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  • Goldman Sachs credit card practices under investigation by US watchdog

    I almost always pay off my Apple Card monthly but I don't believe we're charged interest as long as we pay something. I could be wrong but I thought this is the way it's done. I know I'm not paying interested when buying Apple products on a 1 or 2 year purchase agreement. 
  • Latest VMWare Fusion tech preview brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs

    jayweiss said:
    Parallels already supports Windows 11 (Arm) and runs macOS VMs (Arm) with no issues. VMWare Fusion has always been second fiddle to Parallels on Macs. 
    Not sure about “second fiddle”…. VMWare has always been for pro users and Parallels has been for consumers. VMWare just took their time to work out the licensing. 
    The only reason VMWare is "king" is because it's meant for servers, primarily cloud servers. It's like running Microsoft client services. Neither of these are really for consumers. I've run Fusion for a couple decades but changed to Parallels once Apple Silicon came out and I retired. I didn't have to worry about installing Windows on Macs just so we didn't have to also have a PC to run stupid business department server applications (because Microsoft refused to create decent client apps for the Mac--this was the case 10-20 years ago). As for using that term "pro" it simply means client/server type applications, not user apps. I use Windows 11 ARM on Parallels on my M1 MBA simply to try out marine software that is still Windows-only along with supporting a family member who has issues with their PC. Parallels/Fusion biggest feature (although I don't use it) is the ability to seamlessly open Windows-only apps without having to have a Windows window open, it simply opens the app. 
  • Big tech antitrust bill in danger, Chuck Schumer says

    Good, I really think there are more important things for Congress to do like reducing the military budget and passing Medicare For All so we can try and have a healthy country. 
  • Apple had a M1 Mac Pro, but decided to wait for M2 Extreme

    It really doesn't make sense for Apple to release a M1-based product, other than for the iPad (again), when the M2 has been released. That said, Apple really needs to make sure the M2 design really works withe least amount of heat so the normal fans and heatsinks will work. Once the M2 was released, nobody in their right might would have purchased an M1 Mac Pro or updated M1 Mac mini, they'd just wait a year to get the upgraded versions. 
  • Apple's chips targeted in a new patent infringement suit

    Can someone explain how a patent suit even begins? I’m assuming apple has some patent for their chip, and the opposing company also has their own which conflicts. 

    Is there a problem in how our system is issuing patents? Are they not validated ahead of time to avoid infringement? 
    The USPTO is a joke. That's the main reason. Patents are being granted on very general ideas. A patent holder can make all kinds of statements saying their patent is similar to another patent and juries filled with non technical people make the judgment. It's a total joke. As for the other company in this lawsuit, they do not make any products, I doubt they ever have. The current incarnation of this company simply buys patents and uses them against companies who actually build things. This is just one of the problems with the USPTO. It was created to help inventors protect their investment in unique products. This has been abused for decades.

    Here's what the first patent says:
    A multiprocessing system comprising: multiple processors mounted on a single die; and multiple operating systems residing in a memory connected to said multiple processors, wherein each of said multiple processors executes an operating system of said multiple operating systems, and two or more of said multiple processors are capable of simultaneously executing two or more operating systems of said multiple operating systems. 

    Every single computer does this and has done this practically since computers were developed. This patent was developed in the Silicon Valley of CA. HP was and is a computer company but I have to wonder why they sold this particular patent when it could be a part of every other patent HP ever created. Patents almost always refer to other patents so I have to wonder if HP felt this patent was out of date and no longer viable in any product, being superseded by other patents. 

    edit: One more thing. Apple has been making computerized devices since the 1980s and if HP had thought Apple was infringing on this patent HP would have sued Apple. If they did, Apple would have changed how they designed computers to not infringe this patent and Sonrai would have no reason to sue Apple. 

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