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  • M2 Mac mini review roundup: Tiny, but mighty

    Yeah so I pre ordered an M2 Mac mini, but I have a non Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse… I might have a wired mouse somewhere, so I won’t be able to set this thing up?!?!?!? That’s really not cool for Apple, if they are not going to include one of their keyboards and mouse, they need to make it work with ANY keyboard and mouse! So, now I have to go get a wired keyboard just to set this up? You’ve got to be kidding me! Forkin a!
  • House Judiciary says Apple enjoys monopoly power with App Store

    This is just the kind of b.s. to lead to get Apple to open a back door. We like apple’s way of sandboxing, it is better for the consumer’s security and privacy....we know what we’re getting.

    I just don’t get how Apple can be considered monopolistic when they DO NOT have a monopoly with their products.

    I agree with the above, this is a distraction from things they need to be doing, and it does have to do with lobbying and money.
  • Apple preparing for folding iPhone with Samsung screen order

    There is much presumption in this article...

    FACT: (maybe, if confirmed), Apple ordered foldable displays from Samsung. PERIOD.

    They could simply be testing for now, nothing more. Just because they ordered foldable displays, and you want it, does not necessarily mean they are actually planning to release a product with this display. Perhaps they want to do a long term test first to find out the durability of it, they won’t do it if it’s not durable and foldable displays are still new.

    ”...the rest of the mobile industry...” woah, no exaggeration here.

    AI has become much like business insider which is more like the examiner or other rag...mac rumors has become editorially better and I think these two should switch names.

  • Apple opposing US government intervention in lawsuit against Corellium

    ivanh said:
    iOS should be sold separately and available for multi-platform installation.
    Do you know what an SOC is? The processors in today’s mobile devices are System On a Chip, so, the hardware and software are optimized to work together.

    now windows is sold separately and many years later still has so many issues as a result.
  • Apple was founded 46 years ago, on April 1, 1976

    It was Apple Computer Inc. until iPod and music became popular, then, sometime before the iPhone it became Apple corporation and they changed the logo from rainbow to solid, they dropped Computer from the name when marketing focus moved off computers. ...the article refers to Apple corporation when it was Apple Computer Inc.