Apple updates AirPods Max to firmware 3E756

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Apple has released a firmware update for the AirPods Max, with it being the second firmware release for the personal audio accessories since its launch.

The update brings the firmware for the headphones to version 3E756, replacing the previous firmware, 3C39. The first firmware, which was available at launch, was version 3C16.

Apple hasn't released notes or information about what the firmware update does to the AirPods Max. The release could potentially be enabling features in software, improving the performance, or correcting any issues with the device, such as the last firmware's fix for a battery drain issue.

There is no official way to make the AirPods Max update, as it typically happens automatically. It is possible to try and force the update by connecting the headphones to an iPhone over Bluetooth and then connecting the iPhone to a power source.

Users can check the firmware version installed on the AirPods Max by checking the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app.

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    dcgoodcgoo Posts: 247member
    I had my AirPods Max connected to my iPad Pro, not connected to shore power, and it just updated itself during a pause. I just happened to notice the AirPods Max disconnected and reconnected. So it appears to just happen automagically. But I cannot tell any difference, except the version number updated.
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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,045member
    My AirPods Max had the battery drain issue, with the battery almost fully discharged if unused for a day.
    The firmware released to fix that issue did wonders. The headphones stayed unused for almost a month outside of their case, but they still retained a charge of over 75%.

    I wonder what this update is for.
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    And still no firmware for the Powerbeats wireless pro…..still on the original firmware.
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 8,717member
    Not a fan of forced updates without release notes.
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    JB2JB2 Posts: 1member
    I’ve noticed improved noise cancelation, specifically when walking along a busy street
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    davendaven Posts: 626member
    And still no firmware for the Powerbeats wireless pro…..still on the original firmware.
    You can look at that as a good thing. No updates without new features could mean there are no bugs in the current version needing fixing.
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