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  • Check out the 117 new emoji coming to Apple platforms later this year

    I know. Let's not fix os problems, let's add more emoji and maybe they will forget the problems we can't fix. 

  • Sonos is suing Google for patent infringement, and wants to sue Amazon too

    Advise to Sonos. If you win from Google, Take that cash and go after Amazon. 
  • New Grayshift spyware lets police surreptitiously snatch iPhone passcodes

    rob53 said:
    I consider this spyware and malware, both are illegal to install on computer devices so why is it that our government isn't going after this company for admitting they're producing spyware? Oh, that's right, our government doesn't care about our constitutional freedom. Time for Apple to update their malware finding software along with other companies (Malwarebytes, etc.). It's also time for Apple to turn the tables on GrayShift and create a trojan horse that is sent back into the GrayKey system when it tries to load spyware on an iPhone. Once loaded it effectively destroys the GrayKey and everything GrayShift owns.
    You say it's unlawful to load spyware, but you want  to do it to GreyKey. Sorry can't have both ways.

  • iPhone 11 Pro found to collect location data against user settings

    loopless said:
    Bad AppleInsider.   Stop posting misleading nonsense clickbait. Turn off location services. “Problem”solved. 
    If this was Google,would you still be saying that ?  Oh, If It's Apple then it's ok right. 

  • How WeChat's ascent suggests the iPhone may never again dominate in China

    lkrupp said:
    So for Apple to succeed it must let go of all of its security and privacy? Is that what the author is saying? The author seems to imply that unless Apple does this it is doomed. I guess that’s okay in a totalitarian dictatorship but what about democracies burdened with human rights and privacy protections?

    Anyone who thinks ANY Chinese company is not monitored and controlled by the government is simply delusional.

    One good thing that has come out of the pandemic so far is that people are realizing that almost all PPE is produced in China. The U.S. makes almost none of it, from masks, to ventilators, to hand sanitizer. Oh, and almost ALL generic drugs are manufactured in China too. That blood pressure or diabetes medication you take... made in and shipped from China. Because of cheap labor don’t you know. We now know that we in the U.S. are basically at China’s mercy economically. Maybe, just maybe, this crisis will open some eyes but I doubt it. Price trumps everything, just like the trolls who scream about Apple’s products being overpriced.

    And as for the author’s claim that Google’s services are banned in China, I dispute that. As I recall Google made the decision to exit China because it would not acquiesce to the communist dictatorship’s demands.
    Apple would sell their mother for a profit.  They talk Big, but bottom line is they will do anything and everything for the almighty buck. All the story's about privacy is only true if no one calls them on it.
  • Apple's moves point to a future with no bootable backups, says developer

    I feel my love affair with Apple is ending. I love the fact I can boot from a super fast SSD, it made it easy to cross grade from my MacBook to an M1 Mac mini as I can still boot the laptop drive from an older iMac I’ve kept. The loss of target display mode on that iMac was significant too. There is a progressive loss of convenience happening here. 
    And in my case having to drive over 100 miles to a Apple store, drop it off, then return to pick it up once fixed. Time to move on if this happens.

    No more Time Machine or CCC backup and restore. WTF
  • Apple sued over 'stage light' MacBook Pro display issue

    DAalseth said:
    This was a real issue and Apple should have acted faster and more aggressively to make it right.
    This lawsuit though, will do nothing for the people with the problem. It will end up only lining the pockets of the law firm.
    There was and still is a problem and Apple won't fix it without being taken to court. So here they are being forced to fix something that should have been fixed then and there. They play, now they pay. They bring this on them selfs. 
  • Apple lodges challenge to UK digital surveillance bill, rails against weak encryption

    ireland said:
    Are the British security experts really that dumb?
    If they try to pass this stupid law I say drop them from all Apple devices and services.
    When they open a new orifice for the whole world to up their *ss I am sure the Chinese, the Russians and not to mention ISIS will gladly oblige.

    Not to mention the US and the UK governments themselves. They've no right to our data. They forget they work for us.
    So when the USA Passes a law then Apple just drops the US as well huh ? Get Real.

  • Apple ordered to pay $625M in revived VirnetX patent trial

    Time to pay up. Keep using it, don't pay and pay double when the next go around comes up.  Smart thinking.
  • Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton says Apple's Tim Cook 'omitted critical facts' in encryption stance

    mac_128 said:
    this guys is dangerous. For those who have forgotten, he essentially committed treason by co-authoring the letter telling Iran that any deal they struck with President would be reversed by congress as soon Obama leaves office.
    Why wait for Obama to leave ?