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  • Apple Music lures in Grammy watchers with extended trial for using Shazam

    I bought the lifetime iap years ago.
  • iPhone replacement cycles slowing down to four years, pose threat to services, analyst say...

    YP101 said:
    And most of people will buy newer iPhone this year if iOS 13 drop support their 6S, 7. 

    Why would iOS 13 drop support for iPhone 6s & 7? iOS 12 still runs fine on 5s. 13 might drop support for 5s & 6, but I’d be somewhat shocked if they dropped 6s’ & 7’s.

    Isn't it good for the environment to keep an iPhone as long as possible?  Apple should be tooting that horn.  Or, not when it deals with their huge profit margins?

    … ya didn’t watch the keynote, did ya? 

  • iPhone replacement cycles slowing down to four years, pose threat to services, analyst say...

    Without more units there may be a cap on how far subscribers will expand, and second-hand buyers are believed to be less likely to spring for extra services.

    Im not sure if this line is part of the “analyst”’s speculation or the editorial, or both, but it’s so shortsighted. 

    If someone (like me) buys a secondhand device it generally means a few things: 1- they’re cost conscious, sure. 2- there’s a lot of choice out there nowadays. If someone is buying secondhand Apple kit they’re doing so because THEY WANT AN APPLE PRODUCT. Not just because they’re getting the cheapest thing they can find (which there’s no shortage of on droid side). If cost was only concern, why get Apple? 3- If someone is buying used Apple devices it probably means that they’re buying used not necessarily because they WANT to, but because they are being financially (and environmentally as Lisa Jackson pointed out a few months ago) responsible. In the future, when they start making more money (as apple buyers tend to do) they will likely buy another (used or new/er) Apple product, because that’s what they want. Shocker I know. And the services will be right there to suck them in just like the App Store before them and the iTunes before them. 

    I’m one of those people. Still using a 5s. Bought it used, still loving it. Still dreaming of the day I can get a new iPhone and Mac Pro without thinking twice about it. Not sure I’ll ever be there, but my ceo just called me in his office today to talk about a promotion. Maybe when Apple makes that sweet,sweet 5s bodied edge-to-edge iPhone I’ll be able to afford it. But probably not, will probably have to buy a used 8. But eventually I see myself being able to afford a new iPhone, Apple Music, a few home pods, maybe some HomeKit enabled smart home products.. oh yeah, and the new new Mac Pro. Well I can dream can’t I?

    Anyway, I think all this analyst fretting is a bunch of hand-wringing over silver lining. A bunch of short-sighted nit-wits that will never grasp what makes Apple great. And I hope Apple doesn’t forget. 
  • iPhone SE returns to Apple's clearance store for third time in January

    Just fwd’ this to a friend of mine. He bought instantly. Was on a 7. I would get too if my 5s wasn’t just fine (and I could justify cost). I think Apple could sell a few boat loads of 5/5s/SE bodys with 8 internals & edge-to-edge screen.
  • Apple spent $60 billion with 9,000 American manufacturers in 2018 alone

    carnegie said:
    I am sorry, but I am not seeing the "$60 billion" number quoted anywhere in the text of the article? Who said it, where, when? Cite?

    Also, while I am not belittling the massive addition of jobs in the US, it is important to note that most of Apple's job creation here is in retail, which are low-skill, low-paying jobs.
    It's from Apple's press release issued today.

    I'd also note that, even with many of its 132,000 employees (as of the end of its FY2018) being retail employees, Apple's median employee total compensation was over $55,000 in FY2018. That's median, not mean, so the number isn't inflated by very-highly compensated employees at the top.
    Thanks for the cite.

    The $55K number is less impressive than it sounds. The median pay at Facebook is $240K; Google $197K; Netflix $183K. In fact, Apple's median pay is similar to that of GM's.

    Fwiw, I’d love to make 55k yr, & I’m a 2-college-degreed, skilled employee with a decade of experience. Would be well over 10K what I’m making now.