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  • Apple may not use mechanical switches in a future MacBook keyboard at all

    elfig2012 said:
    A fine example off how crazy and complex the Ict world is!
    seems to me that HP and other PC giants don’t have these keyboard issues....
    Oh yes they do. Take a look at any PC manufacturer’s support forums. As for the switchless keyboards those have been around for decades on musical keyboards with velocity sensitive MIDI keys. The pipe organ industry (which I am involved with) switched to contactless keyboards years ago, using light or magnetism (LDRs or MOSFETs) to turn a transistor on or off and thereby act as the switch. These keyboards are designed to last for decades without maintenance.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 EKG tech got FDA clearance less than 24 hours before reveal

    As coincidence would have it I had an appointment with my cardiologist yesterday. I breached the subject of the Apple Watch and he was well aware of it. He told me the medical community is very interested in this development but that they want much more information on how it works, how accurate it is, etc. He also explained his take on the difference between FDA “clearance” and FDA “approval.” The operative word is treatment. If a device is going to be used to actually perform medical treatment, like say the insulin pumps some diabetics wear, that requires FDA approval. The portable EKG machine in his office does not perform medical treatment but is a diagnostic tool he uses and would only require FDA clearance that it works as designed.

    Meanwhile I have read a couple of articles from critics who worry that this technology will cause too many false positives, cause more people to go to the emergency room which could affect the availability of prompt medical care for those who really do have a problem. That kinda makes sense I guess.

    Then he proceeded to lecture me once more on losing weight and exercising more often. I’m trying, Doc, I’m trying, but that cheesecake is beckoning me.
  • It is past time for Bloomberg to retract or unequivocally prove the iCloud spy chip story

    Alex Lindsay, PixelCorp founder, formerly with LucasFilm and long time co-host of MacBreak weekly, owns one of these servers that was purchased in the exact time frame described by the Bloomberg article. According to his Twitter page he has had engineers examining the server for any signs of the chip allegedly installed by Chinese military personnel. Nothing found yet and precisely no one else has found said chips either, anywhere. No reports at all, from anybody.
  • Intel allegedly outsourcing some 14nm orders to TSMC as Mac chip maker struggles with die ...

    The once mighty Intel. Who would have thought it would end like this. There's a great documentary on Prime about the beginnings of Silicon Valley and William Shockley, the inventor of the transistor. He founded Shockley Semiconductor which spawned Fairchild Semiconductor, which spawned Intel, founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. Moore and Noyce were recruited by Shockley when he started Shockley Semiconductor. A group of engineers that included Moore and Noyce left Shockley and started Fairchild Semiconductors. Later Moore and Noyce left Fairchild to start Intel. 
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    bitmod said:
    Apple missed the mark completely on this... completely. They custom designed a Mac Pro for Pixar... what about the rest of us? FFS...
    What this should tell you is that you and those like you are irrelevant to Apple. You are not the “pro" they are looking to satisfy. They didn’t miss any mark at all. They nailed it. If you want slots and and a plastic case for $1500 just march over to Frys or Micro Center, pull some parts off the shelves and cobble them together. Apple is after the real pros.
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  • iMac Pro debuts custom Apple T2 chip to handle secure boot, password encryption, more

    A10 or T2. Either way it doesn’t look good for the hackintosh crowd going forward.
  • Video demonstrates Hackintosh potential, but still isn't the Mac Pro

    dysamoria said:
    lkrupp said:
    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that these neckbeards cobble together a gizmo that nears the performance of the Mac Pro with similar specs. [...]
    You’re calling Linus a neckbeard? Does that term not actually require a neck beard anymore??
    What? Is he some kind of techie god to you? He’s a YouTube asshole who makes money creating videos in which he claims to be an expert on everything. He claims he can always do it better, faster than anyone else and his target is usually Apple. Why Apple? Because assholes like him make lots of money trashing Apple on YouTube.
  • Apple Watch Pride face is blocked in Russia by watchOS 5

    How many here would like to see Apple completely pull out of any country or region that has human rights issues? Wouldn't that mean a complete shutdown of the company, including in the United States? This is reality, people. You either work within the system or take your ball and go home. The true engines of change work within the system they have issues with. There is no hypocrisy here unless you have horse blinders on.
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  • Unsurprisingly, the Apple Card isn't 100% titanium

    Only Apple would have its credit card scrutinized and tested in a lab followed by articles spreading across the Internet about how it is NOT pure titanium but ONLY 90% titanium. Oh the humanity! Another propaganda lie put out by Apple to deceive its users! The company is doomed! Call the call action lawyers! Titanium-gate is just getting started!

    That even the techies are apparently ignorant of how metallurgy works means we have to have 500 word screeds about the subject is jaw dropping. It just gets funnier and funnier every day how Apple sits in the crosshairs of every swinging dick looking for clicks on their blogs.

    And speaking of Apple in the crosshairs, have you read the Tech Crunch report and Rene Ritchie’s YouTube video revealing how Google’s zero-day team conveniently left out the fact that A: Android and Windows were also attacked by those websites and B: those websites were targeting a specific political and religious minority in China, namely the Uyghur muslims. Well fancy that, there was more to the story than Google’s team reported. It was all about Apple. It implied it was only iOS, period. But google has pledged to “do no wrong”. My old white ass. And that didn’t stop the tech press from pouncing on it and writing headlines like “Apple just gave 1.4 billion of its users a reason to quit the company”. 
  • Apple issues statement refuting Google's 'false impression' of iOS security [u]

    mjtomlin said:
    Good for Apple.

    The importance of Google’s Project Zero cannot be overstated, but the handling of this issue was sloppy and irresponsible. It’s now obvious this was little more than a smear campaign against Apple as the issue was not only fixed in a timely manner 6 months ago, but singling out iOS as the only target was disingenuous when vulnerabilities in Windows and Android were exploited as well.

    There is no way the Project Zero team did not know ALL the facts of this “attack” and it’s apparent that Google marketing must’ve stepped in and decided to publicly disclose only certain aspects to disparage iOS.
    Go watch Rene Ritchie’s rebuttal on YouTube. Then read Tech Crunch’s take on Google’s Project Zero sins of omission. But the damage is done. It’s out there and every click hungry tech blogger has pounced on it. This was intentional, absolutely no doubt about it. It was a smear campaign pure and simple designed to put FUD in the minds of iOS users. Google itself may or may not have sanctioned the smear campaign but someone is behind it. Someone gave the go ahead to publish this purposely misleading article. It wasn’t sloppy reporting. It was intentional. I’m glad Apple responded but as I said the damage is done.