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  • Apple removes fake review identifier from App Store following Amazon complaint [u]

    darkvader said:
    Apple should not have to host any app they don't like in their app store.

    Apple should not be allowed to prevent me from installing any app I like on MY iPhone.

    There's a very simple solution here.  Apple MUST be forced to allow device owners to install software from any source they choose.  It's the same issue in the Epic case, I would never suggest that Apple should be forced to host Epic's software, but if Epic wants to distribute software outside of Apple's app store, any mechanism Apple uses to prevent that is clearly and blatantly an illegal abuse of their monopoly of the iOS software market.

    It's time for antitrust law to come down HARD on Apple.
    You brought the wrong device. Please return the where you purchased abs ask for refund because owner is not from this planet.

  • Apple Arcade has shifted to focus on games with higher 'engagement'

    Apple Arcade was a breath of fresh air. My son loves his iPad and as a treat he gets to play anything he likes, after being good and doing his reading etc 

    All those reasonable games with crazy costs for coins and video plays as adverts were a nightmare.
    Apple Arcade removes all that shit for a reasonable cost.  He does not care AAA multiplayer games he wants to enjoy and hopefully learn puzzle solving and hand eye  skills.  My days a game was loaded and you play it no extra costs. 

    Maybe Apple has all the stats which will help the
     develop the platform for the better.  Giving it a chance is worth waiting for. To me it’s more value than AppleTv+ which I’m sure they spent a lot more on.

  • Lewis Hamilton hopes Apple TV+ documentary has a 'positive impact'

    A wok prat given all the benefits handed on a plate. And pays no 🇬🇧  taxes by pissing off to foreign shores. Ask about his VAT payments. Not the role model anyone should be endearing too. A prize one. 
    Sadly one reason I’ll not bother with Apple TV+ which I was contemplating this month. 
    Let’s see if any mention of the 2021 world champions is made during the documentary.
  • The Elon Musk and Twitter deal is in danger, again

    We all wonder what’s next for Musk. Maybe a turn of events he’s pronounced he wants to called Elana and turned into a full transformer!!! nothing would shock me with this lunatic.
  • What to expect from Apple's 'Wonderlust' iPhone 15 event today

    Here’s what to expect. None of the above until
    the event. Such a trivial long post about speculations and here say. I expect the new iphone being called 15 is about only thing that actually true. Daft posting wouldn’t not shock me if it was AI generated to just full up the void of decent postings from AppleInsider 

  • Apple's top exec in South Korea departs amid dispute over App Store

    Closing down App Store for a country can’t be so hard for apple. Just tell everyone just select the closest store to your country. I don’t think the government can actively block the servers of apple.
    I reside in China all my devices are UK apple store there is zero Issues with me downloading anything I need which is banned here.

    Samsung I’m sure had it’s dirty hands at swinging government in this respect.
  • Unlock 25GB Ethernet on your Mac with Sonnet's Thunderbolt adapter & PCIe card

    Got to be the most lazy design on a product since the invention of the house brick 🧱 
    Compared to most apple products this looks more like a creation from makeup artist on The Goonies
  • Apple & ARM's iPhone & Mac chip partnership will continue for decades

    danox said:
    Pocket change, I can understand why the other companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and AWS are investing in it, they’re hoping to collect intelligence, so that they can reverse engineer a usable chip, as long as Apple isn’t sharing any useful info or sending any upper echelon people, who know anything about Apple Silicon, throwing a few pennies as goodwill towards Arm in theory won’t hurt?
    Have you checked the patents ARM register for their technology big companies protect their IT before they show it to anyone. Big companies know the shares are undervalued and have great scope for a bit of pocket profit if they do desire. It’s also to show ARM is strong to other smaller investors as a good long term part of someone’s portfolio. The price seems respectable.