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  • Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 - Real World Comparison after 1 month

    Shane0527 said:
    FaceID is awful! I have to type in my passcode the majority of the time to access my phone. Need directions while you’re driving? Better pull over because you have to fully interact with the phone to unlock it to get directions. This is the iPhone I strongly dislike!
    What are you doing accessing your phone while you’re driving? That’s illegal in most states so quit complaining. 
  • ARM deal nears closure with Nvidia mulling $40B purchase from SoftBank

    tmay said:
    cloudguy said:
    tmay said:
    I don't imagine that Apple has concerns one way or the other. Apple is likely at a point where they have in house capability and have licensed necessary IP to create their own proprietary ISA, while also large enough to create the design and validation tools needed to fab at TMSC, or whomever.

    I would prefer that ARM reside in Japan or the UK, and not Taiwan, simply for National Security reasons.
    You can't create any ARM designs without licensing from ARM Holdings. Even if it were possible somehow, Apple's existing line of processors - A, T, S, U, W, H - are all based on designs that they currently licensed from ARM. Creating 6 new lines of processors in a way that doesn't infringe on the MANY RISC-based CPU patents - and there are tons as RISC has been around since the early 1980s - would take years, and one would have no idea about such real world issues as performance, heat and scalability. Speaking of real world issues, Apple would be responsible for things like creating a new instruction set, architecture, microcode etc. as well as publishing all that stuff and securing patents for it. They also would need to build an entire application stack on top of the new architecture AND migrate their existing applications for their hardware to it, while still supporting the 2 billion iOS devices on the previous architecture for the 5-6 years that all those devices last. 

    Another thing: basic R&D like this isn't Apple's deal. It is amazing that so many people are convinced that it is. In fact, Apple doesn't do originality. Instead they take existing technology - stuff that has been around for awhile and has been proven - and incorporate them into their existing design language. At most, one could say that they excel at taking parts innovated or improved by others and using them to make new great products. But the truth is that nothing in Apple's present existence or their previous history indicates that they are capable of coming up with a "new" CPU design, or even a major advance on an existing design. Even their own CPUs, in addition to being based on the existing ARM design, were the result of acqui-hiring PA Semiconductor. Even something MUCH SIMPLER such as a fingerprint scanner, they had to buy a company that already had the tech, where Qualcomm and Samsung created their own using their own R&D departments (which is why they were able to make under-the-screen fingerprint scanners so quickly). 
    You do realize that Apple created the first 64 bit ARM implementation before ARM actually provided its own ARM 64 bit implementation.

    Apple has never been challenged in SOC's since.

    "Apple doesn't do originality" is a bullshit meme.
    I would add Apple's Arm6 as well:

    "In the late 1980s, Apple Computer and VLSI Technology started working with Acorn on newer versions of the Arm core. In 1990, Acorn spun off the design team into a new company named Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.,[30][31][32] which became Arm Ltd when its parent company, Arm Holdings plc, floated on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ in 1998.[33] The new Apple-Arm work would eventually evolve into the Arm6, first released in early 1992. Apple used the Arm6-based Arm610 as the basis for their Apple Newton PDA." [ref: ] wikipedia

    @cloudguy Apple has been involved with Arm for over 30 years so they do have experience and probably have been adding their own technology back into ARM licenses. Never sell their technical abilities short. Apple released revolutionary products well ahead of their time even though some of them, like the Newton, took awhile before technology and consumers were ready for them.
  • Leaked M1 Ultra Mac Studio benchmarks prove it outclasses top Mac Pro

    viclauyyc said:
    sflocal said:
    viclauyyc said:
    Well, it looks good on number in the presentation. But let’s not forget the Ultra is comparing with a 2 year old Xeon. 2 years is a lot in computer technology. Not to mention, arguably AMD’s Epyc is the fastest CPU in the PC world. 

    Let’s hope the future Mac Pro will be even faster with 4/8 sets of CPU. But it might cost $8000 on the entry model.
    Intel's offerings until just recently have remained stagnant on the Xeon side.  It's only right to compare it with Apple's current Mac Pro offerings, even though it's 2 years old.  It's still incredible how Apple has pushed the performance envelope in those two years where Intel was nowhere to be seen.

