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  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    The enthusiasts complaining about this machine are justified. The people pointing out that this machine is for an extremely niche and specific market are also correct.

    IMO Apple messed up here, and they're going to get a lot of crap for it. This is a form factor that could, and should, have scaled to make multiple market segments happy. Instead Apple went as far to the extreme end as they could, to the exclusion of the middle road, and completely priced out individuals.The enthusiasts just wanted an expandable i7 with like 16-64GB of RAM and a good GPU they could upgrade. That should have been possible with this design.

    Feels like a swing and a miss to me. Apple is either completely out of touch with the enthusiast market, or it might be time for the enthusiast market to give up on Apple. I think they probably sold a fair amount of PCs today.

    Also, I know it's personal preference but man is that thing ugly. Can Ive stop trying to make every Apple product look like a Braun appliance from the 60s and 70s?
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  • Apple should allow Steam Link into App Store despite violating third-party marketplace rul...

    irnchriz said:
    I don’t see what Apples issue is here, steam link is a remote stream of steam on your PC/Mac, they should block every Remote Desktop or VNC app as I can buy stuff using my remote connection via the app and Apple don’t get a penny.
    It's clearly with the storefront. Moonilight, an app that is hilariously similar, has been around for a while without any problems. It could be that it's just too small to get noticed, but the smart money is Apple's problem is with the accessibility to Steam's storefront (even if direct-purchasing was disabled).
  • Review: Shinola Canfield headphones have exceptional looks, but audio left us wanting more...

    What does "warmth" sound like? Can someone translate that to other adjectives?
    'Warm' sound has a bias towards the mid-to-lower end of the spectrum. Generally emphasis is placed on vocals and bass and higher frequencies are muddied a little to create a more 'pleasant' sound.

    Technically Beats are 'warm' headphones, but they're on the extreme end of the spectrum because of just how much they prioritize bass.

    For reference (because this stuff can be confusing when read):

  • Commemorate the Royal Wedding with this $4,000 gold iPhone X

    This may be the ugliest iPhone I have ever seen.
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  • Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro

    I see a cracked screen...

    How is it possible all the parts listed are actually damaged?

    Did it get hit by lightning?  It sounds like Apple didn’t have the parts or experience to make the repairs.

    Is the damage Apple’s fault?  Obviously not.  But the Apple Store should be able to send it somewhere to get fixed, and not for $5000+.

    This story is embarrassing for Apple...
    They present it as a simple cracked screen in the video, which is very misleading. If you watch the whole thing they very clearly state they need a new screen, motherboard, and PSU.

    strells said:
    No link to the video in question?
    We needed to acknowledge due to how popular the video has become, we do not, however, need to drive traffic.
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