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  • Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as 'rumors and half-truths'

    jonl said:
    For an ongoing subscription (one year +), 15% sounds about right, 30% sounds high. A one time fee of $1.50 (at the new upcoming 15% rate) is rather low when a long time customer might be spending hundreds of dollars. And at the same time, if a customer should establish an account directly with Spotifys site, and just use the app downloaded at the AppStore to log in to that account, Apple would get bupkis.
    Companies like Netflix, Spotify, etc don't need Apple to facilitate subscription payments. Apple should make it easy for customers to pay what the services actually cost, by making it easy to sign up with the actual providers of the services. This should be the default, because an iOS device is no different than a TV, BD player, or other device on which the apps are installed. These other manufacturers don't have the gall to try to charge a ridiculous tax.

    Now, for customers who actually want to manage their subscriptions through Apple, a small fee would be appropriate. I'd put it somewhere between Apply Pay levels and 1% at the very most for companies that have their own payment processing. Something higher would be appropriate for a developer who doesn't want to process his own payments.

    It is easy to sign up with Netflix, Spotify, whatever outside of their iOS app.  Apple's argument is that if a customer discovers that app and service through the App Store then Apple has helped facilitate that sale, and they get a cut.  What Apple doesn't allow, is a company to put a product on it's shelves with a label telling the customer to buy the product somewhere else, "Don't but it here, buy it direct from us."  No store in the world allows that.
  • Ad industry complains Apple Safari update is 'unilateral and heavy-handed' against trackin...

    The ad industry brought this on themselves.  Pop-ups, auto-play videos, cookie tracking, loud audio.  They have been abusing consumers for years.  Like all abusers, they refuse to end their abusive behavior and instead view themselves as the victim.
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  • Robbers smash into Apple's flagship UK store in lightning raid

    Too bad the UK can’t arm their security guards like the U.S.  The robbery would be over quickly if they would have pulled out a hammer against them.
    The only things more guns would bring is more gun violence.
  • Some US airlines prohibiting use of any Samsung phones in wake of Note 7 recall

    Can confirm, before I could even check into my flight the Delta employee checking passports asked me if I had a Samsung Note 7.  They also announced it on the flight.
  • Florida man's AirPods reportedly 'blow up' during gym workout

    Shocking an allegedly catastrophic story about Apple the same day a new product is launching, that’s definitely never happened every time Apple has launched a new product.
  • First 'Planet of the Apps' episode drops tonight, free to watch

    Still 12 minutes before 9pm PT and Siri search brought it up on my Apple TV, and it already plays.
  • Siri shortcuts in iOS 12 deliver a macro system to help automate your tasks

    Giving us more prescribed hot phrases as opposed to actual natural voice recognition is a terrible workaround. I don’t want to remember their canned trigger I want to pick my own.
    Uh, that’s exactly what this does, but I’m sure that won’t stop you from continuing this irrational meltdown.
  • Apple celebrates grand opening of first retail store in Mexico

    Since when are Argentina, Chile and Peru nearby Mexico?
  • Apple adds TBS & TNT to Siri live tune-in on Apple TV

    Personally, I don't feel like Live Tune In - Siri Search - TV App - Single Sign On are connected at all. These are all meant to compliment each other and complete an experience, and they seem like utterly disconnected, unaware, proprietary features that I can't possibly keep track of.
    I can search for a show with Siri, and Universal Search directs me to a TV Everywhere app where I can watch the show, and thanks to Single Sign-On I'm already signed in, and after watching an episode the show gets added to the Watch Now list in the TV App and lets me know when there is a new episode to watch. Seems pretty connected to me.
  • Boeing 737 Max pilots didn't have flight simulators, and trained on iPads instead

    wood1208 said:
    Don't believe what you read. Pilots are trained in many ways including flight simulators,cockpit practical flying,etc. Than, they fly for thousands of hours call on job perfecting skills.
    You should actually read what you read. It doesn't say they pulled people off the street, gave them an iPad, and then dropped them in the cockpit.

    It says they took current Boeing 737 NG pilots and gave them 2 hours of training on an iPad and a 13 page manual to train them to fly the 737 MAX.

    This is 100% completely believable because Boeing sold the 737 MAX to airlines by promising that there would be minimal training requirements for their existing 737 pilots.