    While AMD's offerings is also impressive, when compared in terms of performance-per-watt, ASi outperforms them both.
    Honestly, I don’t understand why Apple is so emphasis on performance/watt. Sure save energy is good and less noise from fan. But no one really care if their $100000 sports car use much less gas than the next car. People care about how fast it can go and how it handle the corner, not gas/miles.
    Many reasons to be energy efficient. Apple is pushing and being pushed to be environmentally friendly. More efficient computers is less power, fan usage, and cooling needed. One computer isn’t significant, millions of computers are. More efficient computers allow longer run time on UPSs during a power outage. Solar is still expensive, so. Using less power, means less solar is needed. Think about racks of these computers. I’m warmed up behind a half rack of servers in a cold room. Power efficiency is a huge deal when dealing with a rack or more of computers. 
    Most people complain about fan noise along with everything in the room heating up. The new Intel CPUs and most GPUs already need dedicated 15-20A outlets because of the high power requirements. This usually requires a good electrician or a dedicated room with multiple dedicated outlets to power everything. The new Mac Studio has a max power of 370W, basically 3A. This means you can share a 15-20A outlet among five Macs, something every residential house comes standard with. 

    If you want to rack mount these, they won't fit in the current 19" rack assemblies but I'm sure these will be available very soon. Turning them on their side lets you put five in a 3 or 4U rack. That's 15A/120V per shelf. A rack of these could use a much lower kVA UPS than the old Intel Mac minis. I wish I was still working, I would have ordered several right away. 
  • First M1 battery tests lasted so long, Apple thought indicator was buggy

    The only time my M1 MBA's battery ran out quicker than two days was when I was doing testing and watching multiple movies. Even then it still had 50%. I could include an iStat battery display but recently I've been testing external storage through an OWC dock and it constantly charges my MBA so it wouldn't mean anything. I've gone over a week with the MBA turned on with minimal usage and it's at >50%. Even when I forgot I left it on and didn't use it for two weeks it still had >30% battery. Never had this happen on old MacBooks.
  • Privacy not absolute: US among consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors

    These governments can have access to my secure data as soon as I get access to theirs. Total transparency on their part. Of course that will never happen.
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  • Epic Games expert says iOS could be like macOS without security drawbacks

    Idiot doesn’t know the differences. iOS always uses admin account while macOS has multiple user accounts with different privileges. 
  • Arm's new chip architecture will power future devices, possibly including Apple's

    cloudguy said:
    rob53 said:
    Is Apple required to push their Apple developed ARM designs back to the main ARM design architecture? It appears v9 will include many of the ideas Apple has developed. 

    As for Nvidia buying Arm Ltd there better be a whole lot more investigation into how Nvidia will be allowed to control the architecture and its users before they’re allowed to buy them. 
    You are wrong on both counts.

    How am I wrong? I asked a question then made a statement. Others have answered my question correctly, saying No. 
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  • Zuckerberg: Apple's ad-tracking block will impair COVID-19 economic recovery

    The only economic recovery it will damage is Facebook's, and it's about time. The whole model of Facebook is wrong. It was supposed to be a social network not a way to grab advertising dollars along with personal information. If he was actually honest, he'd take a pay cut, give more to the advertisers and reduce or totlly stop the collection of personal information. Facebook as a platform can be rebuilt without all the advertising.
  • Apple Studio Display review: How badly do you want an all-Apple experience?

    Hopefully you don't delete my comment because it references a non-AI website but I'm trying to demonstrate that LG doesn't have a 27" 5K monitor anymore:

    Commercial products ;
    LG Ultrawide,

    Consumer products Out of Stock, $1300

    It's very difficult to search for a 5K monitor on LG's website because it lists a lot of 4K displays.

    So my question is, and @flydog answered it, why do commentators keep saying the LG is better (because it's cheaper) when LG isn't selling them. I have seen a few available on Amazon but who know for how long. Right now, anyone who wants a 5K monitor with Thunderbolt connection (necessary for 5K) at a reasonable price has one choice and it's Apple's Studio Display. You want the lower resolution 4K, fine, but I don't.

  • Smart TV adoption outpacing streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku

    Every “smart” TV is android based so no thanks. My Sony has android built in and it’s a pain. Give me a monitor and let me decide what to connect to it.