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  • Review: Philips Hue Outdoor LightStrip brings more HomeKit lights to the outside

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    My Hue products simply Work. Out of the box, set up, creating scenes, interacting with other hardware and apps, it just Works. Great customer support. Did I say It Just Works?
    If it just works why would you need customer support? :)
  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    avon b7 said:
    You do realise that a UK teleco has just signed a £2 billion contract with Huawei and most UK players are proceeding with Huawei 5G trials.

    Germany has gone on record as saying no evidence has been provided. The Czechs have overruled the ban.

    This is from the horse's mouth on what is happening and why:
    Not this one at least it would appear;
  • How Apple Pay beat the odds because of great design

    The article says “Chiefly because other countries were already moving to contactless payments, it's more common that Apple Pay just works there.”

    I’d like to know who these countries are. I travel to Paris a lot. ApplePay almost never works, despite the fact that there are NFC-enabled POS terminals everywhere. It doesn’t work in my travels (admittedly less frequent) to India, the Netherlands or the U.K.  

    ApplePay underachieves globally relative to potential. Period.
    Not sure what card you have registered to Apple Pay but it works almost everywhere in the UK!

    In many places there is also no £30 contactless limit and I can fill up with fuel at any Shell garage, pay for shopping in Waitrose & Aldi for example although not Tesco last time I tried although they do accept up to £30.

    I also travel extensively across Europe and I can’t remember the last time I had an issue with Apple Pay apart from where they place some of the RFID readers on the terminal hard up against a counter or merchandise and I have to twist my wrist to some acute angle just to get close enough to the thing for it to register.

    Many vendors are still shocked when I pay with my Watch or don’t know the £30 contactless limit doesn’t apply to Apple Pay!

    The simple fact that Apple Pay often doesn’t have a transaction limit tells me all I need to know about security compared to even well established card payments.

    That and the fact that it is not possible for a fraudster to skim the card while it is in a pocket only adds to my peace of mind when it comes to Apple Pay.
  • Everything new with Siri in iOS 12

    • Ask Siri to show your passwords 

      Asking for the password for a specific application or service will open up the Settings application and show the relevant section containing passwords.

    Have I missed the point here? Isn’t this a huge security hole?

    I mean Siri is not multi-voice/multi-account aware (now that would be a feature worth having) so could someone just pick up my iDevice and say “Show me the password for ‘specific application/service’” and the relevant section showing passwords would be displayed?

  • How to get started with Apple Music, and squeeze much more out of your subscription

    I would really like to subscribe to Apple Music but after the disaster that was iTunes Match for me I have deliberately given it a wide berth. I remember only too well diving headlong into iTunes Match and letting it loose on my carefully curated iTunes library and seeing it completely screw up my cover art, metadata and replace songs carefully ripped from my own CD collection with totally different songs/artists etc. I couldn't figure out where my music was stored nor resolve the many other issues I ended up with including being able to keep the Sonos share on my NAS in sync with my iTunes library so I ended up dropping iTM and restoring my whole library from a backup! Once bitten and all that jazz... Oh and how do you get paragraph breaks? When I type or edit my post it is nicely spaced but after I hit Post/Save Comment it becomes one long, poorly formatted mess!