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  • Grocer Kroger launches QR code-based payment service, snubs Apple Pay

    So, I did not know, (or forgot), Kroger was one of the currenc holdouts. I hate Kroger but it’s the only place in my area with nearly reasonable prices on natural and organic foods. I’ve contacted them several times telling them they need to adopt Apple Pay, pass it on to management, the response was that they were not going to, kind of rude about it, no thanks for my interest or anything positive to say to me about it, or for contacting them.

    They don’t know how to manage their stores and they don’t know how to stock limited time major sale items, I have problems with their self check out too often, and, I gave up trying to use my own bags long ago because I would always need assistance, pressing “use my own bags” never works right, ...the list goes on. When I move again, I hope I will be able to avoid Kroger.
  • Researchers find loophole that extends USB Restricted Mode's hour-long timer

    Wait… why can’t I quote myself?

    Devices do not charge, confirmed.

    Leaving a device for more than an hour and then plugging it in does not activate charging. This is an all-Apple environment. iPhone 6 plugged into a 27” Cinema Display with an Apple Lighting cable, plugged into a 2009 Mac Pro. Only after it’s unlocked does the charging *ping* sound and the battery icon turn green.
    But, this doesn't happen if you are plugging into an Apple charging brick, it will charge by just connecting, I just confirmed this...I hooked it up to my computer and it did nothing, (correction, a did a new vibration to get my attention), message on iPhone said to unlock it to use accessories, I did not unlock it, I plugged it into my Apple charging brick, (one that came with an iPad), and it charges without unlocking it, I then connected to computer again and it still asked me to unlock it.
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  • Researcher demos new macOS Keychain exploit, holds data from Apple in protest

    This is bogus:

    1) the person trying to steal your passwords has to first have access to your Mac.
    2) he then ran some app to get your passwords...I’m guessing all this app does is enter your Mac’s password for the keychain items automatically and then extracts them and displays them all in a list, so, again, back to 1).
    3) you can also lock keychain so that it has to be opened with a password, so they’d need not only your Mac’s password, but keychain’s password...this is not the default for keychain.
  • Editorial: The iPad Air and the iPad mini have always been Apple's best tablets

    And all that the iPad mini really added to its specifications was an improved processor. It still didn't have the iPad Air 2's A8X processor, but it did have an A8.”

    OMG, the biggest change to the IPad Mini with the iPad Mini 4 was the laminated, anti-reflective coated screen with the best color of any and all iPad released before it. Why do you, AI, always overlook this?

    im so glad they improved the screen on the Mini 5 and didn’t dumb it down to iPad entry leve cheap non-laminated screen like so many rumors!
  • Review: Adonit Note is an affordable Apple Pencil alternative

    AI actually there are two prices for the two apple pencils 

    Pencil 1st gen $99 (or $85 apple refurb)
    Pencil 2nd gen is $129

  • Apple rumored to launch subscription News at March 25 event, 'AirPods 2' and new iPad mini...

    No on the video streaming service, not until Q3.

    yes on new hardware, as the model numbers have already shown up in iOS...which hardware is the question. ...Mac Pro? That would be a surprise, however, nothing points to being near production, so probably not.
  • Grocer Kroger launches QR code-based payment service, snubs Apple Pay

    mwhite said:
    The guy shouldn't have a smile on his face having to hold up is phone to make a purchase he should be frowning and saying what the hell where is Apple Pay.
    That guy is either invested in it or paid for advertising.
  • Sprint sues AT&T over adding bogus '5G E' icon to iPhones & other devices

    This is the same thing AT&T did with “4G”, which was supposed to refer to the new LTE, which was about to be rolled out and was being referred to by the industry as “4G” ... suddenly improved 3G (HSPA+) would turn on a “4G” symbol in people’s phones, misleading them into thinking they had the next jump in speed, when in reality, it was just the best 3G could do. Consequently, the networks renamed 4G after the technology, calling it “LTE” or “4G LTE”. AT&T created confusion to the market, to their advantage, and I’m glad they are being sued this time.
  • Highly suspect benchmarks stoke rumors of Apple-designed ARM chips for Mac

    sflocal said:
    I firmly believe that Apple has had a MacOS/ARM machine in development for several years.  Just like it did with the IBM->Intel, when the time is right and the performance is at least on par with Intel's offerings, they will introduce that machine.  It only makes sense that it is the next logical step in Apple's eventual divorce from major chip suppliers like Qualcomm and Intel.  Intel has shot itself in the foot way too many times and proven to be a real headache for Apple in having a constant introduction of newer x86 chips.

    I was going to say the same thing...we found out after the shift from PowerPC, (Motorola/IBM), to x86/Intel that Apple had been compiling a version of Mac OS X to run on x86 for years before the actual, whether this benchmark is real or fake, Apple is surely compiling a version of macOS for its own arm based chips...the difference here is this time Apple is producing their own chips, so they could be prototyping the chips and the OS, whereas before it was just the OS. Plus, with iOS and macOS being built off the same core, it should be an easier transition.

    However, I wouldn’t expect to see this in the first iteration of the new Mac Pro, it’s coming this year, macOS on arm is still a couple years or so away.
  • Apple updates Logic Pro X with performance upgrades for 2019 Mac Pro

    Hmmm... I’m guessing they have a few Mac Pros in the hands of audio professionals (and maybe video pros also), for testing before ramping up production, (with NDAs).