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  • Apple avoids (Product)Red branding in China for new red iPhone 7 models [u]

    I wish media outlets would wait a little longer to discover the real reason, rather than rely on speculation like this. It has nothing to do with China's conservative culture and views on AIDS. There are plenty of AIDS-related charities in China as well, and Apple had Product Red iPods in mainland China years ago as well. The real reason is, on January 1, 2017, it became illegal for non-profit NGOs to engage in or fund for-profit activities. So, for-profit corporations, like Apple, can no longer release products co-branded by a non-profit.
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  • Apple quality pulled Jennifer Aniston back for 'The Morning Show'

    The show was purchased when Apple "Didn't have walls yet or telephones," according to Aniston. What does she mean by ‘walls’ ? And no telephones? If she means cellphones that Implies it must have been longer than 12 years ago. Her statement just does not make sense.
    It means their efforts in TV didn’t even have offices yet. It was so early that the sale of their show even preceded them having offices, or proper channels for contacts, etc.
  • New aerial Apple Park video shows mystery rainbow stage

    Soli said:
    chasm said:
    Clearly there are not enough LGBTQ2 people on this forum that it took the tenth post to mention Pride month!
    That's in June. This isn't only May, but the beginning of May. What I assume was the person that wrote the article mentioned well before post 10 that there are no LGBT events this month.
    Again, Friday, May 17 is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
  • Hands on with the Netatmo HomeKit smart doorbell cam

    mac_128 said:
    This is a horrible company, with defective products, and horrible customer service -- in my experience with them. I ordered all three of their original products -- the indoor/outdoor thermostat, the rain gauge, and the wind speed monitor.  The thermostat worked fine for a year, then the waterproof outdoor sensor leaked. The rain gauge never worked after hours spent on the phone with Netatmo, and the wind gauge never worked out of the box. Netatmo refused to replace any of them, or acknowledge they had any fault. The continually blamed the malfunctioning products on user error. 

    Maybe your milage varies, but I will never buy another Netatmo product. 
    That’s odd, because my experience with Netatmo has been quite the opposite. Their products have worked so flawlessly and been so rock-solid for me that I look forward to each new product they announce. I hope to get this one as soon as I can!
  • New aerial Apple Park video shows mystery rainbow stage

    apple ][ said:
    I see some various theories floated, but why is the #1 most obvious theory not being mentioned?

    It's a very colorful looking rainbow. Probably something to do with some LGBT stuff. That's what I would place my money on if this were a betting game.
    That's also a possibility - there aren't any major LGBT events coming up however.
    Friday, May 17 is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. So that’s a possibility.
  • Apple The Exchange TRX is opening in Malaysia June 22

    Apple The Exchange TRX resides inside of a shopping center, so it will likely have the standard mall layout.

    It’s a free-standing building with a one-of-a-kind roof, not your standard mall store.

  • Apple's Beats teases graffiti-styled Neymar Jr. edition Studio3 Wireless headphones

    M68000 said:
    A bit disappointing to see AppleInsider "endorsing" or "promoting" graffiti which is rewarded by being arrested by law enforcement.    I am fine with people who want to do graffiti - as long as they only do it on their own property.  the problem with graffiti of course is that it violates the rights of somebody else and it looks like something an imbecile would do. 
    I try not to be negative, but this is without a doubt the stupidest comment I’ve ever read on this site.