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  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    "Wireless charging pads use electromagnetic induction to juice up your phone. Both the pad and your phone contain wire coils: the pad draws current from the wall and runs it through the coil, creating an electromagnetic field. That field induces an electric current in your phone’s wire coil, which it uses to charge the battery.

    However, the electricity being transmitted to your phone isn’t perfectly clean or ideal. It generates some noise, which can interfere with other wireless devices. That’s why the FCC (and regulatory bodies in other countries) set strict limits on wireless emissions.

    Noise from a single coil might not be a problem, but each charging coil generates a slightly different waveform. When those waves overlap, the constructive interference intensifies their strength. Just like when two ocean waves collide and combine their height, radio frequencies can combine their intensity as they interact.

    Managing these overlapping harmonic frequencies is incredibly challenging, and gets harder the more coils that you are integrating. From patent filings, it looks like Apple’s ambitious plan was to use considerably more coils than other charging pads on the market.

    Rumors speculated that Apple was considering up to 32 coils—up from the fifteen shown in their conceptual patent filing.

    Other multi-device wireless chargers place two or three coils side-by-side, but require you to fiddle with your phone to find the “sweet spot” over one coil for it to start charging. With AirPower, Apple was trying to create one large charging surface using overlapping coils, allowing it to power multiple devices from anywhere on the mat. But that introduces multiple challenges.

    We asked an engineer with experience building wireless charging systems what obstacles Apple was working to overcome. “Over time, these harmonics add up and they become really powerful signals in the air,” explains William Lumpkins, VP of Engineering at O & S Services. “And that can be difficult—that can stop someone’s pacemaker if it’s too high of a level. Or it could short circuit someone’s hearing aid.” If Apple’s multi-coil layout was spinning off harmonics left and right, it’s possible AirPower couldn’t pass muster with US or EU regulations."

  • Intel launches new Kaby Lake chips suited for Apple's MacBook Pro, iMac

    macxpress said:
    That will be awesome for Apple to roll out new models 4 months after I invested in their below average iteration of the MacBookPro.
    I wouldn't count on Apple updating the MacBook Pro anytime soon...what you see is what they'll offer for at least the next 6-8 months.

    It also looks like the CPUs that could go in a MacBook Pro still do not support LPDDR4 RAM. They do appear to support DDR4 RAM, just not LPDDR4 RAM. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, no? If true, then Apple would absolutely not be updating the MacBook Pro, but instead waiting on a chipset that supports what they need unless they want to continue maxing the RAM out at 16GB total. 

    It will be interesting to see what Apple does with these new chips. I hope they've had some prototypes in their hands so they could be developing new/updated Macs around them. 
    "It also looks like the CPUs that could go in a MacBook Pro still do not support LPDDR4 RAM"

    Correct. They don't.  Not till Cannon Lake or Coffee Lake, which is next year.
  • Apple's first HomePod ads urge customers to 'order now'

    seankill said:
    Not sure why this thing is worth $350

    Better speakers out there for much less and Siri really isn’t that useful. 
    This should give you a idea why;
  • Apple's shift in iOS development pace about evolving scale, not coping with bugs, says for...

    lkrupp said:
    Perception trumps reality. In these forums we are constantly assailed by the negative narrative that Apple’s QA is down the drain. Every itty bitty hiccup is trumpeted as a disaster, a black eye for Apple. And it’s baloney. There is little doubt that the vast majority of Apple’s customers are perfectly happy with their gear, experiencing little if any game stopping issues. If that were not true then Apple wouldn’t be raking in wheelbarrow loads of cash and would not have the market positions it does. Of course the negative narrative is that people are stupid and will buy anything Apple produces... even if it doesn’t work? Really?

    Why do we not hear about the failings of other tech companies? Is it because their products are perfect and bug free? Hardly and we all know that. I read an article a few weeks ago that dealt with how hackers are making millions of dollars a year from Android malware. Android is ridiculously fragmented and many device owners can only dream about getting security and bug updates. But we never hear about any of this do we?

    Finally, the author thinks that Apple’s hardware and software quality is at levels the industry has not seen before. I agree.
    "Why do we not hear about the failings of other tech companies? "

    This article is behind a paywall, but if you don't know Paul Thurrott, his site is one of the most popular Windows fan sites there is.  Even he is calling on MS to take a page out of Apple's playbook and focus on quality because the quality of Windows is getting worse.

    oday, Gurman has provided a second report explaining how Apple intends to fix this problem. It is adopting a two-year development approach in which major features are being split between iOS 12 and iOS 13 (due in late 2019), which will give its developers some flexibility, not to mention more time when needed. The “renewed focus,” Gurman says, is on “quality.”

    Exactly right. As it should be.

    More to the point, this is the strategy that Microsoft needs to adopt for Windows. Again."

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  • New Swift project head Ted Kremenek said to be running the show behind the scenes for some...

    Gee, why did Chris have to go and say that?

