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  • Boeing 737 Max pilots didn't have flight simulators, and trained on iPads instead

    wood1208 said:
    Don't believe what you read. Pilots are trained in many ways including flight simulators,cockpit practical flying,etc. Than, they fly for thousands of hours call on job perfecting skills.
    You should actually read what you read. It doesn't say they pulled people off the street, gave them an iPad, and then dropped them in the cockpit.

    It says they took current Boeing 737 NG pilots and gave them 2 hours of training on an iPad and a 13 page manual to train them to fly the 737 MAX.

    This is 100% completely believable because Boeing sold the 737 MAX to airlines by promising that there would be minimal training requirements for their existing 737 pilots.
  • Some game developers hint at abandoning the Mac if Apple phases out OpenGL

    Sounds like they won’t update their existing games to support 64-bit and Metal. I don’t see how either of these would be an issue for new games.
  • Siri shortcuts in iOS 12 deliver a macro system to help automate your tasks

    Giving us more prescribed hot phrases as opposed to actual natural voice recognition is a terrible workaround. I don’t want to remember their canned trigger I want to pick my own.
    Uh, that’s exactly what this does, but I’m sure that won’t stop you from continuing this irrational meltdown.
  • Florida man's AirPods reportedly 'blow up' during gym workout

    Shocking an allegedly catastrophic story about Apple the same day a new product is launching, that’s definitely never happened every time Apple has launched a new product.
  • How to use the new Apple TV Amazon Prime Video app with Siri and the TV app

    I find it annoying that the tvOS app doesn't sync your view-history the with the iOS app. Ex: I'm mid-way on a season via the iPad app, but this new app doesn't seem aware of that and wants to begin w/ ep 1. I'll have to open the iPad version to see where I left off.

    Also, requiring remote-clicks to navigate the menu/screens is a bit at odds with how the other tvOS apps work, where you can simply swipe to the next menu header item and the screen switches instantly.

    They'll figure it out tho in time, I'm sure. They're just two years late to the party and behind where they would have been had they released much earlier and polished over time.
    Not sure what there is for them to figure out.  Their Apple TV app is just using the same garbage interface that Amazon uses on every device and platform.  There are so many idiotic things about Prime video on every platform.  They have completely separate listings for 4K content that aren't even linked, bonus features with movies are their own separate listings, and they treat different seasons of the same show as if they are completely different shows.