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  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    This article is pure hyperbole. It was a good quarter in spite of iPhone which is now less than 50% of Apple’s quarterly revenues. Sure Wall Street loves services revenue but would anybody here really call services a great product from Apple? Tim gave no color or numbers on Apple News+ which leads one to believe it’s not doing that great. I’m not surprised. The News app isn’t that great and bolting on magazines and a few newspapers for $10/mo didn’t make it better. Honestly I think the only place where people need to eat crow is with the Watch which has become a big hit. 75% of sales this quarter were to new Watch owners. That’s fantastic.

    if you want good analysis of the quarter is a good resource.
    This from Above Avalon's (Neil Cybart) article today:

    "The narrative facing Apple’s Services is all wrong. Instead of Services being Apple’s revenue growth engine, Services are becoming Apple’s gross margin driver."

    Services is Apple’s gross margin play."
  • All three 2020 iPhone models expected to have 5G wireless connectivity

    wood1208 said:
    If all 2020 iphones are 5G and OLED than that gives option of screen size vs pricing. Easier to make decision and purchase 2020 iPhone. Though 5G service additional cost could be a deterrent when I am perfectly fine with 4G LTE if consistently available.
    Not just screen size and price but screen size + camera system + pricing.  It's only a guess but I wouldn't be surprised if only the premium iPhone models get the new time-of-flight laser camera system.
  • Two more iPad models coming soon, says regulatory filing

    wizard69 said:
    Amazon has the 9.7" iPad for $249.  Couldn't resist.  I picked up 2 yesterday to replace 4 aging iPads of various vintages going all the way back to the OG iPad - which still works btw.  Giving those away to friends and family.  The new ones should last just as long as the ones they're replacing.  One for the fam, and one for me.
    Great deal!    However I’m worried, these new models could be significantly better if the next A series chip lives up to expectations.  Well A series and Apple removing head from but and addressing the RAM and SSD sizes (one can hope).  I can imagine Apple wanting to kick off iPadOS with really compelling hardware.  

    Im not sure how other people see this but iPadOS “could” be a jig thing at Apple.   I say could because it takes a man with vision to move a platform forward and do it in a way that inspires the user base.  I’m not even sure such a person exists at Apple right now.  If he does exist I can see Apple being persuaded to really goose up the iPad to make the new OS attractive.  
    iPadOS might be a beginning to something bigger
  • Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro, adding Touch Bar to entire range

    chasm said:
    The touchbar is one of those things that will get much more useful over time, though I find it very useful for a variety of things right now -- scrolling through photos/videos is my favourite, but also quick access to the emoji symbols (otherwise more complicated to do on Macs) and a few other things (the rare occasion where I have to use Office, for example). I'd really like to see a new Magic Keyboard with touchbar, and of course far more third-party support (which will likely accelerate now that there's no other option).

    The 128GB of storage at the base is a bad move IMO, perfectly fine for consumer-level stuff but I would have thought 256GB would have been a better base for MBP buyers. Thanks to most models now having Thunderbolt 3, adding massive storage is easy and still extremely fast, but 128GB is a bit thin when you're constrained from bringing along detachable storage.

    I guess "pro" buyers should just pretend the $1299 model doesn't exist and that $1499 is the base price, unless you live entirely on the cloud for your files (which is probably why that's the "student" model). As for the alleged "16-inch" model, I remain convinced that this will be a moderately-bumped 15-inch with thinner bezels to allow for more screen, and now doesn't look like it's coming until late this year or early next.
    "The 128GB of storage at the base is a bad move IMO, perfectly fine for consumer-level stuff but I would have thought 256GB would have been a better base for MBP buyers."

    I don't look at that low-end / entry-level 13" MBP as a true MBP but more as a higher-spec MBA.  The low-end 13" MBP are still using the low-power 15W processors vs 28W for the higher-end (AKA true) 13" MBP.
  • Apple design chief Jony Ive to depart later this year, create new studio with Apple as cli...

    Sell your stocks folks....
    Apple is not 1 person. It’s legendary design team has had little turnover in the last 2 decades. Jony trusts his peers. That’s what is important.
    Actually the highest turnover from Apple's design team has happened in the last year.