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  • Apple missing from list of companies supporting OpenXR AR and VR spec

    melgross said:
    Apple needs to get on the ball with these standards. They’re very shaky about supporting them. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. There’s no evidence that not supporting a standard is giving Apple a boost. It just makes it more difficult for developers to get aboard Apple’s platform.

    Developers didn't complain about DirectX (vs. OpenGL)
    Developers don't complain about nVidia CUDA (vs. OpenCL)

    It doesn't make it difficult for developers to get on board to a platform with a device base of a billion and counting.
  • Apple confirms pedestrian-level Maps data collection, initially limited to California

    Rolling out features at this rate, we'll see a workable Apple Maps app....sometime next century.

    Yeah. What gives? Google snapped their fingers and had 100% accurate data covering the entire Earth from day one. /s

    People seem to forget that Google has been “mapping” for 15 years now. At the 6 year point, Google Maps wasn’t any better than Apple’s maps is today. In fact, I remember many instances where Google Maps was WAY OFF on some sites, and that was after 10 years into it.

    Apple has come a long way, and a lot faster than Google did in the same time frame. The difference between then and now, is that people expect more.
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  • First Look at Apple's new 2018 iPad Pros, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard

    dysamoria said:
    How does Face ID work when holding the iPad results in blocking the requisite hardware by holding the device with your hands on its tiny bezel?

    They went over that in the article and the video.... It alerts you that you’re covering the camera.
  • Apple expected to get full EU approval for takeover of music discovery service Shazam

    gutengel said:
    nunzy said:
    Android can say Buh Bye to Shazam. Why would Apple allow their app to benefit Google?

    Apple should buy lots more app companiess and offer them as iOS-only exclusives.
    That's exactly why antitrust regulations and investigations happen. You don't have to be very smart to understand that...

    No. That's not why they "happen". An investigation happens to make sure that there's an alternative service available, so that users (and competitors) aren't "left out in the cold". In this instance, dropping support for Google/Android could not be considered anti-competitive, as Google has a similar service they offer. Apple buys a lot of tech companies and makes them Apple-only all the time. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Apple made this a service that was only available on their platforms (that 3rd party developers could tap into).  The EU is putting up a stink because Shazam happens to be an extremely popular EU-based service.
  • Cook says Apple not in music streaming for the money, touts human content curation

    nunzy said:
    Not trying to profit? How could Tim even keep a straight face?

    There's a big difference between making a profit and being sustainable. The reason why Apple is so successful is because they don't keep money losing ventures around for very long. Other companies are more than happy to allow one product/service suck the profits of another, just to remain viable. This discipline is what Steve Jobs brought to the company when he returned, by cutting of "all the fat".

    Furthermore, you don't have to pay an algorithm to create playlists and curate music, you do, however, have to pay humans to continue to do it.