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  • Alphabet's Nest Cam adds animated camera notifications to iOS alerts, auto door recognitio...

     But have you seen the price of the subscription?

    10-day retention $100 per year for a single cam
    Additional cameras $50 per year

    30-day retention $300 per year for a single cam
    Additional cameras $150 per year

    If you have two homes in your Nest Account, the first Nest Aware subscription purchased for a camera in each home will be full price.

    For just 2 cameras in a house if you want 30-day retention that is an eye-watering $450 per year subscription...they should be giving the cameras away at that rate!

    By way of comparison Canary offers 30-day subscription for $99 per year for a single device or $149 for up to 3 devices and $49 per each additional device.
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  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    digitol said:
    If you care at all about Apple write them, send feedback at Let them know what you want, what they are missing, what updates they need to push. Together we may be able to avoid digital climate change..a la the "digital dark ages". :smile: 
    They are too arrogant to listen and take any notice.

    Don't forget they know what you want before you do! :)
  • Apple's App Store revenues poised to beat global movie ticket sales in 2018

    tzeshan said:
    Since Android market share is over 85%, iOS market share is less than 15%. So in the long term Google will make five times more from Android App Store than Apple earn from App Store. May be Google is already making at least twice more than Apple? 
    You think? Maybe before you post a crock you might like to do a little research, quote; As per a report compiled by Sensor Tower, users spent approximately $58.6 billion on apps in 2017 across the Android and iOS platform, but a major share of that eye-watering amount fell on Apple’s side of the app ecosystem. It is a well-known fact that the number of Android users dwarf iOS subscribers by a very hefty margin, but the revenues generated from the rival OS’s app directories is an altogether different story. You might be wondering how wide the revenue gap actually is? Well, the revenue generated by the App Store in 2017 is nearly double that of the Play Store. According to Sensor Tower’s analysis, users hooked to the iOS platform spent an estimated $38.5 billion on apps in 2017, a figure that includes the up-front cost of paid apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions. On the other hand, Android users spent around $20.1 billion on apps downloaded from the Play Store. But it’s not just the gross financial figures where the App Store has left the Play Store to bite the dust, as the net revenue growth rate is another domain where the App Store beat the Play Store, albeit by a smaller margin. On a year-on-year basis, the revenues generated by Apple’s app directory grew by 34.7%, which is barely higher than the 34.2% gross revenue increment recorded by the Play Store on an annual basis. Gaming was yet another area where the App Store’s financial game proved to be much stronger than the Play Store’s, as iOS games generated approximately $30 billion in revenues, while Android games could only amass $18 billion in 2017. However, when it comes to net app downloads, the numbers are strictly in Google’s favor as the Play Store accounted for 64 billion app downloads in 2017, while the App Store lagged much farther behind with just 28 billion downloads. But what can one say, Apple emerged as the winner in the areas which appear to be more significant, and that’s where the proverbial mic should be dropped. Edit: Apologies...even though I have chapter breaks between the 8 paragraphs including this one AI seems to have lumped it all together...
  • Apple snubs Nokia's Withings on new HomeKit accessories webpage

    Not sure that its just a Withings snub as there are many more devices not listed such as Ring Pro, Canary Plus, Eve Aqua, Eve Extend etc.
  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    avon b7 said:
    You do realise that a UK teleco has just signed a £2 billion contract with Huawei and most UK players are proceeding with Huawei 5G trials.

    Germany has gone on record as saying no evidence has been provided. The Czechs have overruled the ban.

    This is from the horse's mouth on what is happening and why:
    Not this one at least it would appear;
  • Here are all the big changes to Apple Maps from 2017 through 2019

    glynh said:
    macxpress said:
    simply258 said:
    In a bid to beat Google
    Let's be honest, that will never happen in the Maps arena.
    What exactly makes Google Maps so special these days? 
    It just works? :)
    But so does Maps. I haven’t had any reason to use google maps in years. Years. 
    And vice-versa for me. Every time I go back to Apple Maps I have issues with something.

    Using Siri to find Halfords in Stratford led me down a road where I could see it across someone’s back garden and down a steep embankment.

    Trying to find a McDonald’s in Coventry led me to a housing estate. Not the first time it has done this.

    Given up using Apple Maps in Europe as Google Maps is so much more precise, informative and can actually find the places I am looking for.

    Interested to know where it works for you?
  • Apple Pay now accepted by 36% of US merchants, is most common mobile payment platform

    My favorite thing is going into a store and paying with my samsung gear S3, and having the cashier go "oh we dont do the apple pay thing" and then it goes BEEEP, and a receipt spits out and they are like huh??? Samsung pays works EVERYWHERE, so amazing to not have to carry a wallet ever or worry about whether a place accepts samsung pay or not. I am sure apple will get there eventually, in a few years......
    So what part of the...

    Apple Pay 36%
    PayPal 34%
    MasterCard PayPass 25%
    Android Pay 24%
    Visa Checkout 20%
    *Samsung Pay 18%*
    Chase Pay 11%

    ...didn't you understand?

    I am sure samsung will get there eventually, in a few years......

  • New Token Ring uses fingerprint reader, Bluetooth to securely authenticate wearer

    April 1st has been & gone this year right? :)
  • Review: Philips Hue Outdoor LightStrip brings more HomeKit lights to the outside

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    My Hue products simply Work. Out of the box, set up, creating scenes, interacting with other hardware and apps, it just Works. Great customer support. Did I say It Just Works?
    If it just works why would you need customer support? :)
  • How Apple Pay beat the odds because of great design

    The article says “Chiefly because other countries were already moving to contactless payments, it's more common that Apple Pay just works there.”

    I’d like to know who these countries are. I travel to Paris a lot. ApplePay almost never works, despite the fact that there are NFC-enabled POS terminals everywhere. It doesn’t work in my travels (admittedly less frequent) to India, the Netherlands or the U.K.  

    ApplePay underachieves globally relative to potential. Period.
    Not sure what card you have registered to Apple Pay but it works almost everywhere in the UK!

    In many places there is also no £30 contactless limit and I can fill up with fuel at any Shell garage, pay for shopping in Waitrose & Aldi for example although not Tesco last time I tried although they do accept up to £30.

    I also travel extensively across Europe and I can’t remember the last time I had an issue with Apple Pay apart from where they place some of the RFID readers on the terminal hard up against a counter or merchandise and I have to twist my wrist to some acute angle just to get close enough to the thing for it to register.

    Many vendors are still shocked when I pay with my Watch or don’t know the £30 contactless limit doesn’t apply to Apple Pay!

    The simple fact that Apple Pay often doesn’t have a transaction limit tells me all I need to know about security compared to even well established card payments.

    That and the fact that it is not possible for a fraudster to skim the card while it is in a pocket only adds to my peace of mind when it comes to Apple Pay.