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  • No, Apple did not switch to USB-C on its new MacBook Pros to profit from dongle & adapter sales

    Apple did do it to make money. Simple solution was to simply have BOTH USB-C ports and legacy ports so people could use either type of device and simply put users on notice that future products won't have legacy ports so if purchasing new peripherals/devices think about doing USB-C in the future.

    Completely eliminating every single other type of port was not necessary and was a profit grab.

    Steve Jobs gave a speech and talked about what happens when a company starts to focus too much on profits and not enough on great products. He said it is a subtle shift and takes 5 years to start showing. Well guess what? Jobs died just 5 years and 2 months ago and we are now seeing it. Read this article and watch the video to understand and if you are drinking all the apple kook aid this might take the blinders off from Steve's own mouth.

    You might also watch the whole 1 hour video if you have time to spare and you will understand the genius and vision of Jobs from all the way back then. Listen to him speak and then listen to any speech ever given by Cook. then look at what Apple has been putting out and the timelines for the products where revenue is placed above greatness.

    Here is the link:

    I'm a huge apple fan and own laptops, desktops, many iphones, many ipads and am just so disappointed with what I've seen out of apple the last couple years but more so in the last 6 to 12 months which ironically is exactly what Jobs said is when you would in fact start to see it all unfold. I want greatness and amazement from them again, not the mediocrity they have been pushing lately.

    I predict Tim Cook won't be the CEO of Apple in 2 or 3 years. Jony Ive will be gone in one or two years as well. Let's hope they find a great CEO to take over but sadly history has shown only one CEO has ever brought Apple to greatness.
  • Channel-check analysts warning of Peak iPhone are priming Apple shares for monster buybacks

    I think the best course is to simply sell the stock and buy something else that isn't a broken or hated ticker like Apple.  No matter what apple does their stock isn't going to get the respect shareholders want it too.  Just look at the returns the last couple years to see that.  So you can stick with Apple and 'hope" that the market all of a sudden thinks it is worth much more or simply reinvest the proceeds into other more "loved" stocks and stories with more upside.  Plenty of choices there.  

    I sold all my Apple stock some time ago and redeployed into Google, S&P 500 index and some biotechs which have all done well.  Had I stuck with apple I would be a very frustrated shareholder.  I just knew from how the street and media treated the stock constantly it wasn't going to ever escape this sentiment.  So apple will continue to trade at very low "cheap" multiples.  At such time when iphone YOY sales drop or margins fall (or both) the stock will have a big leg down as investors think the story is over in terms of apple's profit growth.  So goes iphone so goes apple is the mantra.

    Remember, Apple has to sell an unprecedented number of phones at least for the next 5 to 7 years to justify today's 7B market cap.  That is no easy hurdle.  If you think somewhere on that timeline there is a risk that maybe, just maybe, the unit sales or margins fall then there is going to be more pain and stagnation in the Apple ticker.

    Hoping that Apple stock will be loved by Wall Street and not be manipulated is just not a realistic investment strategy anymore.  I watched it for too long and got out because I knew things were going to flatline, underperform and eventually underperform even the index.  In the end the index is your bogey.  If your stock can't outperform that then there is no reason to own it.
  • Google's Pixel 2 XL priced higher than Apple's iPhone 8 Plus but is half as fast, lacks ma...

    nht said:
    jbdragon said:

    I just really find it funny that Google just 1 year ago on last models phones where bashing APple for not having a Headphone jack, and now here they are with no headphone jack. They have a Adapter that's more then DOUBLE the price of Apple's at $20, to Apple's $9. Worse they don't even include some headphones. I mean really??? A so called Premium phone, and all they do is throw in a over priced Adapter. HAHAHAHAHA You're paying more for less. What happened in this new warped world where Google's hardware costs are worse then Apple?
    Android zealots are so anti-Apple that in many ways it deeply resembles politics in America. 

    Likewise, quite a few folks here are so anti-Google that Apple working with Google in any way doesn't compute.

    Based on the folks I know at Google and Apple, there is a level of shared respect among elites despite the rivalry that the rabid fans don't get and never will because they won't ever be elites at anything...

