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  • Samsung clawing back Galaxy Fold from reviewers amid faulty screen complaints

    MplsP said:
    "Destroy the evidence!"

    tylerd said:
    I have to admit that I was looking forward to feeling some schadenfreude as I watched Samsung ship what is clearly a prototype, that has questionable utility (at least in the immediate future). I find it odd that they would effectively send these units to reviewers and hope for the best. I understand that the race to be first has some strong marketing power (just look at 5G), but is it really worth the negative impact inflicted on your most loyal user base (the early adopters)? Say what you want about Apple, but they would only ship a finished product.
    It seems like a classic case of marketing overruling engineering.

    Or the classic case of an engineering mind over-estimating a layman mind. It's very common for an "educated" person to not understand the level of which their audience might not be knowledgable and overlook certain critical details.

    Anyway, still not getting as much backlash as Apple did cancelling the AirPower - at the very least Apple knows when to say "No" and quit.
  • Apple investing more than $500M on Apple Arcade launch, report says

    Some of the games look graphically rich and complex.. makes me wonder if they will only be playable on a new Apple TV with beefier specs than an A8?
  • Foxconn's Wisconsin presence 'a bunch of empty buildings,' far behind targets

    jimh2 said:
    Fatman said:
    More fraud, something both Trump and China are masters at. Did anyone ever really believe that Wisconsin would even be capable of supporting 13,000 high tech jobs?
    This has nothing to do with Trump and all to do with the governor of Wisconsin giving away taxpayer money as a bribe. This type of behavior is done all over the US in order to 
    "attract" or keep businesses. Sports Teams are the best at extracting money from local economies for little or nothing in return. When teams or businesses threaten to leave I say let them leave and let some other sucker give them a new building or stadium. Some of the agreements sports teams get in return for letting cities build them new stadiums are truly unbelievable and its all for a few part-time jobs. 

    Of course it does. He used this announcement for political gains as if he had something to do with it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s on his back now. If it’s failing then that means he did as well and needs to do something about it.

    Unless of course he had nothing to do with it, and only took credit for it.

    So, which is it?
  • Thousands of Amazon workers are listening in on Echo audio, report says [u]

    I'm trying to decide whether I care about this or not. My bank records our telephone conversations, and those are much more detailed than an Alexa or Siri request, and are directly associated with my personal information. This seems pretty benign.

    Um, yeah, you should. Your bank records calls that you initiated, just as Apple saves Siri requests you made.

    Neither are always listening in the background. Well technically, iOS devices are listening in the background for "Hey, Siri", but that's done at a hardware level and not recorded.

    This is why I refuse to buy anything that's marked"Alexa built-in!" That means there's a microphone in it. I much prefer HomeKit... where the appliance itself doesn't listen, but relies on an iOS device to send it commands and control it.
  • Functional Apple W.A.L.T. prototype from 1993 shown off in new video

    Looks like it's running HyperCard.