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  • Lewis Hamilton hopes Apple TV+ documentary has a 'positive impact'

    A wok prat given all the benefits handed on a plate. And pays no 🇬🇧  taxes by pissing off to foreign shores. Ask about his VAT payments. Not the role model anyone should be endearing too. A prize one. 
    Sadly one reason I’ll not bother with Apple TV+ which I was contemplating this month. 
    Let’s see if any mention of the 2021 world champions is made during the documentary.
  • Niantic to shut down 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' AR game

    I’m I alone and the words. “Who cares” springs to mind. 
    If anyone purchased the game I’d be so looking to get a refund if recently parted with your hard earned $$
  • 5G iPhone launch unlikely to be 'massive event,' AT&T executive says

    I’m an expat living in China. And it’s fair to say 5G is the normal here, all providers just put your account to 5G no cost difference,  whilst it’s not mm wavelength I fail to see why I would need to download a Movie in 3seconds.  5G benefits are more about latency and responsive internet.  
    WiFi everywhere if you desperately need to download an App.

    Apple have to deliver here or be left out in the upgrades for year end. That’s Chinese New Year mass purchase rush.  And expect a bigger uptake as huawei  will run out of SoCs processors for their flagship phones :smiley: 

  • Apple Arcade has shifted to focus on games with higher 'engagement'

    Apple Arcade was a breath of fresh air. My son loves his iPad and as a treat he gets to play anything he likes, after being good and doing his reading etc 

    All those reasonable games with crazy costs for coins and video plays as adverts were a nightmare.
    Apple Arcade removes all that shit for a reasonable cost.  He does not care AAA multiplayer games he wants to enjoy and hopefully learn puzzle solving and hand eye  skills.  My days a game was loaded and you play it no extra costs. 

    Maybe Apple has all the stats which will help the
     develop the platform for the better.  Giving it a chance is worth waiting for. To me it’s more value than AppleTv+ which I’m sure they spent a lot more on.

  • Google's Pixel 3 XL is no match for Apple's iPhone XS Max at Fortnite

    Who cares about fortnite? Are the people reading this 11 years old? the iPhone is trash for its pricing. At least it has a better camera. (stop trying to say iPhone is better, it isnt) And I'd agree the OnePlus 6 with a google camera app takes way better photos than a brand new 1200 dollar iPhone. It makes me so furious that people pay for such a wasted product. Even the OP6 I feel is expensive at 500.
    The latest release of iPhones starts at $749 so like most trolls and halfwits you don't have a single clue. Fear not readers, he won't be reading his replies. he's off now to find anything forum to troll.
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