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  • Some Slight Changes to the Forums

    Hello all how about a quick update?

    Changes to the Like/Dislike System

    We've split the reaction buttons out into Like / Funny / Informative, and made them much more prominent. Hopefully that will encourage more users to engage with the system. Currently an informative post is worth more points than a funny or liked post, though that may change if suddenly everything becomes informative.

    We've also removed the 'dislike' button.

    There are a number of reasons for this, but it boils down to the fact it wasn't accomplishing what we hoped it would when we implemented it. Users would often just dislike the posts of any user(s) they were engaged in a debate with, or simply disliked. It was also too frequently used to dogpile reasonable posts when they didn't line up with a segment of the forum's point of view, whether that be a reasonable criticism of Apple, or something political in nature. So it has been removed.

    Moderation Policy

    I also want to take a minute to remind people of the moderation rules here. We try not to moderate too heavily, but personal attacks, racism, homophobic comments, and general bigotry will get moderated out. In addition we're going to start moderating comments that are essentially off-topic, especially when they're early on in the threads. That doesn't mean we will pull the comment outright if it can be salvaged (we just delete them now), but please keep that in mind before posting. One off-topic post early on can really derail the entire thread, and we have different standards for what we want to show on the main site (first 10 or so) than what we would allow deeper on into a thread.

    Slight reorganization

    We merged the Genius Bar down to a single category. The sub-categories were unnecessary given the amount of use that part of the forums gets. We really like the Genius Bar as a forum though, and we encourage all of you to visit it and help each other out when you can. We may have some cool plans for it in the future...

    We also merged mobile Feedback forum back into the general Feedback forum, it had 15 threads, it was unnecessary. 

    Misc. Changes

    Editors are all now clearly marked as such, so keep an eye out for them on the forums and say hi every now and again and give feedback. Neil, Mikey, Mike, Dan, Roger, Victor, Christine, Ashley, Max, and Kasper all read the comments, even if they don't post too frequently. We wouldn't be where we are without them, and I just want to say thank you to all of them. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the content they are producing.

    Also a quick shout out to our head moderator, Marvin for helping to keep things sane around here.

    Your ignore list now has a capacity of 50 users.

    In Closing...

    We want to ensure the forums stay healthy and vibrant for a long time, and 2016 was a good step in that direction (so say the almighty metrics.) AI has been around for 18 years, which is crazy for a website, and we hope to be around for many more.

    We will be back sometime next year to talk about more stuff. As always please feel free to leave feedback here and let us know what we can do to make things better. We are not some empty news regurgitating factory, we are here and we are listening.

    Happy Holidays!

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  • Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro

    I see a cracked screen...

    How is it possible all the parts listed are actually damaged?

    Did it get hit by lightning?  It sounds like Apple didn’t have the parts or experience to make the repairs.

    Is the damage Apple’s fault?  Obviously not.  But the Apple Store should be able to send it somewhere to get fixed, and not for $5000+.

    This story is embarrassing for Apple...
    They present it as a simple cracked screen in the video, which is very misleading. If you watch the whole thing they very clearly state they need a new screen, motherboard, and PSU.

    strells said:
    No link to the video in question?
    We needed to acknowledge due to how popular the video has become, we do not, however, need to drive traffic.
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  • Jay Z pulls albums from Apple Music and Spotify

    If you think Jay-Z wasn't, and isn't, important to rap, hip-hop, and popular music and culture then you really have a lot of research to do. You may not like his music, or his personality, or whatever, but his impact is pretty undeniable.

    Other services are worse for not having his oeuvre, but it makes sense he's working to double-down on Tidal given his personal stake in it.  At the end of the day, however,  there's still plenty of other ways to get the music, and it probably only hurts him to not have it as readily available as it could be.
  • Apple's Tim Cook asks President Trump to keep US in Paris climate accord

    Due to the political nature of this topic, we have removed some comments that violated our commenting guidelines and have closed this thread. If you wish to discuss politics in a less-moderated fashion, then we provide a dedicated political outsider forum.
  • AppleInsider's official iOS app redesigned from the ground up with support for 3D Touch, p...

    Once you tap to comment, the app switches to browser mode.
    Hi Blogger!

    We didn't have time to get native forums or price guides in for the app launch (we wanted to hit WWDC as a deadline), but it's something we are actively working on for a future release! Stay tuned!
  • First look: Apple's HomePod is loud, heavy and powerful

    rcfa said:
    When I read “loud” and “booming” I’m disheartened, might as well describe it as Ghettoblaster.

