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    Hi Arkorott,

    I’m writing this privately as I don’t think it has a place on the forums: Dbigkahuna has surfaced on numerous forums where he has become a cancer to the forum. As a professional Psychiatrist, I can’t technically diagnose someone without seeing them and interviewing them in person, but his vast, vaaaaast post history gives plenty of markers; I’d bet the farm that we’re dealing with someone who sits somewhere on the Austism spectrum (Aspergers Syndrome most likely) who exhibits traits of narcissistic personality disorder.

    unfortunately, Internet forums become a haven for the worst of these tendencies as there is no way to receive social/empathy from an audience whilst participating in discussion (the asperger’s part) and the lack of empathy from the narcissism has the person not caring that they’re annoying people - it’s nigh on impossible to manage - top that off with dbk’s individual resilience and you’ve got someone who not only can not read situation, but will not bend under virtually any circumstance.

    Established protocols are that the narcissist cannot be allowed to have their sense of superiority stand unchallenged [quickly] or else they read their own statements as established fact, and in cases like these, the only established way of dealing with such a combination is to unbalance the situation. Most adults [when discussing an idea with grandiosity], when confronted with the idea they’re being viewed as a child, tend to stumble in their puffery. That’s why I change the tone to one of schoolyard childishness and whilst it doesn’t make the person go away, it stops them travelling down the path they’d begun on (they inevitably pivot to another and it’s a very, very long and difficult process - in a case of someone of his age; I seriously doubt meaningful therapy would even make a dent - all you can do is coral and contain...)

    I hope that helps you appreciate some of the subtext going on. Dbk has become an untenable menace on numerous forums and has been banned from several for his domineering behaviours - this is unfortunately not my first rodeo with him. Rolanbek has also a great deal of experience of him and if you follow the multiple forums we’ve had experience with dbk, you might notice a pattern where one or other of us will take some time away because he’s simply infuriating to deal with (I’m a professional, I know what’s happening psychologically [often before it’s written] and I still get infuriated; if I didn’t, I’d not be human...!)

    June 2019
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