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  • Apple told EU regulators it has three browsers, all called Safari

    Whilst I’m pleased we got USB-C I don’t like the bully way at times the EU thinks it can stamp its mark on stuffing creative companies. They need to look at their own pathetic list of counties who only leach of the rest of the others in a money grab. I’m so glad the UK told them tonfuck off. It’s a bunch of cheating liers whos ministers are bend as they come taking bribes and just living off the trivial BS they create.  Let’s hope others who’ve been paying leave and just show to the world what a really poorly run boys club they have created. 
  • Apple & ARM's iPhone & Mac chip partnership will continue for decades

    danox said:
    Pocket change, I can understand why the other companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and AWS are investing in it, they’re hoping to collect intelligence, so that they can reverse engineer a usable chip, as long as Apple isn’t sharing any useful info or sending any upper echelon people, who know anything about Apple Silicon, throwing a few pennies as goodwill towards Arm in theory won’t hurt?
    Have you checked the patents ARM register for their technology big companies protect their IT before they show it to anyone. Big companies know the shares are undervalued and have great scope for a bit of pocket profit if they do desire. It’s also to show ARM is strong to other smaller investors as a good long term part of someone’s portfolio. The price seems respectable.
  • Unlock 25GB Ethernet on your Mac with Sonnet's Thunderbolt adapter & PCIe card

    Got to be the most lazy design on a product since the invention of the house brick 🧱 
    Compared to most apple products this looks more like a creation from makeup artist on The Goonies
  • The Elon Musk and Twitter deal is in danger, again

    We all wonder what’s next for Musk. Maybe a turn of events he’s pronounced he wants to called Elana and turned into a full transformer!!! nothing would shock me with this lunatic.
  • Smooth switching between AR and VR could be big Apple headset feature, says Kuo

    Why is an analyst an expert in products. We entertain this moron and his BS not worth the pixels it’s rendered on. Instant swipe past anything with his name. 
    Words like “could be”. And “suggested” are irrelevant and hearsay, leading etc. I let you all be the jury in this one.