk to themselves and openly reveal their bias on their Twitter accounts. Now, I always rely on digging into a story if I'm interested. I don't trust ANY media org right or left wing. I slowly build trust in writers who are experts in a particular field. DED is one of the best and I've relied on him for a decade to provide clarity with Apple. THANK YOU!
    That's kind of a false equivalency -- and not terribly relevant because analysts have always been in a world of their own.   The time to worry is when they all come up with the same story.

    Part of the trouble is that cable news has merged news, opinion and analysis where you cant tell them apart sometimes -- so people get confused when they think the opinion they're hearing is actually the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth -- and then they find out that it wasn't.
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    TomETomE Posts: 172member
    The Xr is the best selling iPhone.  It outsells the others.
    I suspect the Xr outsells all other smartphones.  Where is the failure ?
    I would like an iPhone XR Mini as mentioned above, but perhaps one day . . . just not today.  Or an Apple Communications device that will easily fit my hand and pocket.  They will get there on all our wishes, but not over night.  It is impossible / not practical to ship everything at once.  

    CES will be interesting - NonApple companies will be taking their best shot.

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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 2,259member
    Although a bit large and bulky with the case I got, the XR is the best iPhone I've had to date! I never thought moving away from the Home button would bring such joy. The gestures feel so so so natural, I find it awkward using my old SE with the Home button.

    I hope Apple has the wisdom to release a new SE using the XR screen design.
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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 2,259member

    plantdude said:
    Why would anyone pay $749 or more for a phone? That is a ridiculous amount of money.
    I got my XR for $0 down. So your argument is weak.
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    Apple apologetic at highest level.

    I remember when you wrote a very long article about all the analyst is dead wrong about some early report that indicate slow iPhone sales this year. It proves to be the truth already now. The stock market is just one indicators.

    And now you deminise the slow iPhone XR sales. I wondered what you get by defending Apple so much. 
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,118member
    mike54 said:
    I would of got on board with the XR if it was smaller than the XS. ie a flagship smaller phone.
    (Note the XS is larger than the 6S, 7,8's)
    I think this must be in the works. So many people have talking about this. I think there’s a very good chance that they will release a smaller phone with a full-face screen around March of this year, although I have no hard evidence to support this. If they make a version with top-tier cameras, I think it would fill a big hole in their product line and be a huge hit. I had been holding out for a smaller phone, but my old phone died before it happened so I got a XS. It’s very nice of course, but I still get a pang of envy when a friend pulls out an SE. I’m hoping to adjust to it, but for now the XS feels a little too big and way too heavy—about a third heavier than my iPhone 6, which I really notice. 
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    DED is on a rampage! Someone attacks apple, and here he comes with his venomous anger to defend apple
    And rightfully so.  The inept media coverage, so well documented bu DED yesterday, needs a counterattack to make sure we are reading responsible journalism.  I will say the same thing i say every time:  if you think the iPhone is too expensive and not innovative, do NOT buy it, and stop whining.  Its a free economy in most countries (sort of).  People should stop complaining and either put up or shut up.  Even most of the
    ’intelligent” naysayers still rave about the innovative qualiity of Apple products, and readily admit to all the ‘knockoffs” out there. 

    Why buy a BMW or Mercedses ot high end Tesla when you can get someting cheper?  Because people always want to get the best they can afford, and they want soething that will last a long time.  Nw if you follow Apple close enough, which Apple Insider does, you eaily find many ways to get quality Apple prducts at reasoble prices.  And Apple is making it easier and easier to do so as well. All i know is what i experience:   i have owned both the  iPhone X and now the iPhone XS Max. I love them, they are wonderful to use and for those who think technology is going to stand still, wake   up: FacdID is here to stay and it is wonderful; the ecosystem integrates well and now Apple is appropriaetky peeling back the wall and making its services much more widely avaialble. Now, i will repeat what i have been saying fir years: Apple needs to do a better job creating a media subscription service: music, TV, Movies, books Apps, etc, all for a monthly subscription fee. With  somewhere between 800,000 to one billion users, its a complete home run. Come on Apple, just do it.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,423member
    plantdude said:
    Why would anyone pay $749 or more for a phone? That is a ridiculous amount of money.
    Do the math.

    How many hours per day/month/year do you consume the services provided by your smartphone? This includes telephony, video calling, email, still photography, video photography, personal photo library, secure payment services, music playback, video playback, cloud storage, voice memos, calendar services, automated reminders and alarms, weather tracking, turn by turn driving assistance, remote access to desktop computers, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, personal finance, ebook reader, news reader, personal health tracking, travel planning and itinerary management, web browsing, basic/scientific/business calculators, password vault, location tracking of friends/family members, local and world clocks, access to social media, remote access and management of home security systems, entertainment (movies, games, podcasts, TED talks, etc.), ... and millions of specialty apps, many of which are free. 