    What I was hoping to read is detailed imaging, powerful, effortless, clean, well controlled sound with depth and proper imaging.

    There is notably nothing written about combining two or more into a stereo or surround setup, neither anything about using the built-in Bluetooth to hook up computers, phones, video projectors, etc. which are capable of using BT speakers or hands free devices.

    Disappointing, not just that these capabilities are lacking, but also that similarly lacking is a roadmap of features to be added by future software updates.
    So here's my takeaway so far. Please be advised I've had mine for about an hour.

    It sounds alright for its size. VERY heavy on the highs, and the crossover frequency for woofer seems problematic as well. Bass is good for a 4" woofer, but will sound shallow to people who are used to more robust offerings. This feels like it was EQ'd by Beats. Mids get completely drowned when there's a lot going on. Listening to one of the fuller parts of Zero 7 - Home i literally winced because it sounded so bad. I'm not doing the review for this, but i figure i'd let you guys know what i think so far.

    I think it's the sound king of the smart speakers, but that's not exactly a prestigious title.
  • Asthma study using Apple's ResearchKit proven accurate when compared to existing research

    Jsnively: Do you consider this calling him out personally? Honestly asking to gauge what the boundaries are. Also, just a casual observation, it seems like the forums are being slightly over-moderated. However, they are SO MUCH BETTER than before. I MUCH prefer over to under-moderated (especially when it comes to politically charged topics). So thank you.
    No, not at all. Your post is perfectly fine. It's more when people start calling each other names (or that's the slope we're careening towards) that kind of thing we tend to step in. In this case one of the posts in question was actually flagged by a user, and I happened to agree. Live and learn I guess. I did restore everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    We've let up on the moderation a lot. There were a few months where i was reading literally every single post that went up here, but that just lead to me spending way too much time on the forums and not getting other stuff done. Plus that way leads madness -- it was not good for my mental health. These days we (mostly) only act on reports, with a few exceptions. I always check-in a few times a day just to make sure nothing has gotten too out of control.
  • Some Slight Changes to the Forums

    jSnively said:
    Is that really going to be your response? It's like I've come to MacRumors by mistake, but I quit there years ago because they are a horrible website that panders to trolls and promotes people who post shit and cause problems. You are listening to the wrong people when you think you are doing the right things lately, you should know that strongly.
    Wait, so let me get this straight...

    Your assertion is that when I ask someone to stop who is literally text-book shitposting, that means that I am promoting people who "post shit" and cause problems?
    No, pretty much it's all of your decisions lately, but most recently it's the extremely unprofessional conduct of you in this public thread.

    This button fiasco is a huge fuck up of monumental proportions, and you keep trying to control it by committing more and more wrong decisions. You need to understand that removing the dislike button was a *bad* move, that's fundamental.
    I can understand how you would think that from the limited context of this thread, and the concentrated 'negativity' of a few posters. The metrics, however, in the month or so since the change, do not support your conclusion. I said at the beginning of this that I was more than happy to restore the functionality after a decent amount of time if it wasn't working. The further measures that have since been taken (removing funny, for example) are an effort to better positively tweak the solution or nip some bad trends in the bud before they're allowed to escalate, not to repair any damage removing the button has done.

    As for my professionalism, my response to Spam was a little knee-jerk and I'll own up to that, I could have just deleted the post for violating the rules and left it at that. I really don't like deleting posts outside of the news threads though, I'm not trying to hide the discussion. Outside of that I don't see where I've been anything but extremely accommodating to a small set of users. I get that not having access to all the data (and no we're not going to post public numbers) puts half of the discussion at a disadvantage, but that's just how it is. I explained clearly in my original post the reasons for making the decision to remove the button. None of that has changed.
  • First look: Apple's powerful iMac Pro

    rob53 said:

    Can't unsee.
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  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    The enthusiasts complaining about this machine are justified. The people pointing out that this machine is for an extremely niche and specific market are also correct.

    IMO Apple messed up here, and they're going to get a lot of crap for it. This is a form factor that could, and should, have scaled to make multiple market segments happy. Instead Apple went as far to the extreme end as they could, to the exclusion of the middle road, and completely priced out individuals.The enthusiasts just wanted an expandable i7 with like 16-64GB of RAM and a good GPU they could upgrade. That should have been possible with this design.

    Feels like a swing and a miss to me. Apple is either completely out of touch with the enthusiast market, or it might be time for the enthusiast market to give up on Apple. I think they probably sold a fair amount of PCs today.

    Also, I know it's personal preference but man is that thing ugly. Can Ive stop trying to make every Apple product look like a Braun appliance from the 60s and 70s?
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