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  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    avon b7 said:
    You do realise that a UK teleco has just signed a £2 billion contract with Huawei and most UK players are proceeding with Huawei 5G trials.

    Germany has gone on record as saying no evidence has been provided. The Czechs have overruled the ban.

    This is from the horse's mouth on what is happening and why:
    Not this one at least it would appear;
  • Here are all the big changes to Apple Maps from 2017 through 2019

    glynh said:
    macxpress said:
    simply258 said:
    In a bid to beat Google
    Let's be honest, that will never happen in the Maps arena.
    What exactly makes Google Maps so special these days? 
    It just works? :)
    But so does Maps. I haven’t had any reason to use google maps in years. Years. 
    And vice-versa for me. Every time I go back to Apple Maps I have issues with something.

    Using Siri to find Halfords in Stratford led me down a road where I could see it across someone’s back garden and down a steep embankment.

    Trying to find a McDonald’s in Coventry led me to a housing estate. Not the first time it has done this.

    Given up using Apple Maps in Europe as Google Maps is so much more precise, informative and can actually find the places I am looking for.

    Interested to know where it works for you?
  • Eight Siri features we want to see in iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12 at WWDC ...

    "Siri has grown by leaps and bounds after being acquired by Apple and launching in beta on the iPhone 4S."

    I stopped reading after this...:)
  • The mystery of crashing apps on iOS and Android

    With all the fuss about Apple throttling the CPU and slowing down iPhones, performance does not even register on the Top 5 iOS Performance Issues but comes in at Number 1 on the Top 5 Android Performance Issues chart at a whopping 27% which is head and shoulders above the next closest issue, camera at 5%.

    Makes you wonder what all the fuss is about...
  • Apple's App Store revenues poised to beat global movie ticket sales in 2018

    tzeshan said:
    Since Android market share is over 85%, iOS market share is less than 15%. So in the long term Google will make five times more from Android App Store than Apple earn from App Store. May be Google is already making at least twice more than Apple? 
    You think? Maybe before you post a crock you might like to do a little research, quote; As per a report compiled by Sensor Tower, users spent approximately $58.6 billion on apps in 2017 across the Android and iOS platform, but a major share of that eye-watering amount fell on Apple’s side of the app ecosystem. It is a well-known fact that the number of Android users dwarf iOS subscribers by a very hefty margin, but the revenues generated from the rival OS’s app directories is an altogether different story. You might be wondering how wide the revenue gap actually is? Well, the revenue generated by the App Store in 2017 is nearly double that of the Play Store. According to Sensor Tower’s analysis, users hooked to the iOS platform spent an estimated $38.5 billion on apps in 2017, a figure that includes the up-front cost of paid apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions. On the other hand, Android users spent around $20.1 billion on apps downloaded from the Play Store. But it’s not just the gross financial figures where the App Store has left the Play Store to bite the dust, as the net revenue growth rate is another domain where the App Store beat the Play Store, albeit by a smaller margin. On a year-on-year basis, the revenues generated by Apple’s app directory grew by 34.7%, which is barely higher than the 34.2% gross revenue increment recorded by the Play Store on an annual basis. Gaming was yet another area where the App Store’s financial game proved to be much stronger than the Play Store’s, as iOS games generated approximately $30 billion in revenues, while Android games could only amass $18 billion in 2017. However, when it comes to net app downloads, the numbers are strictly in Google’s favor as the Play Store accounted for 64 billion app downloads in 2017, while the App Store lagged much farther behind with just 28 billion downloads. But what can one say, Apple emerged as the winner in the areas which appear to be more significant, and that’s where the proverbial mic should be dropped. Edit: Apologies...even though I have chapter breaks between the 8 paragraphs including this one AI seems to have lumped it all together...