    He literally took the wind out of the sails of all the haters and naysayers predicting more doom and gloom for Apple and Swift.
    He also tweeted this today

  • Cook promises Apple will 'learn' and 'take action' in memo to workers

    tzeshan said:
    elijahg said:
    "External forces may push us around a bit, but we are not going to use them as an excuse," Cook wrote in the memo
    Hold on didn't he say yesterday that China was the reason Apple's sales have declined? Seems like an excuse to me. That said, it's not exactly a disastrous decline, its certainly not great but even Apple sans Jobs needs a kick up its ass every now and then, to bring the execs back to planet Earth.
    Yes, China hurts a lot. But iPhone sales in other countries like India did not improve I guess. 
    India is not even a factor.  Even at its peak, sales in India were at 2 million units per year which is barely scratching the surface of India's smartphone market.  Apple's iPhone sales in Canada (a country with 40X less the population) are far larger and more important than even India at this point in time.
  • 2019 iPod touch: Everything you need to know

    smaffei said:
    Apple should have made the base model 64Gb for $199.

    But, of course Tim and his cronies won't because they know 64Gb is the sweet spot everyone wants. Get the user to pay $100 more for 128Gb. Milkers.
    Good lord, the whining. Remind me never to tell you about my first MP3 player — the Diamond Rio. it had 32MB of storage. Yup, that’s about 30 mins of 128kbs music. It was $200.
    What you paid for, for a shitty MP3 player many years ago is irrelevant.  Storage costs have dropped significantly since that device has been on sale. Maybe if you came back down to reality and realized not all of Apple's moves are consumer-friendly you would know that.
  • Apple exec Eddy Cue 'overextended,' falling asleep in meetings

    This looks sort of like an effort to get Cue fired. I support that effort because to me he seems like dead weight.
    Or maybe he's just got (or had) too much on his plate.  Right now he's in charge of software (FCPX, LPX, Garageband, iMovie, iTunes), Services (iCloud, Apple Pay), & Content (Music, Movies,TV, Books).  Maybe he should be in charge of Services & Content and have another SVP be in charge of Software.

    "During meetings, Mr. Cue is sometimes known to fall silent, shut his eyes and tilt his head back, leaving other participants to wonder whether he is staring at the ceiling or sleeping, said several former Apple employees and one outside partner present on multiple occasions when it happened over the past few years. In at least two of these situations, Mr. Cue began snoring, one source said…

    In interviews with more than two dozen people who have worked with him, Mr. Cue is described as a leader of intelligence and empathy, with a loyal following at Apple. But others who have worked with him say he seems overextended and, at important moments, has failed to intercede in conflicts—for instance, during the creation of the company’s subscription music service, Apple Music, when former employees of Beats, which Apple acquired, battled with counterparts at iTunes.

    “Apple tries to do too much with too few people,” said one former Apple executive, who like most people interviewed for this story requested anonymity to avoid the disfavor of one of the tech industry’s most powerful companies. “That sometimes backfires. Eddy is the best example of that at Apple. He’s always doing too many things.” "
  • Two more iPad models coming soon, says regulatory filing

    wizard69 said:
    Amazon has the 9.7" iPad for $249.  Couldn't resist.  I picked up 2 yesterday to replace 4 aging iPads of various vintages going all the way back to the OG iPad - which still works btw.  Giving those away to friends and family.  The new ones should last just as long as the ones they're replacing.  One for the fam, and one for me.
    Great deal!    However I’m worried, these new models could be significantly better if the next A series chip lives up to expectations.  Well A series and Apple removing head from but and addressing the RAM and SSD sizes (one can hope).  I can imagine Apple wanting to kick off iPadOS with really compelling hardware.  

    Im not sure how other people see this but iPadOS “could” be a jig thing at Apple.   I say could because it takes a man with vision to move a platform forward and do it in a way that inspires the user base.  I’m not even sure such a person exists at Apple right now.  If he does exist I can see Apple being persuaded to really goose up the iPad to make the new OS attractive.  
    iPadOS might be a beginning to something bigger
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    This article is pure hyperbole. It was a good quarter in spite of iPhone which is now less than 50% of Apple’s quarterly revenues. Sure Wall Street loves services revenue but would anybody here really call services a great product from Apple? Tim gave no color or numbers on Apple News+ which leads one to believe it’s not doing that great. I’m not surprised. The News app isn’t that great and bolting on magazines and a few newspapers for $10/mo didn’t make it better. Honestly I think the only place where people need to eat crow is with the Watch which has become a big hit. 75% of sales this quarter were to new Watch owners. That’s fantastic.

    if you want good analysis of the quarter is a good resource.
    This from Above Avalon's (Neil Cybart) article today:

    "The narrative facing Apple’s Services is all wrong. Instead of Services being Apple’s revenue growth engine, Services are becoming Apple’s gross margin driver."

    Services is Apple’s gross margin play."