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  • Apple counters Australian banks' call for iPhone NFC access, cites handset security

    After perusing the statements from both sides and much reflective, deliberate, and thoughtful consideration I have come to the following conclusion:

    F*ck the f*cking banks.
  • DOJ confirms successful iPhone data extraction, withdraws encryption case against Apple [u]

    Not good enough.

    The American government, via James Comey, just had a crack at the American people's right not to be spied upon by their own government. They will put their tail between their legs, slink off, and try again at a more opportune time in the future.

    Teach the American government a lesson. Demand the resignation of the Director of the FBI. Teach them that whoever tries this sh*t again in the future will be jeopardising, at the very least, their career.

    He deserves to go based on the FBI's technical incompetence anyway.

  • Leaked documents show breadth of iPhone data accessible by Cellebrite forensic tool

    This is bullsh*t.

    I'm switching to Android.
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  • First look: Hands-on with Apple's iPhone X


  • Apple's top management largely white and male, but overall workforce trending toward diversity

  • Tim Cook says Apple followed Chinese law in removing VPN apps from App Store

    Where are your politics and strong views now, Tim?
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  • Immersion files lawsuit, ITC complaint against Apple's haptic technology

    Apple is running out of ideas. Their originality is shrinking along with their market value. Copying everyone left and right. Embarrassing for the "richest company on the planet". 

    Your 'God' has had to rearrange itself recently in order to hide how much money it's losing because it's not been able to come up with a decent idea since improving search in 1998.

    How's that for running out of ideas?

    (And did you just mention the words 'embarrassing' and 'richest company on the planet' in the same sentence?)
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  • Tim Cook included in early list of potential VP candidates for Clinton campaign

    Clinton and Cook?

    They'd be like orange juice and toothpaste together.

    For those who like to hear both sides of a story, go to on a regular basis to find out why.
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  • Galaxy Note 7 fiasco leaves Samsung mobile profits a smoldering ash pile

    It couldn't have happened to a nicer company...
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook urges employees to 'move forward together' in memo on 2016 presidential election

    spice-boy said:
    jimzip said:
    tallest skil said:
    Yikes. Ok, look I really didn't want to upset anyone this much, I'm sorry for getting you so worked up. Personally I like to think that working together will improve things. But of course I do understand that people have different viewpoints, so I'm glad you're happy with yours. You really don't have to call me a "disingenuous coward" as you don't know who I am.

    I read history books as a hobby, and all I see is humanity treating each other terribly time and time over, I'm also friends with a wonderful diplomat working for the UN, and some of the stories he tells are really hopeful, and some plain chilling (he often works in the Congo and it's a nightmare there). I'm an optimist and prefer to play things the hopeful way, which explains my position. It just really freaks me out when I see things starting to go south like has happened in history so many times. If all we do with our infinitesimal time on this planet is find reasons for drama and mistreating each other, well, that's pretty lame & a waste of human potential. And of course I don't want to fight in a war - it's not about being a coward, it's that I'd be killed in the first minute and that's boring - I just want to live my own life with cool people and be safe and happy, and I feel confident saying you do too. We'll just go about it in different ways.

    Bottom line, this fighting (especially online!) isn't worth it, so again, apologies. I'm sure you're actually a great person and I don't care who won your election as long as people don't get hurt afterwards, but this whole campaign seems to have brought out the extremist in everyone & it's really scary. If I don't weigh in with my opinion & stand up for what I believe that'd be cowardly, right? ;)

    Jimzip :D
    tallest... is absolutely by a mile the most radical commenter on this site. He goes for the throat each time, and has not limits on how fowl his insults are, it is as if he thinks nobody is reading this. I have given up on trying to use history as a way to show what paths we repeat as humans because conspiracy foil hat wearers will deny everything written in a book, and brush off any living person's actual witness or experience of events. There are many uncivil people here who can only shout insults at others, it is exhausting and I will stop leaving comments and I suggest the rest of us just let them have this sandbox to poop in. 
    Actually, I found him to be an astounding intelligent individual who generally is exceedingly perceptive and educated in the topics that he posts about. I appreciate many of the points that he makes, even the ones that I disagree with, and he frequently educates me.

    I'm well aware of the fact that he rubs some people the wrong way but have absolutely no problem with his method or delivery because I focus on his points. I wish there were more like him.

    Tallest, don't ever change. And don't ever stop posting.
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