    The folks that work at Google and Apple are some of the very best tech folks in the country.  Their suckiest tech contributions are far better than DED's best.
    I agree completely. I really don't understand the psychological damage needed in a human to become such a rabid zealot of any company. I mean deep down inside, it's the need for what they prefer to be the "best". If it's not the "best", it negates their entire being. I find that both hilarious and so so sad at the same time. I currently have an iPhone 6 (work phone) and an iPad 10.5 Pro. I really dig iPad's and have never had an Android tablet be able to pull me away. The Tab S3 was close, but I found the SoC lacking for games... (That screen though, my God).

    That being said, I truly prefer Android on a phone. It's not about specs. These specs are all overkill at this point anyway. It's all about functionality and the AI. For me, Android Assistant is so far beyond Siri it's not funny. Talking to Assistant is like speaking with an intelligent AI. Speaking to Siri is often like talking to a small child. I have to speak very deliberately, slowly and concise or Siri doesn't get it. It's frustrating for everything but the most simple task. I will also say this, using Apple carplay has made me consider driving my car off a road just to end the session. Slow, buggy and clueless. Apple maps on Carplay is so damn slow that I have to start setting things up about 15 mins before I plan on leaving. With Android Auto, I just talk like normal and I'm off to the races! I still can't get the damn music to stop pausing between the music app and maps app on Carplay. 

    All that being said, I just pre-ordered the Pixel 2 XL as for my needs, it looks amazing. It may not have the synthetic benchmark scores to keep some folks happy, but the AI on Android is a god damn pleasure to use and my wife doesn't notice a hiccup in using her year old Pixel everyday. Although I am buying the pixel 2, I'm certainly not giving up my iPad. I use that damn thing all day around the house. You see, I love Apple and Google for different reasons. It is possible for a well-rounded human being with little emotional scarring to like and appreciate both systems lol. Everyone's needs are different I understand, and if you're heavily invested in the Apple Ecosystem, I get that too. But why have such an irrational hatred for the other side like the author of this article? It's just ridiculous. 

    I just pre-ordered a Pixel 2 XL this morning as well for the same exact reasons as you did.  The AI and functionality are very important to me.  I like being able to squeeze the phone and ask Google a question, get directions or perform other functions.  Over 2/3 of my iPhone usage is interacting with Google AI, search, Gmail, calendar and other products.  iPhone home button for Siri is a complete waste of an opportunity for me. Every time I use iPhone I have to go into google app for voice search/assistant.  Now with Pixel I can squeeze the phone and cut out finger unlock > get to app > launch app > click or start a voice search.  Cut that out 100 times a day now.

    For the Apple fans here I'm one of them but I think giving Android a go is now worthwhile for my daily driver phone.  I already have an iPhone 7 Plus and am adding the Pixel 2 XL to my account as my second number.  I can switch back and forth as I choose.  I'm a heavy apple house with 4 iPhones, 6 ipads, a MacBook Pro, two iMacs and two apple tv's.  Just stating this because I know many hardcore Apple fans simply won't believe it is even possible for an Apple customer to consider Android.  It is though.

    Apple has some things that bug me and if there is a way to hedge my way a bit out of the ecosystem I'm happy to do it.  A huge one is that I can now use Android Auto to have Waze on my car's infotainment.  Apple has decided I should not have Waze or Spotify and be locked into their apps.  Sorry Apple.  That is a non-starter and that decision was what is good for Apple and not for me the customer.  Fail.  Also, let me remap the home button to something besides Siri.  Again this was good for Apple but bad for me the customer.  Let me enable "hey google" instead of "hey Siri" on my iPhone.  Too many things Apple does for apple and not me.

    I would never buy Samsung Galaxy either for same reason.  Bixby button. WTF!  They won't let me remap that to Google Assistant.  That is good for Samsung and bad for me the customer.  Sorry, no sale.  Also, no OS updates or security patches in a timely manner on Galaxy phones.  No sale.

    Pixel 2 hits the mark for me in everything I want in a phone.  What will I lose?  iMessage.  Find Friends.  What do I gain?  Easy access to features I use most with Google AI and services.  Android Auto.  Integration with Google home.  

