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  • iOS 16.3 now available with support for new HomePod, security keys

    What happened to the first read of this article that stated iOS 15 was still available and getting updates?

    Yeah, no, I updated all devices but my main iPhone sometime after 16.0.1 or so, and 16.x has been buggy, so I opted to wait on my main iPhone, but, ever since 16.2 came out, we can no longer see security updates for ios15!! Why can’t Apple support the older less buggy OS like they do macOS??? Whatever they’re b.s. is, I’m tired of it, this incremental upgrades adding features every so many weeks or months and having beta type issues is getting ridiculous. They need to go back Ito making it just work again. They need to stop listening to YouTubers who can afford to buy and have every single brand and type of phone talk about what they want with iPhone, what we want is not first buggy crap, we want the refined innovations that made Apple Apple. They need to get off the yearly cycle schedule, and incremental additions of features and go back to making it all work before releasing the product. We don’t want to be first beta testers, we buy Apple for it to be solid and for their privacy policy.
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    ...when you redeem an iTunes/App Store gift card that amount goes into your Apple ID account as store credit. It does not work where you purchase something and enter the gift card number each purchase like when you use a Home Depot or other storefront gift card.
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    YP101 said:
    benji888 said:
    fred1 said:
    Here are two words for anyone who wants to limit spending on apps and can’t figure out how to place restrictions: gift cards. 
    That only adds money to iTunes/Apple account, there still is a credit or debit card assigned to that Apple ID...once the iTunes/App Store gift card runs out, that card is charged, so this doesn’t limit spending.
    Nope..I don't think you did not read to the end.. fred1 said at the end gift card.
    If you buy gift card then there is no credit cards linked to that Apple account. CVS, Walmart, Walgreen,  basically every retail store selling these gift card.

    I did read it to the end. Do you have an Apple ID account? You have to have a credit or debit card attached to it, if you don’t, then perhaps I am wrong, but in that case the account would have to be funded upon creating it, using only iTunes/App Store gift cards.

    if no credit/debit card is attached to an account, you can’t make any purchases, in-app or otherwise. I think very few parents will have an Apple ID account that does not have a credit or debit card assigned to it,
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    I hope many parents get involved with this lawsuit and Apple makes some much needed changes!
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    Oh, and one more thing, I also have given Apple feedback on, along with many others, but nothing was done, games where it should end but you can watch an ad to continue play, this is b.s., it’s the same as cheating, I hate ads and can’t stand this feature. It also makes the end of a game a pain, you have click in the right place to end the end game and it makes the game look stupid, plays the end animation twice.