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  • High-end 2019 Apple iPhone lineup may shift to 'Pro' branding

    Just like the last round of updates to the watch, MacBooks, etc. which came with an unjustified price hike, and the ridiculous $1,000 stand for a monitor, the new iPhone 'Pro' (which is just plain stupid), will also come with a significant price hike...for nothing more than a name.  The Xs was a failure for Apple, as well as iPhone sales, because they are constantly pushing the trade-in to get people to buy an Xr....still doing it 11 months later!  Apple doesn't even place the Xs on the top of the page.  The mediocre features and the price hike of the Xs was a failure as more people were not willing to shell out $999 - $1,449 for the top of the line model (with all iPhone sales, most prefer the higher capacity models), instead going for the $750 Xr.  So they can come out with their Pro and likely the price will start at $1,299 or more, and people will boo in the audience once again, as they did with the $1,000 monitor stand.

    Sadly, Apple still won't get it.  Jobs wanted the iPhone to be affordable for everyone.  Cook wants it affordable only for the super-elite in Cupertino.  The word Pro is just a silly marketing term.  If those three-camera and out of placed flash are any close to being real, that is one ugly phone.  I think consumers stuck it to Apple with their wallets by preferring the lower cost Xr over the not-worth-the-money Xs.
    I highly doubt Apple will raise prices further.  I predict that the iPhone 11 (replacement for the iPhone XR) will still start at $749 and the iPhone Pro lineup (replacement for the iPhone XS lineup) will still start at $999 (5.8") & $1,099 (6.46").  We already the major difference beween the 11 & 11 Pro will be the camera quality / performance.  I also think the 11 Pro will get the ProMotion screen.
  • All three 2020 iPhone models expected to have 5G wireless connectivity

    Well yeh, Duh!
    Why else would Apple have capitulated to Qualcomm but to produce a 5G phone?

    The only real questions is:   Why would they wait 14 months to release it?   Samsung, Huawei and others (as well as all the carriers) will be well into 5G by then,  If they sit on their butt and do nothing till September 2020 they will look real bad.

    They should release at least one 5G phone in the first part of 2020 - not wait till nearly 2021.
    I don't think Apple releasing a 5G iPhone starting September 2020 is too late at all.  If there is any negative for Apple, it's that more people may wait till next September to upgrade their current iPhones just for the 5G feature.
  • All three 2020 iPhone models expected to have 5G wireless connectivity

    wood1208 said:
    If all 2020 iphones are 5G and OLED than that gives option of screen size vs pricing. Easier to make decision and purchase 2020 iPhone. Though 5G service additional cost could be a deterrent when I am perfectly fine with 4G LTE if consistently available.
    Not just screen size and price but screen size + camera system + pricing.  It's only a guess but I wouldn't be surprised if only the premium iPhone models get the new time-of-flight laser camera system.
  • Two more iPad models coming soon, says regulatory filing

    wizard69 said:
    Amazon has the 9.7" iPad for $249.  Couldn't resist.  I picked up 2 yesterday to replace 4 aging iPads of various vintages going all the way back to the OG iPad - which still works btw.  Giving those away to friends and family.  The new ones should last just as long as the ones they're replacing.  One for the fam, and one for me.
    Great deal!    However I’m worried, these new models could be significantly better if the next A series chip lives up to expectations.  Well A series and Apple removing head from but and addressing the RAM and SSD sizes (one can hope).  I can imagine Apple wanting to kick off iPadOS with really compelling hardware.  

    Im not sure how other people see this but iPadOS “could” be a jig thing at Apple.   I say could because it takes a man with vision to move a platform forward and do it in a way that inspires the user base.  I’m not even sure such a person exists at Apple right now.  If he does exist I can see Apple being persuaded to really goose up the iPad to make the new OS attractive.  
    iPadOS might be a beginning to something bigger
  • MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air - Which is the better buy?

    k2kw said:
    crowley said:
    I bought the Air. Don’t want no stupid Touch Bar.
    Are there any catalyst iPadOs/MacOS apps that use the Touchbar.  Can you program the touchBar via Catalyst?  If not I think it will go away.
     I’m not interested in the TouchBar but would buy a MBP that had both the physical function keys and a Touchbar .
    I'm not convinced.  If the Touch Bar was going to go away, Apple would not have implemented it on the entry-level MBP.