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  • First look: Hands-on with Apple's iPhone X


  • Tim Cook says Apple followed Chinese law in removing VPN apps from App Store

    Where are your politics and strong views now, Tim?
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  • Michelle Obama talks entrepreneurship, social issues, more at WWDC

    kevin kee said:
    I try to avoid this kind of discussion, least of all it turns to be out of control argument and admin have to close the thread due to political sensitivity.
    "Political sensitivity" has little to do with it.

    Some forum-goers behavior has everything to do with why we close them. I've discussed this at length already, regarding front page Google indexing versus Forums versus Political Outsider.

    That said, it's time for everybody to read the commenting guidelines, as we've cleaned up some comments over the line of our commenting guidelines. As a reminder, you're all being watched. The ability to comment on political-related posts has only been reinstated because I petitioned for you lot to have it. It can be easily shut down again, as can the entire forums -- as they drive only a small proportion of traffic and take a lot of labor.
    jSnively said:
    Michelle Obama was invited by Apple (or perhaps by one person at Apple) to speak at WWDC on issues like entrepreneurship? Why? She's not an entrepreneur. She's not known for historically speaking out in favor of capitalism. She's a lawyer. This was a 100% political calculation on the part of Apple. And if she's charging anything like her husband recently charged Wall Street to speak, she's being paid a substantial amount.

    I think next quarter I will vote in favor of any and every shareholder proposal requiring Apple to divulge these kinds of politically motivated expenditures.
    I don't feel like they touched on anything she was particularly unqualified to talk about. She spent a lot of her time as first lady working on equality issues (especially for women, but also for minorities), and as first lady she had access to a lot of people and information most don't. Besides, at the end of the day her values line up really well with Apple's as a company, and those values are extremely important to Apple as a company. Jobs made sure of that a very long time ago.
    What a load of bollocks.

    Poor moderation and adminstraton of this site has turned it into a ghost town over the past few years.

    Add the blatant political bias and censorship that we're seeing now and it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for AppleInsider.

  • UK official calls for government access to encrypted iMessage, WhatsApp messages

    You need access to everybody's information in order to keep us safe from the dangers you deliberately brought into the country, do you?

    Where's a woman athlete with a throwing hammer to toss at the big face on the screen when you need one?

    Goodbye, Britain.
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  • South Korean court denies arrest of Samsung chief

    Once a crook...