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  • Why macOS Mojave requires Metal -- and deprecates OpenGL

    tylersdad said:
    This still makes no sense at all. There is no reason why Apple can't support their native SDK (Metal) and OpenGL. Microsoft has been doing this for decades with DirectX.

    The majority of game developers won't bother with creating Metal versions of their rendering engines. There won't be enough customers to justify it.

    Two things...

    First, Apple hasn't updated OpenGL for a while now. Probably when they starting pushing Metal. So the OpenGL implementation included with iOS and macOS are fairly old, I think it's at 2.1, while the latest is 4.6. So there really is only a limited amount of "cross platform" compatibility for developers.

    Second, the entire industry is moving away from OpenGL. There is now a Khronos project, Vulkan, that is meant to replace OpenGL and OpenGL ES. And there is a version that "runs" on top of Apple's Metal called MoltenVk, so if developers must have cross platform compatibility, then they can move to it, instead of Metal.
  • Roof of Chicago's North Michigan Ave. Apple Store resembles MacBook Air lid

    I like it..Apple has a flair for things like this. :)

    Apple's manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA used to a giant rainbow Apple logo on the roof - only visible from an airplane flying over.
  • Apple Pay now accepted by 36% of US merchants, is most common mobile payment platform

    eightzero said:
    My favorite thing is going into a store and paying with my samsung gear S3, and having the cashier go "oh we dont do the apple pay thing" and then it goes BEEEP, and a receipt spits out and they are like huh??? Samsung pays works EVERYWHERE, so amazing to not have to carry a wallet ever or worry about whether a place accepts samsung pay or not. I am sure apple will get there eventually, in a few years......
    I'm curious: are you saying that there are contactless NFC terminals that will take Samsung pays, but not Apple Pay? I too have had the experience where the clerk doesn't know what they take or how it works, yet I complete the transaction from my Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

    No. Samsung uses a technology that can wirelessly transmit credit information directly to the reader, just as if you've swiped your card.

    This poster is obviously completely unaware the main reason for using something like Apple Pay is for security and privacy. Samsung's technology is actually less secure than swiping your card, because the data that is normally stored on the back of your card is being transmitted. So someone could pick up the info without the consumer even realizing that their CC has just been stolen.
  • Spotify, others complain to EU about Apple's 'unfair' App Store practices

    arthurba said:
    In Europe we get Windows N - which is windows without Windows Media Player.  It's required under European rules.  I don't use nor want Apple Music - it needs unbundling from iOS.  

    And yes - internally to Apple when people download and subscribe then the 'Apple Music' company should pay the same fees to 'Apple Corp.' as other App vendors do - then it's a level playing field. 

    I dont want Apple Music on my iPhone because it's bloat - but I can see the argument that if Microsoft has to unbundle Media Player from Windows that Apple should be required to unbundle Apple Music from iOS. 

    Apple Music is a service, not an app. It is not bundled with iOS. There is a music player though, but it's there because it is part of the core functionality of the device; "a touch screen iPod"

    Microsoft had to unbundle Media Player because it was purposefully and actively stepping all over competing music players, just as Internet Explorer did. Furthermore, Microsoft was subject to further scrutiny because they were a monopoly in the desktop OS market and tried to leverage that to squash competition in other areas.
  • Editorial: The new Mac Pro is overkill for nearly everybody, and it hit Apple's own target...

    This is Apple's answer to professionals who need that much power. This amount of power was unavailable in a Mac... Anyone who needed what Apple didn't offer, moved to another system. The whining and complaining is par for the course as far as a new Apple computer being introduced. Is it for everyone? Of course not. Even a 27" iMac is more power than most people will need.

    The most expensive part in this system is of course going to be the Intel Xeon processor. Not sure what 28-core model is used in this system, but Amazon is currently selling an Intel Xeon Platinum 28-core CPU for $15k !!!
  • Facebook's defunct Research app gleaned private data from 187,000 users

    So all the developers who are complaining about Apple’s control over the App Store, should thank companies like Google and Facebook for proving Apple is right.
  • Probable 'iPhone SE 2' exposed by European regulatory agency

    It is about time!  I am hoping for a flagship SE-2 instead of a budget model that has two year old or later components inside of it and it called "new"!  It a joke to many buyers of the SE because many buyers can easily afford to buy a Mac Pro on impulse if they wanted one with thinking about how much it costs!

    Umm, the A9 was "new" when the SE shipped. It debuted in the 6s the previous Fall. So it had just as much power as Apple's latest flagship model at the time. And when it comes to device longevity it is about how much power it has and what it will be able to support in the future. By sticking an A9 in the SE, they effectively gave it a lifespan that equals a normal upgrade cycle for most people.

    The SE could hardly be called a joke by anyone (except you). In fact, when it was released it was highly reviewed as a great device and the most powerful 4" phone on the market, not to mention more powerful than almost every Android phone being sold.

    Having said that, I do understand what you're actually looking for; a 4" flagship model, an iPhone 8 "mini". To which I agree would also be nice, but that's no reason to disparage the SE, which is a really, really good phone. And did exactly what Apple hoped it would do.
  • Full trailer for Apple TV + 'The Morning Show' now available

    Is this show considered a comedy? A little hard to tell from the trailer.
    Are you kidding?  Nothing about the trailer suggests that it’s a comedy. 

    It is listed as a “Comedy, Drama” on IMDB.
  • Apple sued for storing iCloud data on third-party servers

    ElCapitan said:
    Perhaps the biggest issue here is that Timmy is standing there in conferences and in front of politicians such as the EU parliament bragging over how serious Apple takes privacy, while at the same time knowing his company store their customers data with the same companies he gives flack for NOT taking privacy serious. It is, at best, hypocrisy, at worst, complete contempt of his customers. 


    You can't be serious!? You really think those same user-centric terms and services those companies offer are the same as the enterprise cloud hosting/server services? Do you really think Apple created a Google account and just started storing all their customer data on Google Drive. LOL And you make the assumption that Apple would store all their user data on a 3rd party server without encrypting it? The amount of ignorance and hate is unbelievable.

    Look, I don't like Google or Amazon, or even Microsoft, and I would never trust any of my data with them, but the service they provide to Apple (and other companies) is NOT the same they would provide to you or me. And when offering that type of service you can in fact make the assumption that privacy and security is part of the deal. To think otherwise, well, is just stupid.
  • Editorial: Apple is not cancelling its AR Glasses

    ...augmented reality development and it's partly because it is being argued that this would be Apple's second big hardware cancellation after AirPower.

    Umm... Did I miss something. It’s one thing to announce a product and then cancel it... it’s an entirely different situation to cancel a product that was never announced. And correct if I’m wrong... Hasn’t Apple said time and time again that they’ve cancelled TONS of products while in development?