    I'll keep my iPhone 7 Plus as I said and just decide which one to take with me.  Depending on reviews of the X I may or may not upgrade my 7 Plus to an X. We'll see.
  • Review: Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro is professional-grade, powerful & pricey

    Apple once again missed on two things here.  Price and USB 2.  This is 2016.  USB 3.1 specification was released July 2013.  Why is apple almost 3 years later still screwing around with USB 2?  It takes a lifetime to backup my iphones and ipads on USB 2 to my computer.  USB 3 is over 10X faster than USB 2.  Why would apple do this? The only thing I can think of is a money grab. Maybe they are hoping they can squeeze out at least one more iteration of the ancient USB 2.0 before finally coming to year 2016 with USB 3.x and giving consumers one more reason to upgrade.  

    As storage has ballooned on ipads and iphones to 128GB and 256GB the absurdity today of running USB 2.0 is off the charts.  Sorry but Apple should be a leader here and be offering premium cutting edge interfaces.  USB 3.x isn't even cutting edge anymore.  It has been out in the wild for a long time and proven.  Their ignorance or intention here merely makes me want to look at alternatives more and more.

    I have an ipad air 2 and an ipad mini and was hoping to replace the ipad mini but the value proposition simply isn't there for apple right now.
  • Apple cuts iPad Air 2 to $399 in wake of 9.7-inch iPad Pro

    ireland said:
    I would like to see more agressive iPad pricing from Apple.


    iPad mini 4 16/64/128 $299/399/499
    iPad Air 2 32/64/128 $399/449/549
    iPad Pro 32/128/256 $499/649/799
    iPad Pro+ add $149

    These prices would drive iPad sales and upgrades considerably.

    I agree. I was going to upgrade my ipad mini but at these prices not really worth it.  They should have done the base ipad air 2 with 64GB at $399 and I would have bought one.  Also the Pro base model should have 64GB.  A pro model with 32GB?  This looks like positioning just to try and upsell to more storage for higher margins.  

    I predict the decline in ipads will continue throughout 2016.  Apple does not have the advantage of subsidies on tablets or carrier promotions where those carriers still subsidize phones to a substantial degree.  Competition is making very good quality tablets at much better price points. At some point there will be sub $100 tablets which accomplish what 99% of the user base want and need.  Apple is in a tough spot in this shrinking part of the market.  
  • Apple iPhone's global marketshare dips to 12.1 percent on problems in China & Africa

    "the platform is facing problems" having an 87.5% market share which grew and took share from apple is not exactly what I call having a problem. That is the sort of problem for the platform google and android makers dream of. Now with Pixel and Samsung vying for the high end market Apple may cede some of that to them.

    I've been a long time iPhone user. I just upgraded my iPhone 6 to a 7 this week. My wife and kid also have iphones. We've been with iphone since the very first one and are frequent upgraders. I never really had any desire to even look at an android phone until the last year or two. One big objection I had was lack of updates. Samsung putting their crap on top of pure android and carriers doing same. Both blocking updates too. Now with Pixel that is no longer the case and the phone looks amazing. I also like the S7 but can't get over the aforementioned lack of updates and crapware. If samsung fixed that they would do much better IMHO.

    So I ordered the iphone 7 Plus on Verizon since it was $650 off with trade in of my 6 and I could not resist. Basically a free upgrade. If they didn't have that I might have gone for the Pixel and considered switching as my Verizon is my "backup" phone. My primary is a regular 6 on ATT. No good promos on ATT now so considering getting unlocked Pixel there or waiting to see the iPhone 8 and make a decision then. My point is I never would even consider anything but iPhone until recently. I'm a heavy google apps user and deep in Google ecosystem (Gmail, calendar, photos, new google assistant, google now, docs, sheets, youtube, etc).

    Between both phones now there isn't much difference in terms of hardware anymore. Comes down to iOS vs Android and ecosystem. I think apps are now on par and there are some things I like better on iOS and others better on Android. I can see why Android share has gone up worldwide. Great hardware. Great software. App parity to iOS now. MUCH cheaper pricing for everything but the high end phones like S7, Pixel, etc.

    If I was apple this would concern me. While they are making lots of money today that is no guarantee the future holds the same. So many missteps lately by Cook and co. Ugly design with that iphone battery case. Hideous. Killing various plugs in different ways across iphone and macbook inconsistent across hardware. Watch appears to be a small niche market. Old aging iMac line. Some models from 2013 and 2014 now. Apple really needs new leadership