    Now look at the service life of the product. How long does an iPhone last as a serviceable and enjoyable product fully supported by its creator?

    When you look at everything a smartphone does and calculate the actual consumption costs over the service life of the product these devices as a whole are ridiculously cheap. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any machine devised by man that has ever delivered as much functionality and consumable value for its price and over its lifetime as does the smartphone. The consumption cost is tiny. Do the same calculation for your automobile that sits in the garage for 23 hours a day doing absolutely nothing. Cars do not present a pretty picture - some may say a ridiculous one.

    You can argue that any old el cheapo smartphone can deliver much of the same consumable value as the iPhone. At a base level of functionality you would not be wrong. However, the iPhone is all about delivering incrementally better consumable value at higher levels of quality, consistency, privacy, and dependability across the board and over a longer service life. The incrementally better quality, better value, and longer service life of the iPhone versus the el cheapo devices more than offsets its tiny additional consumption cost. When you amortize the real lifetime consumption cost of many products you'll often realize that paying for quality is often the most cost effective approach in the long run. 
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    tbornottbornot Posts: 116member
    This probably should have been marked as an editorial.
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,857moderator
    Two one-post trolls only minutes apart? Is that a record?
    Note to those new posters who block a moderator:  you will be instantly banned, as I have done to one of the two new posters.  The other poster got his comment deleted as it added zero value.  Just another day at AI.
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,857moderator
    dkhaley said:
    What makes your journalistic credentials better than Ms. Kubota's? You also criticize Joanna Stern, who is a seasoned reporter. I would caution anyone against blindly dismissing their reporting.
    This was not mentioned anywhere other than by DED here on AI.  This is analysis, as is the rest of this piece:

    Apple's September quarter posted revenues of $62.9 billion, up 19.6 percent YoY. If you combine this with Apple's revised guidance for the December quarter, Apple's second half of calendar year 2018 will have generated a total of $146.9 billion, compared to $140.9 billion last year, an overall increase of 4.25 percent. ”

    And if you read the article you’ll see why this is significant.  Why is it that this straight-forward analysis was not presented by anyone else?  It cuts right to the heart of the matter and is not mere opinion.  It’s simple math that provides true insight.  
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,857moderator
    DED is on a rampage! Someone attacks apple, and here he comes with his venomous anger to defend apple
    Haha!  And they deserve every bit of vitriol he directs their way.  
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,857moderator
    woolie said:
    Everyone who disagrees with the apple fanatics are always called trolls...   I currently own 10 apple products & it is no surprise that apple is in deep trouble since their focus under Cook is profits & providing tv shows, cars which clearly demonstrates they have taken their off their core customers & products...  The XR & Mac Air are the latest examples of mediocrity...  I was looking forward to buying the updated Mac Air...   I took my 2015 MacBook to the apple store to compare it...  It turned out to be a total joke...  They picked the cheapest, most unpowered processor on the market, the display is flat awful & dull & apple had the audacity to raise the price $300...   They say it's display is 300 nits, but fail to tell you the computer doesn't actually display all 300 nit, but rather something far less...   It is great for email & surfing the web...     My iMac performance has been brought to its knees by the last few operating system updates...  Even after increasing my ram 60%, Excel software & other similar software struggles mightily to work...  I have 2 ipads & again after a few software updates apple killed my oldest one & it barely works, it is now been regulated to be a book reader only...  My suggestion for any one buying any apple product is for them to review the internal specs on to see if the update is spending thousands of dollars for a tiny incremental update...  Buyer beware!!!   What you will see is that year after year apple actual hardware updates, though highly hyped are actually very minimal as a rule...  Do I trust apple, not anymore, they overhype & overprice...  Due to all my sluggish software performance (apple calendar gives me the spinning ball several times a week, iPhoto crashes several times an hour) I have decided to give apple one more try...  I purchased a 2018 MacBook Pro 13", 16gig, i5, 500, 4 core, 500 nits screen, laptop last week & it arrived today...  This is my 4th apple laptop, if its performance fails, I am getting off apple train...  OK apple fanboys, call me a troll, all others, apple buyers beware, do your research to find the rare apple gems...

    Ellipses are cool.  

    By the way, leading by referring to people as fanatics is probably not the way to win friends or influence opinion.  You could have just made your points without that intro.
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