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  • Apple begins selling 18W USB-C power adapter separately for iPhones & iPads

    Came for the whining. Not disappointed.
  • Microsoft surpasses Apple, retakes crown of world's most valuable company

    Microsoft is Office. 

    If office tanks, all of Microsoft goes with it. Windows as well.

    And really, all there is to Office is Excel. Nothing about anything else in that suite is worth anything to anyone. Word. SUCKS. PowerPoint. SUCKS. The only reason they get used is because they’re already on the computers they use for Excel. 

    If Apple made Numbers on par with Excel and perhaps (less importantly) improved pages a little, they would absolutely CRUSH office. And Windows. And MSFT. It’s gotta happen at some point right?

  • Use your new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with these updated apps

    The new iPad Pro looks impressive. I have been very happy with my original iPad Pro. Whilst I have issues with the keyboard and pencil the large screen continues to impress, My initial thoughts were to upgrade to the new model for the enhanced screen resolution and performance. I had a look at the new MB Air and was equally impressed with the new model. I did some pricing comparisons and concluded it would be cheaper to buy the MB Air than an iPad Pro with keyboard, cover and pencil. Whilst the i5 Intel chip is relative old , the latest incarnation has excellent power consumption from a battery life perspective. 

    The Apple announcement highlighted the power of the iPad Pro showing games and Adobe Photoshop running. So what is the better option? The MB Air is a real laptop whereas the iPad Pro is a laptop replacement. Perhaps the answer lies in the Operating System? Thoughts and comments appreciated.
    Personally I have no need for a laptop. I have an ‘09 Mac Pro at home that I need to do the brain swap on, and at work I’m on a 2015(?) 5k iMac. As much photoshop and sketching as I do I basically can’t live without the iPad Pro + Pencil. Well I did but the iPad 4 and intuos stylus was... well it got me by.

    I have to have a desktop for 3D modeling apps & rendering, but if I didn’t have to have a desktop for those things I’m pretty sure choosing the iPad Pro over a laptop would be pretty easy. I guess if you’re doing a lot of writing, or spreadsheets, or presentations a laptop would be better since doing those things are kinda optimized for that style UI, but I rarely do that stuff, so. iPad is a no-brainer for me.
  • What it was like to give up my Apple Watch after three years of constant use

    stanhope said:
    Dragging the phone around is indeed a drag.  I have had an apple watch since the first version and I am delighted with how the device has come along.  The apple watch 3 has relegated my $17,000 Cartier Panther and several other expensive watches to the jewelry box.  I will be right there when preorders start for the AW4.  The nice side benefit is that when you go to sell one, the price holds up nicely.
     I was at the Apple Store two days ago and max they would pay $200 for my 42mm LTE Nike Series three that cost just shy of $500.  

    You'll likely get more selling to a private party. Apple’s going to resell it... like trading a car in; you’re always going to get a worse deal.

    chasm said:
    Like some of the other commenters, I am still using my Series 0. I never upgraded because ... this one still works fine. Only just now, 3.5 years later, am I realising that I must now charge it every night -- rather than every other night when I first got it.  

    FWIW I turned off raise to wake. Cuts battery usage almost in half for me.

  • Apple to remove developer data from bug reports later this year

    I’m guessing Apple knows something we do not. I’d look for a medium scale hack to be reported in the coming months involving developer data via bug reports. Seems like every time they do something like this something like that ends up happening. At least I have a fuzzy recollection of something similar occurring in the past 18mo. Maybe I’m just overly cynical.