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  • Ex-Workflow employee publishes library of 150 Siri Shortcuts

    I might look at these to get a better understanding of how Shortcuts work/s, but I think I will have the same frustrations as I do currently which are.

    • Location based shortcuts: Why should I have to invoke Siri when I arrive somewhere? Location is already on, I should be able to set a shortcut that launches as soon as I arrive at my destination without having to do anything further.
    • Settings: I looked at the Shortcuts update and it looks a little easier to understand and maybe a few more settings are available to access (or maybe just less hidden), but still very limited as to what you can do and when you can do it from what I can tell.
    Maybe I'm a dummy, but while better, Shortcuts doesn't seem like it's "there yet".
  • Samsung trying to fight iMessage chat elitists with response graphic gallery

    mjtomlin said:
    That's great marketing... Bring attention to your main competitor with obvious envy.


    entropys said:

    • I was not aware there was such a thing as people actually getting consciously* excluded cause they have a green bubble. What sort of a tool would you be to do that to someone?

    Yep. It’s a thing. I have group of 9 very close friends (including myself). We all have iPhones. Except one. The other guy that had a blackberry finally caved to Blue Bubble pressure. It’s just better. It’s faster, more secure, you can name your chats (we have several “clubs” like “music club” and “old car club”) add to & leave chats as others have mentioned and all the other good stuff. We have a main chat with everyone in it including android guy but it’s reserved only for official group memos about group meetups, birthday wishes and the like. If he’d just give in to good sense and switch to iPhone he’d instantly be added to a number of the “clubs”. Simple as that.

    Edit: forgot to mention texting with androids always seems to screw up group threads splintering them into a half a dozen different chats which is of course, infuriating.

  • Smart speaker market growing steadily but dominated by sub-$50 models

    gatorguy said:
    There's no evidence that Apple ever intended to compete in this market so I find these articles ridiculous.
    So you think this is one of those one-off "fun" projects that was never intended on its own to be a competitive success? Serious question. You wouldn't be the first person to hold that opinion, tho Apple did go to a lot of effort in initially promoting it. 

    Just guessing, but I think he might have meant Apple never intended to compete in the $50 end of the connected speaker market. I would agree. Just like Apple never intended to compete in the low-end computer, phone, tablet, ("smart") watch markets. While iPods did get fairly affordable over time, they were still more expensive than most competitors that arrived. As we all know, Apple mostly doesn't give a rip about market share but revenue per unit. Can they sell enough to recoup the cost of investment (including man hours) and then enough to invest in the next gen/variants? Then great. If not, it'll get axed.

    I have a feeling HP will slowly to catch on. I know I'm chomping at the bit for a couple, but financially, I'm a couple years out. And that's fine with me, I'd rather pay a fair price for something high-quality than fifty bucks for a piece of junk. But that's just me.

    PS I can totally see Apple going the iPhone route and continue selling the previous model when the new gen comes out. Boom there's your lower cost option.
  • Where the 2013 Mac Pro went right -- and wrong

     but this time it pulled the 2013 Mac Pro months ahead of time.

    Anyway, I will say, the nMP had one of the best promo videos of all time.
  • Questionable report claims iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s won't support iOS 13

    Damn! I just upgraded wife & I to SE thinking it'd keep us current for a couple years. Hope this intel's incorrect!

    Rayer said:
    lkrupp said:
    Well, then I’m glad we upgraded our iPhone 6’s to iPhone 8’s last year.
    That right there (bold text) is enough evidence Apple's naming convention is stupid. Because the "small capital S" is just a lowercase "S" in appearance, you can't use proper grammar when referring to multiple iPhone 6 models without saying/writing like I just did because there is no way to know if I am referring to a single iPhone 6S (the correct way to spell it) or multiple iPhone 6s.

    This was figured out years ago. AFAIK it's "Two iPhones 6S".