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  • Apple TV losing market share to streaming set-top box rivals Roku, Amazon

    Apple continues to ignore the basics.  MacPro updates?  Mac Mini Updates?  Truly moving the MacBook Pro forward technologically?  No, no, no.  Please Mr. Cook, a little attention to the foundational products.   Airports?  pretty much dead.  
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  • Apple employees express concern over new child safety tools

    This is a slippery slope that should be avoided.  I'm all for catching bad guys (and gals), but we should have rights against unreasonable search and seizure.   The stuff on my phone should be protected as much as stuff on my physical desk.   Get a warrant and do things the right way.   Americans are innocent until proven guilty.
  • Apple supply chain wary of reduced iPhone orders for Q4

    Gee, maybe instead of coming out with new phones every other day, they should try updating Mac Mini and Mac Pro and do some innovation in the computer space.   I know phones are important, but most of us aren't going to junk our $1000 iPhones every 12 months.   We are into the price territory where I need to get 2 or 3 years out of my investment.   
  • Where is Apple's innovative iPad, MacBook Pro hardware to rival Microsoft's Surface?

    I agree with the headline.

    Apple is good at doing some new things, but they let other stuff go.  I.e. they just did a decent refresh on the MacBook Pro with things we NEED like 32GB.  They did the nifty touchbar thing before, but they need to walk and chew gum.

    Mac Mini updates?  Years?   Really?  Come on Apple you can do better.    Mac PRO updates?  Years?  Ditto.  This is the technology business.  There is no good excuse to make your customers wait years for updates to tools that they depend on for day to day use.  IMHO, it's just disrespectful after a point.
  • Why Apple should cater to 'serious' gamers - and why it probably won't

    The fact is, Apple should offer top tier performance options, not just for gaming, but for pro developers, video and music. There are many that are willing to pay the premium for Apple's generally superior quality and aesthetics. Apple's lack of leading edge enhancements to it's Mac product line is really inexcusable and embarrassing. I also fear Apple is falling way behind in the "Cloud" market. This market is starting to impact the consumer market, which is where Apple lives and thrives. By ignoring this growing area, they are leaving themselves vulnerable.
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  • Apple unveils all new 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display, Thunderbolt 3 and more

    So glad to see a new Mac Mini.   So unhappy to see it is over priced.   Bottom config should be a $599 machine.  New iPad Pros are awesome.  Nearing the ability to otherwise do away with a laptop in many cases.  Would like to see a lower cost MacBook.   Apple should not just be for the elite 10%.
  • Claris FileMaker Pro updated with Shortcuts support, more

    Filemaker is very capable and has a large customer base.  Far better than MS Access (not to mention cross platform).  If you haven't looked at it recently, it's worth consideration.
  • Claris FileMaker Pro updated with Shortcuts support, more

    Alex_V said:
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    dee_dee said:
    People STILL use FileMaker?!  :D
    Filemaker appears to have stood still since the mid 2000s. I don't bother with it anymore.
    Complete nonsense. One of the most innovative products on the market. You obviously didn’t bother to even look at it since the mid 2000s…

    I have a licensed copy. I use it for my legacy databases, but not when I want to build a new one. Airtable is far easier to use. FileMaker is essentially unchanged for maybe ten years, with incremental updates only. They are now emphasising the ability to make apps, if only the software was easier to use. Whenever I worked with it I had to re-learn it all from scratch. Even Photoshop is easier to master. 
    If you think FM hasn't changed in ten years, you haven't been paying attention.  Airtable is not comparable to the Filemaker platform.  For basic stuff it is fine, but not even close overall.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    Really?  Senseless?  We know this how? Tragic, yes. But we don't know the facts.  This is why there are animosities.  Let the system work before making judgements.  
  • iOS 10, watchOS 3 & macOS Sierra betas debut for developers today, public testers in July

    Sorry, BIG YAWN.

    Apple is supposed to be the leader in innovation.  These updates are mostly bug fixes and logical minor updates to the current OS.   Even if we ignore hardware, this is less than exciting.  Swift is nice, but it's a cross platform world, what is being done to allow Swift on other platforms?  What is Apple doing in the Cloud?  They have these mega server centers, and compared to say Microsoft and Amazon, I don't see what they are being used for.  

    I am an Apple fan since 1984, but this is getting to be too much status quo, and nothing really innovative.  Personal computing is changing rapidly, but Apple seems to be stuck.  And yes, we want to hear about new hardware, iPhone 7, iWatch 2, etc.  How about an update to the Mac Pro, or the Mac Mini?  Both are long in the tooth.  This slow, nothing really new progress is not what I have come to expect from Apple.  Hopefully more substantive announcements are in the wings.