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  • Apple's diversity efforts are 'selfish & practical' says head of developer relations

    ronn said:
    Any time diversity, equity and inclusion are mentioned get ready for the "Woe Is Me" song by the Aggrieved White "straight" Guys Chorus. Poor li'l souls have to contend with simply occupying the majority of high paying, prestige jobs despite not being the majority of the population. 
    Guess what? We aggrieved white straight guys chorus will continue to own and operate this country for the next century at least. All of this inclusion and diversity is just a smoke and mirrors diversion. Want a great example of how we play the game? Her name is Kamala Harris, put there by straight white males as a token of diversity. She’s useless, ignorant, and a great foil for we straight white males to point to. Seeeeee, we embrace diversity! Meanwhile we straight white males control levers of power, the economy, and the future of the country while the likes of you are just along for the ride. We do throw you a bone once in a while just to keep you thinking you’re changing things. When AI takes all your jobs away we’ll still be in charge.

    So how do you like them Apples? 
  • Apple's diversity efforts are 'selfish & practical' says head of developer relations

    JP234 said:
    "Apple's diversity efforts are 'selfish & practical' says head of developer relations…"

    On the face of it, sounds like something you'd hear on right-wing talk shows. Poor choice of words, when you read the article and realize that enacting policies of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will benefit Apple Inc. in the long term through hiring and promotion based solely on merit, not race, class or religion. And that's practical, enlightened benchmark for sustainable growth.

    History trivia: Enlightened self-interest was a concept that Alexis de Tocqueville discussed in his work Democracy in America, back in 1835 and 1840. The notion he held was that Americans voluntarily join together in associations to further the interests of the group and, thereby, to serve their own interests. Since the SCOTUS "Citizens United" ruling in 2010 that corporations are people, Apple's efforts are of benefit to humanity as well as the corporation! And since the ruling also concluded that money is free speech, Apple has the biggest megaphone (and Disney should be allowed to disagree without fear of retaliation from an opportunistic neofascist with big ambitions).
    Explain to me the difference between Fascism and Communism/Socialism as they are actually practiced in the world, not how they differ on some academic white paper. You say Disney should be allowed to disagree but does not the left do exactly the same thing when they shout down a speaker whose ideology is not their cup of tea. Or label people who disagree with them as homophobes, xenophobes, transphobic, bigoted, misogynists, and any other slur they can apply to shut down speech.

    Bottom line for me is that labeling someone a fascist is getting old and useless because of the history it conjures up, no different than  labeling someone as a Naziif you don;t like what they are saying. To me the right and left of are of the same ilk, both seeking to control the individual’s thoughts, behavior, speech, to become slaves to their respective ideologies. 

    So bottom line, you have no business calling De Santis a fascist when your own ideology does the same damn thing to individual ideals they don’t like. 

  • Apple triumphant in Epic Games 'Fortnite' antitrust appeal

    Government regulations being proposed will make this ‘victory’ moot. So maybe Epic can open its own app store in the EU but not in the U.S. ? How ill that be handled?
  • The Facebook privacy settlement is real -- how to claim your share

    rob53 said:
    Looks like an April Fool's joke. Why would I want to claim a couple dollars by giving them personal information? Isn't that what Cambridge Analytica already has? Facebook already knows who used Facebook between those dates along with all their personal information. Facebook simply needs to send every Facebook user a secure link to get the money. Of course, this would still validate all the personal information Facebook already has. 
    Well, the state of Illinois sued them for the same issue and last year I got a check from Facebook for about $400. You had to be an Illinois resident of course.
  • Reliable leaker claims Apple VR tester was 'blown away' by headset trial

    Marketing has deployed the A.I. hype algorithm.